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Ballerina in the Real World: Motorola_KubeCon 2018

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Organizations are moving away from legacy integration middleware to decentralized integration architectures such as microservices, which existing integration technologies and conventional programming languages are not powerful enough to cater to.

This session unveils Motorola's journey from a centralized integration architecture to decentralized integration with microservices leveraging Ballerina.

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Ballerina in the Real World: Motorola_KubeCon 2018

  1. 1. Legacy Modernization with Ballerina Sri Pulleti Title, Motorola
  2. 2. Agenda Monolithic Architecture SOA and ESB Architecture Microservices Architecture Motorola E-Commerce SOA/ESB Architecture Transitioning to Microservices Architecture
  3. 3. Monolithic Architecture
  4. 4. Monolithic Architecture ○ Single monolithic application offers hundreds of functionalities ○ Single deployment ○ Single runtime ○ Single codebase ○ Proprietary protocols ○ Development is not agile ○ Not cloud-native ○ Deployment, maintenance, troubleshooting, scaling and upgrading is a nightmare
  5. 5. SOA/ESB Architecture
  6. 6. SOA/ESB Architecture ○ SOA was a breakthrough to overcome the problems resulting from monolithic applications with the concept of a ‘service’ ○ Independent coarse-grained services ○ Single monolithic runtime hosting all the services - central integration bus ○ Update requires entire application redeployment - downtime ○ No compile time validation (e.g, XSLT mediators in ESBs) ○ Development is not agile ○ Most of the SOA integration products are not cloud-native ○ Developing CI/CD pipeline is complex
  7. 7. Microservices Architecture ○ Developing an application into a set of smaller, independent, fine-grained and self-contained services ○ Independent single-purpose modules, each doing one thing well ○ Independently deployable ○ Independently scalable ○ No barrier to adopt new technologies for different components ○ Development is very agile ○ Developing CI/CD pipeline is easy
  8. 8. Where are we now?
  9. 9. Motorola Ecommerce SOA/ESB Architecture ○ Sri to add a picture of existing ESB architecture
  10. 10. Where are we heading?
  11. 11. Motorola Ecommerce Microservices Platform Architecture
  12. 12. Motorola Ecommerce Microservices CI/CD Architecture
  13. 13. Motorola Use Cases ○ Ecommerce integrations between Motorola and Lenovo ○ SAP IDOC/BAPI <-> JSON transformation ○ BigQuery Integration ○ Oracle ERP Integration ○ Flat file <-> JSON transformation
  14. 14. Outbound: Motorola -> Lenovo ECC OPS -> Ballerina
  15. 15. Outbound: Motorola -> Lenovo ECC Ballerina -> ECC
  16. 16. Inbound: Lenovo ECC -> Motorola ECC -> Ballerina
  17. 17. Inbound: Lenovo ECC -> Motorola Ballerina -> OPS