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(BAREFOOTJOURNAL.COM) 20 Travel Experiences that will make you want to travel forever

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What does it mean to travel? Beyond sights and monuments there are the real travel experiences. Discover 20 of those best experiences in this presentation. If you LIKE this presentation please LIKE & SHARE it with your friends.

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(BAREFOOTJOURNAL.COM) 20 Travel Experiences that will make you want to travel forever

  1. 20 Travel Experiences that will make you want to travel FOREVER! flickr © kayugee
  2. “He who does not travel does not know the value of men” - Arabic proverb flickr © shashchatter
  3. #1 A white knuckle ride in a rickshaw flickr © tawheedmanzoor
  4. #2 Getting lost in the backstreets flickr © mario-mancuso
  5. #3 Discovering a noodle shop not in the guidebook flickr © jaaronfarr
  6. #4 Being right there in the middle, interacting, feeling flickr © streetwrk
  7. #5 Haggling with a local, and smiling flickr © karthikgangadharan
  8. #6 No longer being a passive consumer watching from the sidelines... flickr © mario-mancuso
  9. #7 Feeling strong not being strong flickr © josefgrunig
  10. #8 Meeting the world on its own terms, without prejudice... flickr © Christian Senger
  11. #9 Seeing people for who they are not what they are flickr © skamelone
  12. #10 Seeing beyond differences in nation, language and religion... flickr © tir_na_nog
  13. #11 Taking time out to connect with strangers flickr © reborg
  14. #12 Choosing to take the long way round flickr © imke.stahlmann
  15. #13 Seeing the world with the eyes of a child flickr © eelssej_
  16. #14 Rediscovering your senses flickr © mjl555
  17. #15 Seeing beauty all around you flickr © bichxa
  18. #15 Experiencing the miracle of everyday life flickr © bet27
  19. #16 Living a whole day barefoot flickr © benmciver
  20. #17 Going to seek a great perhaps flickr © jfixie
  21. #18 Collecting moments not things flickr © urbanicsgroup
  22. #19 Escaping the grayness of commutes flickr © tony3
  23. #20 Wanting to make every moment count flickr © uaeincredible
  24. flickr © streetwrk So.... what are you waiting for?
  25. flickr © geirarne “Some day”?
  26. Just go… color your world with possibility flickr © nickharris1
  27. Get off the tour bus Travel light… go far flickr © Jason Priem
  28. “You were born with wings - why crawl through life?” - Rumi flickr © eschipul
  29. Fire Your Boss, Sell Your Car, Travel the World www.BarefootJournal.com/books