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Strategic to concept pt2

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Strategic to concept pt2

  1. 1. IF THERE IS NOSTRUGGLE,THERE IS NOPROGRESS.Frederick DouglassFebruary 1818 – February 20, 1895
  2. 2. STRATEGY?THE FOUNDATION of all your wild & crazy creative workyou do. It starts with the product fact from the client andthen must become a creative direction.
  3. 3. STRATEGY?• The difference between a plain fact, a strategy, a creative direction and the idea.• How to come up with more and more strategies.• then produce a lot of campaigns every time you get a brief. (they might not all be brilliant BUT they create a possible environment for a great idea to burst forth!)
  4. 4. • Developing different strategiesmap, so building yourself a nice big mental is like that you know where to go.• Having a strategy or ‘big thought’ is essential when creating integrated campaigns.• it’s the creative superglue that holds everything together.• It’s the platform or umbrella thought explaining EVERYTHING you do.• Always write your strategy down and put it up on a wall where you are working
  6. 6. THE BRIEF to THE IDEAone fact different strategic directions.then one strategic direction makesome more.then choose strategic directionmake an ad.
  7. 7. single minded promise is:• This electric toothbrush cleans teeth better than a manual toothbrush” This is a fact. This is not a strategy. This is not a benefit. This is a generic for ALL electric toothbrushes. This isn’t interesting to anyone but the client
  8. 8. so let’s breakit down:• a) Electric toothbrushes are better than manual ones. • b) The particular electric toothbrush is better than any other. • First find benefits of using an electric toothbrush. • If THIS brush has anything extra, YOU NEED TO KNOW ABOUT IT. • If NOT - then your idea must claim the creative high-ground.
  9. 9. You must create‘uniqueness’ for your brandthrough idea, media, tone,look, feel etc.If other brands areconservative, be moredaring. If everyone’s gonewhacky, then an elegantcampaign might work.(competitor analysis)
  10. 10. STEP ONE:Think of as many benefits as you can from this fact.Write them out in a simple, clear way. Do not try andbe clever or witty.(Write out each one on a separate piece of paper andstick them up on the wall where you can see them!)Here, just a few examples…please note how basicthese lines are.That’s the point. (2 MINUTES )
  11. 11. Havea bettersmile
  12. 12. Have Brushinga better is now lesssmile work
  13. 13. Have Brushinga better is now lesssmile work Let’s pick just one ofVisit your these to work with:dentistless Visit your dentist less.
  14. 14. You need to follow this process with everystrategy you come up with.Make sure you write down each strategicdirection on a separate piece of paper andstick it on the wall where you and yourcreative partner can clearly see & comparestrategies!Do not keep strategies in yourhead or scrawled in a notebook.You must focus as a team and haveyour action plan mapped out infront of you.
  15. 15. STEP TWO:Write out each strategic direction in asmany ways as possible.Approach the same thought from different angles.This is not about word play, so put that Thesaurusdown! It’s about thinking.You must think of every possibleconsequence or benefit of visiting yourdentist less.Again, write out each direction on a piece of paper and stick themunder Visit your dentist less. Some possible thoughts…. (2 MINUTES )
  16. 16. Visit your dentistlessDentiststrying to lookbusy /entertainingthemselves
  17. 17. Visit your dentistlessDentists Things to dotrying to look while othersbusy / are at theentertaining dentistthemselves
  18. 18. Visit your dentistlessDentists Things to dotrying to look while othersbusy / are at theentertaining dentistthemselvesYou cannow befriendswith yourdentist
  19. 19. Visit your dentistlessDentists Things to dotrying to look while othersbusy / are at theentertaining dentistthemselvesYou can Dentistsnow be need tofriends find otherwith your jobsdentist
  20. 20. Visit your dentist (strategic direction)lessDentists Things to dotrying to look while othersbusy / are at theentertaining dentistthemselvesYou can Dentists Dentistsnow be need to can nowfriends find other go onwith your jobs holidaydentist (possible creative directions)
  21. 21. so STEP 2 turns one strategy into many creative directions.This way you create a gap for consumers to close.If they read:Visit your dentist less: use Xelectric toothbrush,it makes sense, but they don’t get any reward forclosing the creative gap.There is no creative idea.You’re not there justyet…
  22. 22. You should also play with differentphrasings of the same thought. This willlead you down slightly different (oreven very different paths). Still no needto get witty with words. Keep it simple.For example:Dentists are now looking for other jobs versus..
  23. 23. For example:Dentists are now looking for other jobs versusDentists are now unsuccessfully looking for other jobs
  24. 24. ORDentists are bored versus...
  25. 25. ORDentists are bored versus...Dentists are taking up new hobbies.
  26. 26. STEPTHREE: Start turning each one of these creative directions into campaigns. Let’s take just one of those directions and play around. Your dentist can go on holiday. You could make a series of dentist postcards so they can write home? Maybe now they can finally relax on holiday without worrying about patients. Dentist attending long conferences in exotic locations? A dentist-only holiday brochure? Can they go on holiday for longer?
  27. 27. STEPFOUR: Step 4 Make this idea: Dentist can now go away for longer holidays or ‘Conferences’ thanks to Oral B into a campaign. (making sure when you draw up roughs or make initial comps you always include a logo! This will let you know if your idea is really working as an ad). • Round thoughts off with taglines, art direction etc. • Make sure you tie it back to the electric toothbrush. • Think how you could integrate across media.
  28. 28. STEPFIVE: Craft your work. Keeping product tone and brand identity top-of-mind. Examples of some copy crafting. Notice the subtle differences in tone. No wonder 99% of dentists recommend Oral B. No wonder dentists recommend Oral B. Oral B. Recommended by dentists. Of course. Oral B.The only toothbrush recommended by all dentists. Oral B. Strongly recommended by dentists. The same goes for art direction & design crafting; Different fonts, colours, illustrations / photo’s, layout composition etc....
  29. 29. Always ensure you’re selling the electrictoothbrush and not your own cleverness.Always bring your idea back to the brand.It’s no use being super funny or smart ifno-one knows what you are selling.
  30. 30. STEPSIX: every direction you Do the same steps with come up with (we only did one!). Work each one out as many ways as possible until you strike gold!
  31. 31. SOME STRATEGIC TIPS:Be very careful of a negative positioning.Your teeth will rot if you do not use this toothbrush.Without Oral B, you may never smile again.…you will end up ugly & lonely.…you will have expensive visits to the dentists.…you’ll live in fear of your dentist.These are pretty funny and give some light relief, but unless you deliver such positionings withgreat humour, they could go horribly wrong.These kinds of positionings are also notoriously hard to sell to clients, which is why youmostly see them in student books.I am not saying you may never ever use a negative positioning in a campaign.You can use a negative selling proposition to shock or scare people. Anti-smoking, abortion,safe driving etc. it can also be ‘cool’ in sub-cultures to invert norms and make it trendy to belonely or ugly or different. Just tread carefully.
  32. 32. NEVER PREACH TO CONSUMERS!For example,we know what you’re doing wrong–ja right.Don’t threaten people into buying things – ifyou don’t buy this...
  33. 33. Bonus task!Become a creative detective. Pick anycampaign and backtrack. Try to figureout, in one simple sentence, thestrategic thought behind theexecution.This is excellent training to sharpenyour strategic awareness which youcan then apply to your own work.
  34. 34. In your creative quest, you are lookingfor the ping! moment.The ping! moment will not come toyou, you need to actively find it.Strategies keep your brain active andfocused on the job at hand.They give your brain something towork from, something to makestrange connections with.
  35. 35. undnow das cool stuff..