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Warm heart does wonder

Baltic PR Awards 2012
Organization: SWEDBANK
Country: Estonia
Project name: Warm heart does wonder

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Warm heart does wonder

  1. 1. Category: SPONSORSHIP Swedbank (Estonia) Title of Campaign:“Warm heart does wonder” Christmas campaign for Swedbank’s donation environment Summary The mission of the donation environment “I love to help” established in 2008 in the Swedbank Internet Bank is to promote donation culture in Estonia. Several areas only receive support on a project basis, which means that their sustainability and financing is at risk. The purpose of the donation environment is to bring together the charity organisations that promote life in Estonia and the people who would like to do their share in charity projects by donating. Donating money to organisations in six different areas is free of service fees. In addition, our clients may donate the bonus points they have received for card payments. Situation:1. It is often thought that giving donations is something that only the rich do – most people don’t realise that even a small amount can help.2. People fail to understand that the amount donated is not as important as the permanent nature of the donation – positive changes take time and a one-off donation cannot ensure the long-term and sustainable development of an area or project.3. Donations are strongly related to emotions – the most successful donation campaigns are the ones that involve soft topics such as children and animals. More substantial needs and complicated projects (education, public health, prevention, etc.) receive considerably fewer donations. Objectives:• to boost familiarity with the organisations who are included in the donation environment;• to change people’s attitude – although a one-off donation during Christmas is great, positive and effective changes have a long-term nature and require permanent support;• to increase the number of permanent donations;• to increase trust towards the donation environment as a verified intermediary for donations. Target audience: Swedbank’s clients, bank’s employees, publicity Strategy: The last month of the year is always somewhat magical and fairytale-like. The core message together with a visual called “A warm heart can make miracles happen” was designed to have the look of well-known fairytale elements and imparted the idea that the permanent nature of a donation is more important than its amount, because only recurring donations can bring about long-term positive changes. In order to combine all the small donations into one big one, the bank participated in the donation together with the people. The goal of the emotion displayed in the visual was to make the donors feel that their donation counted and could cause changes.Channels:• A call on the Facebook page of the donation environment stating that for each fan of the page, the bank would donate one euro to support organisations in the donation environment. Outdoor media solutions and Internet banners• Own channels: office premises, ATMs, Internet Bank, information letters to clients• In a radio morning programme of one of the most popular radio stations, the donation environment was introduced to the public and money was raffled off to support for the organisations in the donation environment.• Five articles in the largest county papers of Estonia regarding the organisations in the donation environment and the campaign. Execution: Timeplan was running smoothly, first wave was the Facebook campaign, which was supported by regional media. Second wave was supported by media articles and morning radio show. The campaign was supported by internet banners and outdoor prints. Timeplan: 5-31.12.2011 Facebook campaign: 5.-12.2011 Articles in regional media: 5., 12., and 17. of December Baltic PR Awards 2012
  2. 2. Category: SPONSORSHIP Morning programme in radio show: 13-17.12.2012 Documented Results• The volume of permanent donations in 2011 (1 January 2011 – 31 December 2011) increased by 10% compared to the 12 months of 2010.• Compared to the rest of the year (1 January 2011 – 30 November 2011), the volume of permanent donations increased by 43.2% during the campaign period (5 to 31 December 2011).• From 5 to 12 December, the number of Facebook fans of the donation environment page increased from 1898 to 21,345. Currently, this fan page has the largest audience compared to other charity organisations in Estonia, having ca 28 000 fans.• The number of visitors of the donation environment in the Swedbank Internet Bank increased b and reached as many as 70 000 clicks per month (usual is about 3500) Baltic PR Awards 2012