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  1. 1. INTEGRATION AND EQUALITY IN THE FIELD OF EDUCATION BY MEANS OF PHYSICAL ACTIVITY, GAMES AND SPORTS CO-EDUCATIVE GAMEName: Lapta (Russian )Play ground: Equipment: X X X X X 5 people on the field from the defending team and 45 m a pitcher/server. The team that bats contains six people. End line 25m A bat and a ball Starting 10 m line OOOOO O- X X / O players of opposing teams The game is played outside on a field the size of half an association football pitch 20 x 25 sazhens (140 x 175 feet) (one sazhen; a typical Russian measure - distance between tips of arms stretched sidewards = 1.76 m).Development and Rules:The pitcher/server stands near the batter of the opposing team and throws a ball in the direction of the batter.Each batter gets 2 chances to hit the ball over a 10m line. If they succeed at that, the runner (one at a time)can run to an end line at the other end of the pitch. If a player manages to run between the two endpoints,the team gets 2 points. The opposing team should try to catch the ball and hit the running player out of thegame. At the same time, the running player should try to avoid being hit with the ball, which is thrown bythe opposing team members.The game lasts an hour, split into two equal halves.The goal of the game is to hit the ball, served by a player of the opposite team, with the bat and send the ballas far as possible, then run across the field to the end line, and if possible to run back to the starting line.The running player should try to avoid being hit with the ball, which is thrown by the opposing teammembers. For successful runs, the team earns points. A team wins by either getting more points during thescheduled time or by having all its players complete runs.
  2. 2. Short information about the gameThis Russian folk game is one of the most interesting and useful games. Lapta requires resourcefulness, deepbreathing, faithfulness to your group, attention, dexterity, fast running, good aiming and marksmanship,strong striking hands, and firm eternal confidence that you cannot be defeated. The lazy and cowardly haveno place in this game.Lapta (Russian ) is a Russian bat and ball game first known to be played in the 14th century.Mentions of lapta have been found in medieval manuscripts, and balls and bats were found in the 14th-century layers during excavations in Novgorod. It is similar to cricket (Britain), brännboll (Norway,Sweden, Denmark), Rounders (Ireland, Britain), baseball (the USA), oină (Romania) and pesäpallo(Finland).According to Russian magazines Little Light and Izvestia, baseball was developed from lapta by 18th centuryRussian Americans from Alaska and the northen part of America.Authors:The material is prepared by the students from class 12, Ropaži Secondary School