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London2012 New Media Roadmap                                                                                Present       ...
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Newmedia roadmap poster

  1. 1. London2012 New Media Roadmap Present Our new media communication channels Digital projects Games-time Leaving a digital legacyOur new media channels will be the number one way for everyone to We will launch three new media communications channels between 2007 Building on our core channels and exploiting our database we will engage, During the games virtual and physical activity will merge so our virtual We will leave a significant legacy in creatingaccess, share and participate in the 2012 Games. and 2008: Our map, myBrick and 2012.tv. excite, inform and inspire the public through a series of online and offline activity will find a new home in the Olympic park and around Olympic benchmarks, innovation, changing consumer habits digital projects in partnership with sponsors and stakeholders. Some venues. Fans will be able to communicate, share and create together both and expectations, ways of working, using innovation possible projects are set out here. in the park and across the world. labs to bring in suppliers and make them fit for the world stage and a significant consumer database.Our Vision The Plan Making it happen ‘Super’ map My Brick 2012tv Beat the best Fans can compare their skills to those See and hear it your way At the games, spectators will have a of world record holders in mobile variety of ways to personalise theirThe Internet no longer merely connects There are three phases of new media activity • Phase one: Re-launch our site Using the 2012 ‘Super’ map fans can see the MyBrick offers everyone a virtual piece of the 2012tv combines user generated and User generated content installations. Online, users can compare experience through the introductionpeople to information, it connects people to leading up to the 2012 Games. • Phase two: Build three key cross-platform park in 2d and 3d and enjoy historic views as Olympic Park and allows them to participate professionally produced video footage and In the lead up to the games, fans are invited to themselves with one another and of sophisticated uses of mobile andone another across a whole range of platforms communications channels well as future plans. They will also be able to in an online community that grows around the makes them available for the general public create and share video content created using download training programmes. handheld technology.and devices. • At the start, when we determine the • Map contribute content. excitement leading into 2012 and lasts well through a variety of new delivery platforms cameras, phones, webcams or software. This parameters of the Games and set out where • MyBrick past the games. including the web, interactive “live sites”, and Participant spectators might include skits, documentaries, opinionPeople no longer merely consume content on and when it is and what it will look like • 2012.tv handheld devices. 2012tv is also available Fans will be encouraged to “touch in” at pieces, and animations.the Internet: they create and share it too. • At the end, when we stage the Games and Encourage consumers to use these channels via customised programming streams for venues (using RFID or NFC) and sign up as control the environment in which they are held to create and share content – the best ideas sponsors and stakeholders. Professionally produced programming “participant spectators,” making their videoWe aim to make the most of this opportunity in • In between, when everyone talks about the will come from them not us. Specially commissioned footage and archive and photos available to both fans and thethe five years leading up to the Games as well Games and much of that discussion takes • Phase three: Bring all the strands together material will also be used by 2012tv to host broadcaster. Fan content will be splicedas during the Games itself. place through digital media at venues in Games time and showcase supplement user generated content. with the main feed and used to create 3d innovative technology and ideas Virtual athletes models and alternate views. Our challenge is to be part of that digital The public will be able to create and train conversation and build a relationship with a virtual athlete in their favourite Olympic millions of fans over five years, not just 16 days. discipline. Promotional tie-ins with fitness MyBrick database After the games centres will enable people to earn points As more and more people sign up for My for their athlete by just going to the gym! Handheld mapping Participant spectators will be able to view Brick, a rich database develops around a At the games handheld mapping will not highlights of their content spliced with the community of interest in the games. The only make it easier for spectators to find broadcast feed from the games on their database will form a core communications their way, but also give them up to the Personal Video Recorders (PVRs). Fan content A text arrives from 2012 channel and gives sponsors and partners the Volunteers minute event information. will remain in their seat virtually in the venue for Fans who express interest get a opportunity to connect with millions of fans. As Volunteers from around the world will viewing by visitors at a later date. 2012 maps on other text that says they’ve been lucky the community evolves its own members will be able to log on and contribute online websites enough to have been allocated one suggest collective ideas to engage each other as “virtual volunteers” or join the 70,000 of a limited number of 2012 bricks. which we will promote. strong volunteer work force at games time. APIs will make it possible for All they have to do is log on to other sites such as Google redeem it. Earth to include 2012 map Venue wayfinding data and will allow fans to Handheld RFID enabled devices and create “mashups” on their RFID hotspots aisle lighting can be used to effortlessly own sites. Map-based views of information Users will be able to enhance their guide spectators to their seats. Fans will be able to view key information in 2012tv at “live sites” experience by swiping personalised the lead up to the Games and see real time Customised feeds of 2012tv will be delivered RFID passes at hotspots where they can The re-launched 2012 website User generated content movement of people and assets across our network of 60 “live sites” (big download information onto their personal The 2012 website is re-launched to reflect Claiming your brick Customised 2012tv feeds handheld devices. This might include Fans will be able to place images, text and screens) in city centres, where audiences will Cash-free, queue-free purchasing the new brand for the games and serves Olympic Freeze information such as seat numbers, maps, video on the map and view other contributions. Using a personal code, fans log-in to the 2012 be able to interact with the programming (i.e. Feeds of 2012tv will be customisable by as a foundation for enhanced content and directions, and profiles of athletes. The introduction of RFID passes will make website to claim their brick. Once registered, sending messages to the screen). sponsors and partners and made available in Students at school track days will be able A lasting community functionality over coming months. it possible to speed up the purchasing they create a profile, upload photos and make 2012tv on mobile phones commercial settings such as shops and retail to try events like the long jump, and watch The My Brick community will live on after experience at the games. a pledge declaring what they’d like to achieve displays using a dedicated set top box or 360 degree slow motion video of their the Games. 2012tv will be available to viewers by 2012. across existing networks. jump on big screens (matrix style) and vote using mobile phones and other for the best images online. handheld devices. March 2007 | Alex Balfour, Head of New Media, LOCOG


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