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(BAREFOOTJOURNAL.COM) What if YOU could ESCAPE the 9 to 5?

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Instead of wondering when your next vacation is, maybe you should set up a life you don't need to escape from. Here's how you can take the first steps to escape a life of mediocrity by asking the right questions.

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(BAREFOOTJOURNAL.COM) What if YOU could ESCAPE the 9 to 5?

  1. ESCAPE flickr © pascalmaramis WHAT IF YOU COULD THE 9 TO 5 ?
  2. “Instead of wondering when your next vacation is, maybe you should set up a life you don't need to escape from” - Seth Godin flickr © myphilinh
  3. Imagine if this wasn’t your everyday? flickr © tinou
  4. and you could escape somewhere... flickr © davelau
  5. Fantasy?
  6. or Reality?
  7. Well, I made it come true...
  8. My name’s Graham Brown and I sold everything and traveled the world
  9. this is my Monday… at the “office”
  10. I’m an author who writes books that help people discover their own adventure...
  11. But, if you really can’t wait to the end...
  12. then… click this www.BarefootJournal.com/Guide20
  13. If you can wait, here’s how we can start… by asking the question “what if?” ?
  14. What if you could travel the world? flickr © albertopveiga
  15. what if…you could escape traffic jams? flickr © kosalabandara
  16. and fighting other commuters? flickr © through_my_camera
  17. ... the same tired faces day in day out? flickr © jmhullot
  18. Just imagine how much happier you’d be flickr © derricksphotos
  19. What if you had enough time to eat lunch? flickr © adriandressler
  20. and you didn’t have to eat processed, plastic food? flickr © evert-jan
  21. at the drive-thru ...again? flickr © wolkenfahnderin
  22. Just imagine how much healthier you’d be flickr © jdhancock
  23. What if you weren’t stuck in an airless, air-condition office? flickr © andreaspreferite
  24. looking out at the concrete jungle? flickr © kartlasarn
  25. ...from the desk behind the filing cabinets? flickr © emzee
  26. Just imagine how creative you’d be flickr © mobilestreetlife
  27. What if you weren’t staring at the screen all day long? flickr © dorena-wm
  28. … reading yet another memo, another report? flickr © insightsunspoken
  29. ...secretly wondering what’s on TV tonight? flickr © dexus
  30. Just imagine how motivated you’d be flickr © camdiluv
  31. What will you remember when you’re old? flickr © squinza
  32. this…? flickr © tony3
  33. or this? flickr © joceykinghorn
  34. I think we all know the answer...
  35. We can make choices flickr © stevecorey
  36. We can choose to write our own story flickr © geishaboy500
  37. And that starts right here...
  38. Start by asking the right questions... flickr © helgabj
  39. Like... ?
  40. what if you could live and work anywhere in the world? flickr © kjcs
  41. what if you could run your business from a tropical island? flickr © andrewmorrell
  42. What would you need to make it happen?
  43. MONEY???
  44. But you don’t need to win the lottery to travel the world
  45. What if you could live the millionaire lifestyle without actually being one?
  46. Yes, it’s possible
  47. what if you could live just one day without shoes? flickr © wapster
  48. ...and feel every grain of sand? flickr © Alle
  49. Yes, it’s possible
  50. It all starts by asking the question what if? flickr © uaeincredible
  51. Sit back and watch the world fall apart... flickr © martinaphotography
  52. ...beautifully flickr © neilarmstrong
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  54. So, what are you waiting for?
  55. Start planning your adventure today...
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