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Ballet is when emotions having fun

Ballet: history, technique, steps and emotions!

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Ballet is when emotions having fun

  1. 1. Life without ballet would be pointless history, technique, steps
  2. 2. Classical ballet is a traditional, formal style of ballet that adheres to classical b allet technique.
  3. 3. History step by
  4. 4. Ballet originated in the Italian Renaissance courts and was brought to France by Catherin de’ Medici in the 16th Century!
  5. 5. In 17th century, ballet popularity in France increased and started to be performed by professional dancers with great acrobatic skills.
  6. 6. Academie de Dance was the first ballet school, established in 1661 by King Louis XIV
  7. 7. Technique
  8. 8. Ballet technique represents the foundation priciples for body movement for every dancer because it gives you…
  9. 9. Strenght Elegance Precise body form Precise body movement Discipline Flexibilit y
  10. 10. allet is the inspiring passion, that driv my way to success.
  11. 11. step by step, move
  12. 12. Adagio
  13. 13. Arabesque
  14. 14. Chassé
  15. 15. Échappé
  16. 16. Grand jeté
  17. 17. Pirouette
  18. 18. Ballet is when your soul is moving guided by the voice you love!