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Toyota Mirai

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For the Westlake High School Cool Car Club

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Toyota Mirai

  1. 1. 2016 Toyota Mirai For the Cool Car Club
  2. 2. http://www.toyota.com/fuelcell/index.html
  3. 3. work as a fuel? ● As the most abundant element in the universe, hydrogen won’t be going anywhere soon ● Much more accessible than gas, more efficient to extract it from other resources like water and plants ● Steps: o Hydrogen gas travels to carbon-fiber fuel tanks o Outside air enters gas tank o Gas travels to fuel stack, undergoes a chemical reaction, and electricity is eventually created o Electricity is sent to the motor to push the car forward when you press on the pedal
  4. 4. Emissions ● By-product of chemical reaction is H20. So Just clean, potable water comes from the tailpipe. But drinking it is “not recommended”
  5. 5. Reliability ● Over millions of miles driven in testing the Mirai ● The technology isn’t completely new. The fuel stack where the chemical reaction takes place has been used in submarines ● Fueling takes 5 minutes for 300 miles ● Fueling stations are extremely rare...
  6. 6. Technology ● Aerodynamic, futuristic styling ● Touchscreen ● Heated seats and steering wheel ● MSRP: $57,500 o With tax incentives, $44,500