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Future of clinical audit

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Future of Clinical Audit

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Future of clinical audit

  1. 1. Future of Clinical Audit Bachchu Kailash Kaini
  2. 2. Clinical Audit: Core Value • Clinically led initiative • Quality improvement process • Examine practices and results against standards • Modify the practices where indicated
  3. 3. Clinical Audit: Past to Future Early Stage Present Stage Future Prior to 1980’s (Concept Introduced) 1980’s to Present (Evolution Phase) Present to Future (Fit for the Purpose) Outcome measurement Widely accepted as QI process Collaborative approach Largely known as ‘Medical Audit’ Evidence based Beyond the Healthcare setting Medico centric Part of clinical governance Well developed infrastructure Multi-disciplinary Integral part of health service Professionally centric Patient centric
  4. 4. Impact on Patient • Best Practice: by enhance professionalism of care • Best Outcome: by improved care of patients • Best Assurance: by active participation of all
  5. 5. Is It a Bridge Too Far? It is we to decide!
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