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Fairy Tale Experiences

Adopting techniques from behavioral sciences we are, as UX practitioners, becoming ever better at nudging users to perform the tasks we want them to perform. But when we remove all barriers and deliver the fairy-tale experience of requiring minimal brain capacity to move forward, we are in fact abandoning our promise of allowing users to make the best choice.

In this talk, where fairy-tale and reality intertwine, I will help you catch yourself and remember why you became passionate about UX in the first place.

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Fairy Tale Experiences

  1. 1. The invisible problem with FAIRY TALE experiences @axbom
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  16. 16. @axbom profit buyer uses reptilian brain
  17. 17. @axbom How was your What experience? experience?
  18. 18. @axbom The user and you.
  19. 19. @axbom The user and you. I promise to take good care of you. taking responsibility obligation · control promise · conscience pledge · care for
  20. 20. @axbom OFF ON AUTO-PILOT
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  22. 22. @axbom Ask a psychiatrist
  23. 23. @axbom Buying milk online 6 for 70kr
  24. 24. @axbom Honey!? 18 litres of Huh!? of milk?!
  25. 25. @axbom Making something easy does not create loyalty. Understanding people’s real story does. Patience does. Caring does.
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  37. 37. @axbom Consistent user experience is newspeak for SWITCH OFF THE BRAIN. #BreakingNews
  38. 38. @axbom Good friction gives guidance.
  39. 39. @axbom Good friction creates resilience.
  40. 40. @axbom Curling
  41. 41. @axbom Curling parents Treating children like curling stones, sweeping and smoothing their path, essentially creating zero friction. This makes it hard for the children to make balanced decisions and sets them up for disappointment and adversity.
  42. 42. @axbom Treating children like curling stones, sweeping and smoothing their path, essentially creating zero friction. This makes it hard for the children to make balanced decisions and sets them up for disappointment and adversity. Curling parentsdesigners users users
  43. 43. @axbom People need to feel accomplishment. It is liberating to clear obstacles. THAT is an experience. Game designers ADD obstacles.
  44. 44. @axbom Renting a room by the hour
  45. 45. @axbom You will find the password by reading the welcome information carefully. In this film you will find the password for logging in to the booking system, 5 small characters. Your username is in the confirmation e-mail. Code of conduct explained whilst giving out one letter of the password every thirty seconds.
  46. 46. @axbom https://hbr.org/2016/03/kevin-spacey triggerstreet.com “Dana made it hard for people to join, but that was great, because our members were loyal, active and serious.” Kevin Spacey about creating triggerstreet.com, a community for script writers.
  47. 47. @axbom You don’t want to catch everyone. CATCHING EVERYTHING is not an example of good design. You need insights about who you want to reach.
  48. 48. @axbom You must decide where your loyalty lies. user business goal
  49. 49. @axbom Do not hide things that help your users make conscious, deliberate choices in your product or service.
  50. 50. @axbom I’m looking for this… You can think like this… We work like this… Thanks! I get it… Ok, I’ll do this… You decide if you move on…
  51. 51. @axbom Goal
  52. 52. @axbom That was a good workout!
  53. 53. @axbom Only then can we live happily ever after.
  54. 54. @axbom @axbom “Of course you aren't scared of me. I'm not the wolf. You are.” axbom.com/fairytale – The Bad Ones, Stylo Fantome