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To pushkar w ith love dr. shriniwas kashalikar

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To pushkar w ith love dr. shriniwas kashalikar

  1. 1. To Pushkar With Love Dr. Shriniwas Kashalikar
  2. 2. The answer to the question, “When did I have doubts about NAMSMARAN?” is “I have doubts even today, but to a rapidly diminishing and minute extent!” But, what is the meaning of a doubt? Not being completely satisfied is being in a doubt! Frankly speaking, even as I am convinced about NAMASMARAN as the universal, primary or fundamental solution (other solutions being adjuvant) for the individual and universal blossoming, and even as I see no other substitute to NAMASMARAN, I am still not completely “doubt free” or “completely satisfied!!
  3. 3. As of now, I can not be oblivious, indifferent, passive and inert with respect to the role of NAMASMARAN in political, social, economic, medical, industrial, and agricultural and educational and other policies. Since I can not think of any possibility of any liberation or mukti or Nirvana; in absence of universally beneficial policies in all such fields of life, I have (though to a rapidly diminishing and minute extent) doubts and am unsatisfied about the universal benevolence of NAMSMARAN. Someone may object and say that NAMASMARAN is meant for self realization and not for social revolution.
  4. 4. My answer to this is, “Through NAMASMARAN one identifies oneself with cosmic self (of which the universe and society are parts). Hence there can not be any “personal” liberation without the social revolution! There is no short cut. There is no bypass! All such ideas and pursuits of “personal” liberation are counterproductive, base and illusory! I can not be content with japa (remembering the name of God), pooja (praying or worshipping) and anna-dana (sharing food with others), though all these are essential and contribute to grow selfless. I can not be satisfied and doubt free, in small personal gains!
  5. 5. I get agonies when I see the burning problems of people at global to local levels, just as get disturbed by physical pain, financial crisis, humiliation in personal life etc. My doubts though are vanishing; are still present because I though can see the signs of global light emanating from NAMASMARAN, these are “signs” of; and not the actual event! In fact that is the reason I propagate not merely NAMASMARAN, but also the subsequent development or the sequel of practicing NAMASMARAN viz. globally beneficial perspective, policies, plans and programs, evolved by the leaders in different fields, and their meticulous following; by the
  6. 6. masses; and thereby; the successful individual and universal blossoming!