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How to network

  1. DEN  Meetup     January  31st    2014  
  2. Why  network?  
  3.     What  are  your   FEARS     about   networking?  
  4. False     Expecta<ons   Appearing     Real  
  5. Networking  -­‐  building  rela>onships  
  6. How  to   Be  in  command  and  when  working  the  room     Understand  and  overcome  fears     How  to  network     Tips    
  7. 1.  Single  Person  
  8. 2&3  Couples  
  9. 4&5  Threesomes  
  10. 6.  Groups  
  11. How  to  network?  
  12. Smile  
  13. Handshake  
  14. ‘I’  contact  
  15. Name  
  16. Enthusias>c/engaged  
  17. Funded  CPD   Yorkshire  &  Humber  Diversity  Programme   funded  by  the  Na>onal  College  for  Teaching  and   Leadership   1.  Aspiring  to  Lead   2.  Diverse  Leaders  for  Tomorrow   3.  Making  an  impact   4.  Bootcamp  –  from  applica>on  to  Interview  
  18. Tips   1.  Enjoy  the  evening  -­‐  have  some  fun   2.  Understand  dynamics  of  singles,  couples  and  groups  .   Beware  of  the  closed  2's  3's  and  4+  groups  unless  there   are  people  in  there  you  already  know.   3.  Aim  to  talk  to  at  least  8  people  and  gain  new  pieces  of   informa>on  or  news.   4.  Everyone  here  wants  to  network.  The  chances  of  rejec>on   are  >ny.   5.  You  are  a  decent  and  likeable  person;    believe  in  yourself     and,  and  have  much  knowledge  and  exper>se.   6.  Build  rela>onships:  KNOW  -­‐  LIKE  -­‐  TRUST   7.  Tell  us  about  your  experience  and  how  we  can  help.  
  19.     Twiger:  @diverseEducator  
  20. 2014  Year  of  the  Horse