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10 Minute School Pitch Deck

Website: www.10minuteschool.com

‘10 Minute School’ is the only site in Bangladesh through which students can learn from the tutorials & live classes, practice from the given quizzes & model tests, monitor their progress, compare with their peers & others, get every single information needed which otherwise isn’t available in the internet, and all this completely ‘FREE’ of cost.

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10 Minute School Pitch Deck

  1. 1. What is 10 Minute School What it is: 10 Minute School is a smart integrated online platform which teaches students from class 8 – university through their interactive videos, live classes, quizzes and smart books. Resources: • 1,832 videos • 48,140 quizzes • 332 live classes Subscriber base: • YouTube: 311,456 • Facebook: 912,345 • Website: 122,583 Access: • Schools/ Colleges: 2,900+ • Universities: 27 Partnership: ICT Division & A2i www.10minuteschool.com
  2. 2. ACCESS TO QUALITY EDUCATION PAIN POINT Economic Barrier Geographic Barrier Information Barrier • Steep rise of cost in higher education • Better alternatives cost more • Lack of qualified teachers outside the capital • Lack of quality resources outside the capital • No central database of information • No central archive for the online content
  3. 3. Free Easy accessibility Information hub ACCESS TO QUALITY EDUCATION SOLUTION • All the features can availed for free of cost • Supplementary resources are free as well • Students can access from anywhere • Compatibility with all sorts of devices • Biggest archive of online resources • Updated content
  4. 4. Learn: An extensive library of short video lessons is the treasure of 10 Minute School. These videos are optimized for mobile-viewing, are short enough to cater with the attention span of an average school student and are all created in the native language in a way that is easy to understand. Tutorial list The tutorial Practice quizzes Chapter name
  5. 5. Practice: The website features a large collection of interactive tests that complement the video lessons topic-to-topic. These tests are scored instantly and test-takers are shown their position among other test-takers in a leaderboard. The answers and their explanations are displayed along with links to relevant content for further learning. Quiz list Leaderboard Questions Timer
  6. 6. Progress: We all love incentives. 10 Minute School features an interactive gamification model where learners progress continuously and are rewarded with points and badges for every activity they take part in. Scoring a test gets them points, completing a course gets them points, so does sharing a video. Score Avg score of other test takers Customized feedback Detailed result
  8. 8. LIVE CLASS 47,000+VIEWS 12,000+COMMENTS 1,400+SHARES
  9. 9. INTERACTIVE VIDEOS http://10minuteschool.com/videos/playlist/interactive-videos/#
  10. 10. SMART BOOK http://10minuteschool.com/hsc/bangla-smart-books/
  11. 11. OUR SUBSCRIBER BASE FACEBOOK 912,345 YOUTUBE 311,456 WEBSITE 122,583
  12. 12. THE ENTIRE PIE Courses Target Market Market Share JSC 1,906,959 14.98% Class 9 1,733,599 13.62% Class 10 1,575,900 12.38% SSC 1,432,727 11.26% Class 11 1,381,306 10.85% Class 12 1,255,733 9.87% HSC 1,141,576 8.97% University Admission 1,027,418 8.07% Engineering Admission Medical Admission Private University IELTS 55,000 0.43% SAT 12,000 0.09% GRE 8,000 0.06% GMAT 5,000 0.04% MBA Admission 65,000 0.51% BCS 250,000 1.96% Bank Recruitment 750,000 5.89% Surprise Me! 126,002 0.99% Total 12,726,220
  13. 13. AWARDS & RECOGNITIONS Honorable mention award Gist tech – i Global Competition Digital Innovation Award’16 E – Learning category Regional Winner Country representative in Finland World Mobile Congress GLOMO Award Impactful Project of the Year YSSE
  14. 14. TEAM Position Number Expertise In House Web Developers 04 PHP, MySQL, Javascript and Wordpress with 2 years field experience In House App Developer 02 Native Android App Development experience in Java In House Instructors 18 At least 5 years of teaching experience Core Team members 20 Production, community management, blog and database management Volunteers 27 From different universities
  15. 15. 3 YEAR PLAN NOW END OF 2017 END OF 2019 Academic, Admission, Skill Development Existing + Spoken English, Music, Arts, Sports, Recruitment, Vocational, Nano Degree Existing + University Courses, Professional Degrees COURSES
  16. 16. 3 YEAR PLAN NOW END OF 2017 END OF 2019 Connected to 2,001 schools (ICT Division) Connected to 3,000 schools (ICT Division) & 28,000+ multimedia classrooms (A2i) Connected to all 170,000 educational institutions SCHOOL & COLLEGES
  17. 17. 3 YEAR PLAN NOW END OF 2017 END OF 2019 Currently agreed to sign MoU with 13 clubs from 13 different universities in Dhaka Covered the club affiliations with all the divisional universities outside Dhaka Directly connected to all 129 universities UNIVERSITIES
  18. 18. OUR RESOURCE LINKS www.facebook.com/10mi nuteschool www.youtube.com/chann el/UCL89KKkLs0tZKld- iIS3NGw WWW.10minuteschool.com *All the links & icons are hyperlinked