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(BAREFOOTJOURNAL.COM) The 15 Ultimate Places to Chill in 2015

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The 15 Ultimate Places to Chill in 2015 (Barefoot Guide to Wanderlust Travel)

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(BAREFOOTJOURNAL.COM) The 15 Ultimate Places to Chill in 2015

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  3. flickr © bryce_edwards www.BarefootJournal.com 1 ON THE WILD BEACHES OF KAUAI, HAWAII
  4. 2 UNDER THE DARK SKY OF SOUTH ISLAND, NZ flickr © Tom Hall www.BarefootJournal.com
  5. 3 AT SUNDOWN, FIJI flickr © bahlgrimm www.BarefootJournal.com
  6. 4 IN PARADISE, THE MALDIVES flickr © qin1109 www.BarefootJournal.com
  7. 5 ON THE BEACHES OF THE DOMINICAN REP. flickr © mustangjoe www.BarefootJournal.com
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  9. 6 TAKING IT ALL IN, THE BIG BEND TEXAS flickr © atbaker www.BarefootJournal.com
  10. 7 ON THE WIND, WHITSUNDAYS AUSTRALIA flickr © yarra64 www.BarefootJournal.com
  11. 8 IN THE GARDEN, KYOTO JAPAN flickr © aigle_dore www.BarefootJournal.com
  12. 9 AT BREAKFAST WITH A VIEW, SANTORINI flickr © Mateus Pabst www.BarefootJournal.com
  13. 10 ON HORSEBACK, NAMIBIA flickr © dizkography www.BarefootJournal.com
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  15. 11 ON THE RIVERBANK, LUANG PRABANG LAOS flickr © lukeprice88 www.BarefootJournal.com
  16. 12 AMONG PRAYER FLAGS, TIBET flickr © kudumomo www.BarefootJournal.com
  17. 13 flickr © won jin vark ON THE SHORES OF BORACAY, PHILIPPINES www.BarefootJournal.com
  18. 14 IN THE GLACIAL VALLEYS OF MONTANA, USA flickr © jeffpang www.BarefootJournal.com
  19. 15 ON TOP OF THE WORLD, GREENLAND flickr © nickrussill www.BarefootJournal.com
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