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Presentation to May 21, 2013, luncheon meeting of the CBIFFAWS on the importance of branding and social media for logistics companies.

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  1. 1. Everyone’s Looking at YOU(and why and how you should look at them)Scott CaseFounder, Chief Storytellerscott@positionglobal.com@scottcase
  2. 2. Today’s Topics• Branding - What is it, why is it important, is yourscurrent and relevant and do you use it correctly?• Digital marketing and communication:– Newsletters– Audio / video– CRM– Your website• Social media for businesses (focus: logistics industry)
  3. 3. Branding• Simply, it’s how you look.Everywhere. To everyone.• Relevance and qualityaside, it has to beexecuted consistently.• Do you let other peopleuse your brand mark?• Best practice is to have astyle guide.
  4. 4. Brand Considerations• Geographic consumption.• Audience - B2B or B2C? Or both?• Name, logo execution, tagline or some combination ofall three?• Equity and market reputation.• Level of penetration.• Overt or nuanced messaging of your company’smission?
  5. 5. Right and Wrong Style Execution
  6. 6. Overt or Subtle?
  7. 7. The ArrowHenny Youngman, the comedian, had this wholesignature to his act around ‘Take my wife. Please.’What the PR folks wanted to do was the equivalent ofchanging his shtick to ‘Please, take my wife.’ If youhave to call attention to your punch line, to explain it,it’s no longer a punch line. It doesn’t work, it isn’t funny,and no one will remember it.”- Lindon Leader, Creator of FedEx LogoExcerpted from Matthew May’s book The Laws of SubtractionAppearing online in Fast Company Co.Design October 23, 2012
  8. 8. Another use of subtle
  9. 9. When You’re Copied, You’ve Made It1939 Britishgovernmentpropagandaposter to boostwartime morale.
  10. 10. When You’re Copied, You’ve Made It
  11. 11. Digital Marketing and CommunicationSurveyTools of the trade•CRM•Email campaign•Surveys–Newsletters–Webinars/Seminars–Podcasts
  12. 12. CRM (Contact Relationship Managers)• Do I need one? YES• Choose wisely.• Considerations:•Features•Interoperability•Cost•Interface with currentoperations software?• Buy or subscribe?
  13. 13. Email campaign programsStamps are great if you’re acollector.Like CRM’s, you’ve got choices.Make specialized templates fordifferent messages.Top features:– Segmenting your lists– Checking your clicks
  14. 14. List SegmentationWorld Market is a GREATbad example.Respect the inbox.Rule of thumb is the ruleof threes.•Newsletter•Targeted issue•General marketing topic
  15. 15. The era oftheaudience isdead.
  16. 16. Checking your clicks
  17. 17. Newsletters
  18. 18. NewslettersDetermine the frequency.What’s in your company’sDNA? Industry news,product offerings, projectnews, employee content?Should be timely, highlightyour company and linkback to your site and thesource content.
  19. 19. 42
  20. 20. Things your content should be:• Helpful• Shareworthy• Shareable• Searchable• Path to conversion from prospect to customer.
  21. 21. Your Website• Your website is your always-open door to current andfuture clients, agents, employees and vendors.• The site must put forth the most professional andcomplete digital identity that is pitch-perfect with yourreal world identity.• The site must be responsive to render across multipledevices and platforms (computers, tablets, phones).• The site must incorporate a prominent call to action.• Don’t think when it’s up that it’s done.
  22. 22. Not-the-greatest practice web example
  23. 23. And how’s that look on my iPhone?
  24. 24. Pictures tell stories on your site• Meta-tagging• Words + pictures = findin Google Images =direct traffic to your site• We’re BROKERS ANDFORWARDERS. Wemove and clear stuff.And we should takepictures!Credit: jifnet.com
  25. 25. QR Codes
  26. 26. QR Code Best Practices• QR codes used in advertising are going to be checkedon a smartphone or tablet.• QR codes need to be simple; short web addresses arethe best web addresses; use a link shortener.• Think of the screen real estate of the device it will beshown on.• More importantly, if you’re advertising a product orservice, direct the viewer to the campaign for thatproduct or service.
  27. 27. Keep QR codes simple: goo.gl, bit.lyCrowley QR Code Shortened Port Seattle QR code shortened
  28. 28. Search Engine Ranking and OptimizationCredit: sparkwiz.com
  29. 29. Two Ways To Get ListedORGANICSite designMeta-taggingContentmarketingINORGANICPPCAdvertisingRemarketing
  30. 30. Other digital outreachWebinars and SeminarsPodcastingAudio / Video ContentRemember, it’s about presenting your company a greatlight and done in a contemporary fashion.
  31. 31. Social Mediafor Business
  32. 32. Social Media for Business
  33. 33. 1.2 BILLION
  34. 34. Twitter Fact(oids)Make it count: 140 characters or less.Has become the communication vehicle of choice in:–Disasters–Revolutions–Television and film marketing#HASHTAGS for topics.Lots of people weigh popularity based on “followers”.
  35. 35. Logistics Companies On TwitterCompanies and their followers as of May 20, 2013:FedEx:134,301Maersk Line: 57,783UPS: 41,876K&N: 2,776Expeditors: 173AA Cargo: 1,459
  36. 36. Twitter Relevance for YOU• If you promote you’re on Twitter, somebody has to payattention all the time.• Use it to advertise (newsletters, projects, services orjobs).• Use it for emergencies (power outage, weatherclosure, zombie apocalypse).• It’s the fastest real-time means at your disposal to getthe word out repeatedly.
  37. 37. • Launched on May 5, 2003, LinkedIn in January reported200 million users in 200 countries and territories.• The networking is a little more personal.
  38. 38. • LinkedIn is the place to be for companies and individualswho want to network professionally.• Don’t fall into the trap of making your “social” friends yourLinkedIn connections; keep it work focused.• Join groups that are relevant for you and your company.• As an employer, you can see somebody’s history.• As an employee, you can look for a new gig.• As a salesperson, you can keep people on your radar.
  39. 39. • Pew Research in 2012 showed that women were fivetimes as likely to be on the site as men.• “Boards”, which highlight content, are usually pictures.• Mostly for travel, fashion and cooking at this point.• But believe it or not, logistics companies are there withinfographics.• Infographics are expensive to produce, print anddistribute, but help stuff “stick” better in people’smemories.
  40. 40. Infographic Example
  41. 41. Maersk on Pinterest
  42. 42. • Created in 2010 andacquired by Facebookfor $1 billion (with 13employees) in 2012.• First on iOS, thenAndroid.• #share #with#hashtags.• 100 million users.
  43. 43. Hashtags used here:#logistics#lgi#heavyhaul#transportation#broker#logisticsgroupinternational#huge#otr
  44. 44. Manage those accounts!Pick a service and post centrally.Repurpose content.Respond and thank people for follows / retweets /repostings.
  45. 45. How do you measure your success?• Click throughs• Subscribers added to your newsletters• Social media followers or connections• Acquisition cost• Number of customers• Revenue
  46. 46. Takeaways1. Evaluate your digital presence.2. How many clients, prospects and agents can you talkto simultaneously?3. Is your site relevant and built properly for all visitors?4. A multi-pronged strategy that focuses oncommunicating with clients, remaining in front ofprospects and putting forth an image to both as wellas future employees and decision makers is key.5. Have a policy for managing your social networks.
  47. 47. Giveaways!
  48. 48. Scott Case | (630) 410-2059 | scott@positionglobal.com