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AXIAL VINOS is a Spanish wine export company working around the world, and has succeeded in being the Spanish company in positioning the most single branded wines the United States market. AXIAL VINOS has at its disposal an offer of wines coming from the internationally renowned Spanish Denominations of Origin. The experience of Louis Geirnaerdt & Eugenie van Ekeris leading AXIAL has allowed the company to be positioned on the world market as relevant member.

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  2. 2. AXIAL VINOS is a creative Spanish wine company that develops wines and wineries in a range of leading Spanish wine regions. We export wine from Spain to distributors and retailers across the world. Led by Louis Geirnaerdt and Eugenie van Ekeris, we count on an enthusiastic, flexible and reliable team. With a 100% customer-oriented attitude, we deliver on our promises and we are always ready to meet the needs of a changing marketplace.AXIALVINOS | Louis Geirnaerdt & Eugenie van Ekeris
  3. 3. GROWING TOGETHER SINCE 1999 The Foundation of Axial Vinos Creation of our webpage www.axialvinos.com Initiation of distribution in Spain, Asia, and expansion into Europe Axial Vinos offices move to Zaragoza Expansion of distribution into greater Europe, Canada and South America Joint venture in the United States Opening of new headquarters in Zaragoza Improvement of stock management by applying a Just-In-Time system The foundation of Axial Wines USA in New Jersey The first portfolio wine tasting with Robert Parker Opening off our storage depot at Pla-Za Zaragoza Development of our concept Axial Directo Integration of our central offices and our storage depot into one location Axial Vinos in Facebook,Twitter and Youtube Foundation of Grupo Axial Vinos Spain in Zaragoza Initiation of distribution in Africa Axial Wines USA is now distributing to 45 states in the USA Major shareholder in Bodega Pagos del Moncayo DO Campo de Borja Creation of our brand WebPages and brand Facebooks Creation of online webshop axialvinos: shop.axialvinos.com Majority shareholder in Bodegas de la Casa de Lúculo DO Navarra ECO-PROWINE PROJECT:AxialVinos and Pagos del Moncayo winery participate in this European Commission Eco-Innovation Project acting as a framework to reduce the environmental impacts caused by the EU wine-making 1999 2000 2001 2002 2004 2005 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012 2013 2015
  4. 4. 17 years proven experience working with key accounts 25+ countries 12 wineries 2 wineries in property distributors & retailers Spanish DOs11 16 brands commercialized 400.000+ wine cases distributed all around the world yearly 5604 hours exclusively dedicated to support our brands 2.000.000 Internet Users Potential scope of 15+ years together 5000+ sales hot-spots worldwide 250+
  5. 5. AGILITY AUTHENTICITY CULTURE We offer a complete service bringing wine from the vineyards directly to the shelf. Our logistics model is based on speed, information and technology. The objective: that every point of sale has the wine it requires in the most efficient manner possible. We are specialised in building creative wine concepts intended to offer the best of Spain always responding to the consumer’s wishes, thanks to our team and through our honest long-lasting relationships with our partners. Our team is our greatest asset, working as a family, being humble, passionate and determined. We are all committed to the community and environment in which we do business, and that’s why we give our support to key cultural and environmentally friendly initiatives.
  6. 6. CORPORATE SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY Axial Vinos integrates sustainability as a fundamental business pillar toward the principles of LONG-LASTING & TRUSTFUL relationships with our suppliers, TRANSPARENT information, SUSTAINABLE products & services, SHARING culture and MINDFUL sponsorship. LEADING THE WAY TO SPANISH WINE CREATIVITY ACROSS HUMAN CAPITAL & PRODUCT SUSTAINABILITY ECO-PROWINE Pagos del Moncayo winery participates in this European Commission Eco-Innovation Project acting as a framework to reduce the environmental impacts caused by the EU wine-making. PRODUCT LIFE CYCLE Deep analysis of our products life cycle with the aim of reducing their environmental impact. KNOW-HOW Axial Vinos shares its sustainability know-how with other 260 local companies from 5 different industries. PLANET PROJECTS IN-RESIDENCE Axial Vinos supports the professional activity of ‘Novak Audiovisuales’ by providing them with a free working space and promotional support. W-TALENT Axial Vinos collaborates with leading Spanish Universities and International Business Schools training young professional within the Spanish Wine Industry. SPONSORSHIP Axial Vinos collaborates with Food Bank, Ozanam, School-club of Rhythmic Gymnastics and Al Ayre Español. PEOPLE PROJECTS
  7. 7. AXIAL VINOS SPANISH WINE REGIONS BARCELONA ZARAGOZA MADRID SEVILLA D.O. CAMPO DE BORJAD.O. NAVARRAD.O.Ca RIOJA D.O. BIERZO D.O. RIBERA DEL DUERO D.O. TORO D.O. RUEDA VINOS DE LA TIERRA CASTILLA Y LEÓN D.O. CAVA D.O. SOMONTANO D.O. CALATAYUD D.O.P. CARIÑENA AXIAL VINOS owns a major part in two wineries in two of Spain's premium Denominations: Bodega Pagos del Moncayo in Campo de Borja and Bodegas La Casa de Lúculo in Navarra.
  8. 8. In AXIAL VINOS we work with a select variety of the most renowned Spanish denominations of origin, in collaboration with their best wineries, which constitute an essential part of our value chain. Most wineries are certified by the latest quality certifications. OUR VALUE CHAIN D.O. SOMONTANO Bodega Otto Bestué D.O. CALATAYUD Bodega Virgen de la Sierra D.O.P. CARIÑENA Bodega San Nicolás de Tolentino D.O. NAVARRA Bodega La Casa de Lúculo D.O.Ca. RIOJA Bodegas Vallobera
  9. 9. D.O. RIBERA DEL DUERO Bodega Finca El Carpio D.O. RUEDA Bodega Avelino Vegas D.O. BIERZO Bodega Vinos de Arganza D.O. CAMPO DE BORJA Bodega Pagos del Moncayo D.O. CAVA Bodega Parxet
  10. 10. Throughout our distributors and our retailers we have a remarkable presence in Europe, Canada and the United States. · Multiple retailers · Specialized shops · Distributors / Wholesalers OUR DISTRIBUTION
  11. 11. BRAND DEVELOPMENT AXIALVINOS is born of a total customer focus based in the origin, creation and the development of commercial Brands. Each one has a differentiated and specific offer in order to match each type of customer. Attendance to international Trade Fairs. Repeatedly awarded wines in contests and specialized trade magazine tastings. Promotional activities including advertisement in specialized magazines and online media brand support. Axial Vinos Brands Brands developed and created by AXIAL VINOS: · La Granja 360 · Penelope Sanchez · La Mano · Divina Lágrima · Marques de Montañana · Marques de Almonacid · Abrazo · Esperanza · Zumaya · Toriles · 7 Castillos Axial Vinos Selection A selection of outstanding winery brands: · Jardín de Lúculo · PdM Moncayo · Bestué · Vallobera · Javier San Pedro Rández · Cruz de Piedra · Albada
  12. 12. MARQUÉS DE MONTAÑANA. The wine come from very old bush vines which guarantee pure quality grapes. Most of the vines of this winery are over 50 years old and many of them are up to 100 years old, thanks to the enormous dedication of the grape growers, generation after generation. www.marquesdemontanana.com “Superb, one of the supermarket findings. Very nice slightly toasty Garnacha. Choco, sweet, red ripe fruit.” DE GROTE HAMERSMA 2014 SUCCESS STORIES | Marqués de Montañana
  13. 13. PENÉLOPE SÁNCHEZ. Launched in 2009 for Urban and sub-Urban women and men, who are very energetic and positive. Their impressions of Spain include wines, tapas, romance, modernity and architecture. When these people think of Spain adventure, journeys and mystery constantly come to mind.Tradition and authenticity are mixed with modernity and culture. www.penelopewine.com "It is an outstanding value that over-delivers in a very big way.” ROBERT PARKER’S - THE WINE ADVOCATE. "Smacking you in the face with a super-intoxicating nose that brings expensive Pinot Noir to mind, it introduces itself with oomph." WINETHROPOLOGY “Grade: outstanding." UNDER THE GRAPE TREE SUCCESS STORIES | Penélope Sánchez
  14. 14. LA GRANJA 360. The latest revolution in a range of wines is called LA GRANJA 360. The first wine was introduced in 2008 for young people interested in the latest trends. Its design, its quality and the support of the media satisfy the ideal environment for the most avant garde life styles. It is related to an innovative spirit and being prescribed in the social media, it is all reflected in the completely different design. www.lagranja360.com “A very pleasing everyday wine.” CHEAPWINEFINDER.COM “A definite bargain that I'll be buying again soon.” TRADER JOE'S WINE COMPENDIUM ““LaGranja 360 Tempranillo-Garnacha is the kind of wine that keeps you reaching for another sip, you might not have started out all that thirsty, but the LaGranja 360 keeps you coming back for more.” WINE TALK “These three unoaked offerings from La Granja in the DO of Cariñena deliver surprising value.” ROBERT PARKER’S - THE WINE ADVOCATE SUCCESS STORIES | La Granja 360
  15. 15. “Spanish wines continue to be red hot! Of great significance is the number of new importers heading off the beaten track and discovering wonderful wines that we would otherwise never see. Names that worth checking out… Axial Wines USA”. Robert Parker, The Wine Advocate, February 2007 “Axial Vinos is something of a “Talent Scout” and ambassador of Spanish Wine providing good quality with fair and surprisingly affordable prices”. Wein und Markt, Germany, September, 2013 "Thank YOU for representing great product and for the very professional way you conduct business. I constantly refer to you in my discussions with management as the best example of an import partner. Keep up the good work and here’s to a great year ahead". Mike Lawrence, Trader Joe’s (Retailer) June, 2013 “Eugenie & Louis, I wish all producers would share videos with us, keep up the good work!” Emilio Saez Van Eerd, Jumbo Supermarkten (Retailer) November, 2011 THIRD PARTY REFERENCES
  16. 16. AXIAL VINOS · C/ Castillo de Capua, 10 Nave 7 - 50197 Zaragoza (España) · Tel: +34 976 780 136 / Fax: +34 976 303 035 · Axial Vinos Toll Free CANADA-USA: +1800-6808-298 www.axialvinos.com