What color is your personality

17 de Jun de 2014

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What color is your personality

  1. What color is your personality?
  2. Do the test Questioncentered Narrative centered Objective centered Personally centered
  3. First Question question or narrative centered? Question centered  Ask questions rather than putting forward the assertion  speaks slowly  Rarely intervenes in  Silence before the corresponding to questions  Sometimes holds back of himself/herself Narrative centered  Sets forth statements more often than he/she asks questions  speaks quickly  Grabs the word while others are speaking  Answer questions immediately  Uses voice for emphasis
  4. First Question objective or personally centered objective centered  Uses little eye contact  limited body expression  Low expression on face  Doesn’t show much emotion  Uses "fact based" words  Equal tone of voice personally centered  Lots of eye contact and listening  Lots of body expressions  Uses a lot of facial expressions  Shows much emotion  Uses emotion based words  Heavy nuances in voice
  5. personalitystyles Questioncentered Narrative centered Objective centered Personally centered analytic Listening/ giving Expression/social empowering
  6. How do you see yourself? How does everyone else see you?
  7. accurate cautious rational thinking Deep / Analyst details Organised inspiring leader Future Vision Does the risk productive thinker Determined frank adventurous warm tolerant mediator giver cooperative good listener friendly sturdy energetic Creative / original open optimistic enthusiasm inspiring Gleðigjafi adventurous Some see you as:
  8. Others might see you as: weak Spends too much time Lacks goals Slow making decisions pushy exaggerated disorderly Takes too much to the listens poorly critical control freak overwhelming unconsiderative stubborn pedantic Should the full coming of Emotionless
  9.  Motto: "Move over and let the big dog drink"  Likes challenges, determined  Driven forward, not shy or modest  The inner need to be in control  Awesome at the best  Insensitive at their worst  Examples of work: football coach, top athletes, CEO, General, Dictator, Barbara. The red one
  10.  Strengths: controling, performing, initiative  Weakness: Impatience, disregard, falls into ego  Annoying: indeciecive  Objective: Productivity, control  Fear: Being cheated on  Motivation: Winning The red one
  11.  What makes exited: Implementation / action  Main advantages: achievement more than any / dominance  Main fault: can’t stand weaknesses  The biggest fear: being too "soft" The red one
  12.  Motto: "Let me Entertain you"  Always looking up entertainment and good audience  Speech, expressive, joybringer, optimist  Energetic, good with people  A lot of ideas but poor follow up  Examples of jobs: salesman, entertainer, journalist The yellow one
  13.  Strengths: Compelling, good interactions with people.  Weakness: Unorganized, careless  Annoying: Routine  Objective: Popularity, compliments  Fear: Losing prestige / recognition  Motivation: Recognition The yellow one
  14.  What makes him exited: throwing out ideas  Main advantages: Nice to be around  Main drawback: unstability  The biggest fear: Being Unpopular The yellow one
  15.  "It's not whether you Win or Lose, it's how many friends you have."  calm, delicate  Friendly, pleasant / attractive  Performs slowly but surely  Almost everyone likes them  Examples of work: teacher, counselor, pastor, service role. The blue one
  16.  Strength: Servanthood, listens, compliments  Weakness: Super considerate, delicate, slow decision- making  Annoying: Disregard  Objective: Acceptance, stability  Fear: Sudden changes  Motivation: To participate / be part of The blue one
  17.  What makes exited: Effective routine  Main advantages: Easy to work with / we also  Main drawback: Shy  The biggest fear: Changes The blue one
  18.  "I'd rather be right than quick"  Serious, analytical / logical long-term goals  Evaluates performance well, loves logic and accuracy  Thoughtful, thorough, careful and proficient, sometimes too proficient  Examples of work: architect, engineer, computer nerd, accountant The green one
  19.  Strengths: Organizing, analyzing  Weakness: Perfectionism, too critical  Annoying: unreliability  Objective: Precision  Fear: Criticism  Motivation: progress / improvement The green one
  20.  What makes exited: logic / reason  Main advantages: high quality worker  Main drawback: Too critical  The biggest fear: having no arguments / irrationality The green one
  21. Things that can annoy every style Uncooperative insensitive Aggressive behaviours Conflicts Lacking creativity and enthusiasm negative hard reality closed Missing reasoning Too much creativity loud views missing facts make mistakes Delayed / late Lacking interest undecided disagree spend time
  22. So how can you get better?
  23.  Show more relaxed image of himself  Become more open and patient and better listener  Develop patience, sensitivity and compassion  Should praise other sincerely  Reduce impulsivity, more conservatively  Find themselves with a group The red one should
  24.  Take control of time and emotions  Try to follow the objectives  Completion / follow up promises, projects  Concentrate on the task that is ahead  Try using logical methods  Use more time to check off, specify, plan The yellow one should
  25.  Sometimes say no  take risks  Assign tasks to others  Accept logical changes  Bring emotions into words to the right people  Completing tasks without letting other peoples emotions get in the way The blue one should
  26.  Openly show affection and appreciate other people.  Launch a new project  Use the rules as a reference, not law  Working together by finding common ground.  Sometimes, try using shortcuts and save time  Take decisions ahead of time The green one should
  27. How do we make the teamwork better? Be fun: show enthusiasm Should be allowed to enjoy the attention Speak in headlines, not details Be cooperative: (relationship building) Be warm and friendly Suggestion rather than command Tolerance for people who will digress Be productive identically: (work Stick to the schedule "Get to the point" Focus on the result / outcome Be accurate: (Security Send information in advance closely justified
  28.  Better understand ourselves and how others see us  Working with our strengths and improve weaknesses  Delivering tolerance for different personalities  All have great advantages, assign tasks to the appropriate person What do we learn from this?
  29. Thank you guys for listening