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Incorporating Social Media into Your Strategy

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Incorporating Social Media into Your Strategy

  1. 1. Some Thoughts on Integrating Social Media into Your Strategy<br />Social media is not a strategy; it’s a vehicle with which to enact your strategy<br />Ayelet Baron<br />October 2009<br />
  2. 2. THE TOOLS ARE OUT THERE<br />WHAT ARE YOUR GOALS?<br />WHAT IS YOUR INVESTMENT?<br />WHAT DOES SUCCESS LOOK LIKE?<br />http://www.flickr.com/photos/stabilo-boss/93136022/<br />
  3. 3. Key Takeaways<br />Identify the relationships you want<br />Select and target the tools<br />By having strong relationships, engage in call to action<br />
  4. 4. Welcome to the New Normal …<br />How do I work better with MY PARTNERS AND SUPPLIERS?<br />How can I do MORE WITH LESS? <br />I need to MOVE FASTER. <br />I want to use my iPhone FOR WORK. <br />There’s TOO MUCH INFORMATION!<br />How do I get to know my customersWITHOUT TRAVEL?<br />How do I BALANCE WORK WITH MY PERSONAL LIFE? <br />
  5. 5. … and It’s Business Impact<br />I need CLOSER RELATIONSHIPS with my partners.<br />This market is moving TOO FAST for us. <br />My IT budget is STRETCHED already. <br />Our time to market is TOO SLOW. <br />We are MISSING OPPORTUNITIES.<br />I’m worried about CUSTOMER SATISFACTION.<br />My team needs the same APPLICATIONS AT HOME. <br />
  6. 6. Consumers dictate<br />PRE MEDIA AGE<br />MASS MEDIA AGE<br />SOCIAL MEDIA AGE<br />Personal blog<br />Comments on blogs<br />Talk face to face<br />Social network page<br />Comments on websites<br />Phone call<br />Talk face to face<br />Widgets<br />Viral emails <br />Talk to shop worker <br />Phone call<br />Consult a professional<br />Video sharing site <br />Auction websites <br />Talk face to face<br />Talk to shop worker <br />Photo sharing site<br />Wish lists<br />Readers Letters<br />Talk to shop worker <br />Consult a professional<br />Chat rooms<br />Ratings on retail sites<br />Phone in; TV / Radio<br />Readers letters<br />Message boards<br />Reviews on retail sites<br />SMS<br />Phone in; TV / Radio<br />Government, monarchy, religious institutions dictate the agenda<br />Social Bookmarking<br />Price comparison sites<br />Email<br />Professional media dictate<br />Chat room<br />Social shopping sites<br />Instant Messenger <br />Influence Revolution<br />Universal McCann, When Did We Start Trusting Strangers? <br />
  7. 7.
  8. 8. COMMUNICATIONS MEDIA<br />SOCIAL MEDIA<br />Space defined by Media Owner<br />Brand in control<br />One way / Delivering a message<br />Repeating the message<br />Focused on the brand<br />Entertaining<br />Company created content<br />Space defined by Consumer<br />Consumer in control<br />Two way / Being a part of a conversation<br />Adapting the message/ beta<br />Focused on the consumer / Adding value<br />Influencing, involving<br />User created content / Co-creation<br />Source: Neil Perkin ‘What’s Next in Media’ (Slide 9)<br />
  10. 10. SOCIAL MEDIA MAY BE HERE TO STAY<br />BUT THE TOOLS ARE TEMPORARY<br />&quot;Over and over again, connecting people with one another is what lasts online. Some folks thought it was about technology, but it&apos;s not.“<br />Seth Godin<br />Image: http://www.gapingvoid.com/<br />
  11. 11. “It’s about relationships”<br />Andrew Rogers, Head of User Content Development, RBI…http://engagement101.blogspot.com/<br />
  12. 12.
  13. 13. CREATE CONTENT THAT IS REMARKABLE<br />If the web is a mass of conversations, then get talked about<br />Create content that is worth passing on<br />Make it as easy as possible for your supporters to find it and spread the word<br />http://www.flickr.com/photos/oldflints/<br />
  14. 14. Track Impact<br />Engage<br />Target<br />Strategy<br />Identify key areas of synergy between in person and online<br />Identify your key stakeholder groups<br />Identify points of integration into the current strategy<br />Identify clear success metrics upfront<br /><ul><li>What is the overall process flow of activities?
  15. 15. What is your engagement strategy?
  16. 16. How can you connect offline activities with online activities?
  17. 17. Who are the key targets?
  18. 18. What are their preferences in terms of engagement?
  19. 19. What social media tools do they use?
  20. 20. What do they pay attention to?
  21. 21. Where can social media play a role in delivering and enabling your strategy? Where can you integrate/insert it strategically?
  22. 22. What do you need to stop doing, start doing and continue doing?</li></ul>Incorporating Social Media in Your Strategy<br /><ul><li>What are your top 3 success criteria for an effective integration of social media?
  23. 23. How will you track and monitor them?</li></li></ul><li>Changing the Way We Engage and Collaborate<br />Collaborative Tools<br />Text<br />Voice, Video<br />Video Social Networking<br />Many<br /> Social Networking<br />Video on Demand<br /> Discussion Forums<br />Unified Communications<br />Wikis<br />Contact<br />Center<br />Blogs<br />Number of Stakeholders<br />Email<br />Conferencing<br />IM<br /> TelePresence<br /> Documents<br />One<br /> Vmail<br />There are many tools out there but being able to target them and use many of them is key <br />
  24. 24. Video is HereIt’s on the Social Web<br />A picture is a thousand words, Video says it all<br />“In person” experience<br />64% of communication is non-verbal1<br />One third of the human cortex is<br />dedicated to vision2<br />1Kandola, Pearn “The Psychology of Effective Business Communications in Geographically Dispersed Teams”, Cisco Systems, September 2006<br />2Vision Group Research, FMRIB, University of Oxford, UK<br />
  25. 25. Use Targeted Twitter Apps: One Stop Shopping<br />http://oneforty.com/<br />http://crumpleitup.com/tps/<br />
  26. 26. What’s Social Media All About?<br />It’s about knowing<br /><ul><li>Where the conversations are happening
  27. 27. What’s your share of the conversation
  28. 28. What are the conversations that you could / should be in
  29. 29. Who are the key influencers who can help build your brand</li></ul>It’s about expanding your news flow<br /><ul><li>Simple syndication – distribute news via basic sharing tools (eg, Twitter and Facebook)</li></ul>It’s about understanding communities<br /><ul><li>Which groups, forums and networks matter
  30. 30. Who drives share of conversation in these communities
  31. 31. What are the next steps in driving relationships</li></ul>It’s about leveraging existing content and improving your natural search<br />Source: http://www.slideshare.net/neville<br />
  32. 32. Start Here<br />Listen<br />Give up control<br />Be natural<br />Make a commitment<br />Be where your stakeholders are<br />Learn to deal with negativity<br />Be humble<br />Listen<br />Source: http://www.slideshare.net/neville<br />
  33. 33. Some Final Thoughts<br />Transparent Communication is Key<br /><ul><li>The era of gatekeepers controlling the distribution of information is over
  34. 34. Press releases have a place in communicating key messages but they should be integrated with other social media tools
  35. 35. No one can control what is said about you. As consumers have a voice and a means to make themselves heard, it is up to you be out there to listen, track and respond
  36. 36. It is now about being open, honest and transparent. You can no longer control</li></ul>Be Part of the Conversation<br /><ul><li>Identify the right resources in your organization who are responsible for driving interaction, input and community for your organization
  37. 37. Assess the social media tools in terms of your goals and be present where it makes sense to be part of the conversation</li></ul> Everybody Matters<br /><ul><li>Everybody is an influencer today</li></li></ul><li>Some Final Thoughts<br />Reach Out to the Community<br /><ul><li>Identify and reach out to bloggers, video creators, podcasters. They are constantly seeking content
  38. 38. Build relationships by engaging with the people who are talking about your organization and issues in your field</li></ul>Be Ready for Everything and Anything<br /><ul><li>The “build it they will come” mentality only works in the movies
  39. 39. Don’t assume that by creating a social media presence, everyone will participate. There are many abandoned online communities out there so make sure you put together a plan for each tool you plan to use</li></ul>It’s About Two way Communication / Being a Part of a Conversation<br /><ul><li>Listen. Social media about people's relationships with you
  40. 40. Get involved. Social media is about conversation and building relationships. It takes investment and effort. Don't just talk about your organization. Ask questions, engage people and share information through links
  41. 41. Focus on the long term. It takes time to get results and build relationships. It's about trust and connecting with others</li></li></ul><li>If you want to know what technology will change the world, watch young mothers and don&apos;t watch teenage boys - young mothers have no time for any technology that isn&apos;t useful and doesn&apos;t work.<br />Clay Shirky, 2005<br />Dan Thornton, Bauer…http://thewayoftheweb.net/<br />Pic by skeddy in NYC on Flickr (CC Licence) <br />

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