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Get Involved In The Trailblazer Community

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Get Involved In The Trailblazer Community

  1. 1. Get Involved in the Trailblazer Community Let’s talk about how we can succeed together @Amandabn1 Amanda Beard-Neilson @cejhoney Claire Jones
  2. 2. “Salesforce’s community is our foundation. It is bigger than us - it is our driving force.” Bret Taylor President, Chief Product Officer Salesforce Trailblazers are the Heart of Salesforce
  3. 3. Salesforce’s Values Guide Our Community Trust A place to communicate openly Customer Success Help each other succeed Innovation Shape the product roadmap Equality Everyone is welcome Rebe de la Paz Chicago, IL Shonnah Hughes Minneapolis, MN Jen Lee Boston, MA
  4. 4. Welcome to the Trailblazer Community Let’s succeed together LEARN Get help, answers, and inspiration from your peers and Community Leaders. CONNECT Meet Trailblazers like you and discover opportunities from mentorship to employment. HAVE FUN Enjoy a warm, welcoming culture and make friends from around the world. GIVE BACK Inspire and mentor the next generation while building your skills and reputation.
  5. 5. Welcome to the Trailblazer Community Learn Answers Chatter Groups Salesforce MVPs Connect Community Groups Community Conferences Student Programs Give Back Mentorship BAM Have Fun Salesforce Ohana E Komo Mai trailblazer.salesforce.com Let’s succeed together Louise Lockie Salesforce MVP Women in Tech Leader
  6. 6. Asked and answered per month 100% response rate month over month Dynamic Leader Board 98% peer driven responses 4,000+ questions Trailblazer Community Answers trailblazer.salesforce.com/answers
  7. 7. 1,000+ Active Groups Join or start discussions with peers and Salesforce employees Diverse Topics From getting started, to writing complex code, to connecting at Salesforce events Customer Success Groups 20+ Salesforce-led groups to provide support and drive adoption trailblazer.salesforce.com/featuredgroups Trailblazer Community Chatter Groups Gemma Emmett Salesforce MVP Founder, Ladies Be Architects
  8. 8. Community Nominated Annual community-led nominations and renewals based on recent contributions Exceptional Contributors Share product expertise, unite the community, and inspire all to reach for the stars Innovation Influencers Voice of the community on a range of topics - from roadmap to support and messaging 200+ exceptional leaders help the entire community blaze trails Salesforce MVPs trailblazer.salesforce.com/mvp
  9. 9. Connect with 21 UK Salesforce MVPs (and more) trailblazer.salesforce.com/mvp
  10. 10. Trailblazer Community Groups 900+Community Groups 1,500+Community Group Leaders 250+Meetings per month Meet peers, learn Salesforce together, build your network, and find mentors 80+Countries Zac Otero Salesforce AdminTrailblazerCommunityGroups.com
  11. 11. Connect with our Awesome London Groups TrailblazerCommunityGroups.com/london/ 8 Groups to Explore - Salesforce Admins - Salesforce Developers - B2B Marketers - B2C Marketers - Government - Nonprofit - Women in Tech - Higher Education Regular Meetings Peer-peer learning Incredible networking
  12. 12. All About Our Admin Group Mission ● Share knowledge and experiences ● Learn together ● Build new relationships ● Have FUN! Membership Salesforce Admins & their allies Meetings One evening a month in central London
  13. 13. Trailblazer Community Conferences Eric Dreshfield Salesforce MVP 30+ 1-2 day conferences built by and for the community with thought leadership, peer-peer learning and awesome networking Big Sky Dreamin' CactusForce Florida Dreamin' ForceAcademyLA Forcelandia Midwest Dreamin' NorCal Dreamin' Northeast Dreamin' Phillyforce SkiForce Snowforce Southeast Dreamin' Texas Dreamin' True North Dreamin' WITness Success Punta Dreamin’ Czech Dreamin' dreamOle French Touch Dreamin' InspireEast London's Calling Morocco Dreamin’ SkiForce YeurDreamin' Japan Dreamin' Philippines Dreamin' DownUnder Dreaming Brisbane DownUnder Dreaming Melbourne DownUnder Dreaming Sydney trailhead.salesforce.com/community/conferences
  14. 14. 4 October 2019 | The Møller Centre | Cambridge, UK InspireEast.co.uk Join the Trailblazer Community for a day of awesome keynotes, peer-peer learning sessions, and fun networking.

Notas do Editor

  • Gratitude runs deep in this community because it’s all about helping each other succeed
    And so many amazing successes have started in settings like this
    So thanks for taking the time to join us today!
  • We’re lucky that Salesforce puts customers (which they call Trailblazers) at the center of everything
    And even their top executives recognize the Trailblazer Community as the driving force
    That’s why they’re so invested in our success and have fostered this thriving global community
  • A community that is grounded in Salesforce’s values
    Where we can communicate openly, help each other be better at work and in life
    Influence how Salesforce innovates
    And build incredible relationships within a beautifully diverse global community where everyone is welcome
  • You’ll often hear people say they doubted the magic of this community could be true when they first started
    But as they get more engaged it becomes a lifestyle
    Because of this amazing combination of learning, connecting, having tons of fun and giving back together
  • Everyone is welcome and there’s a community adventure for every type
    From 24X7 answers and chatter group collaboration to an amazing bunch of Ohana fun on Twitter
    And of course giving back
  • Many community members get started by simply finding help in the Answers forum
    When you get stuck, search the forum to see if your question has already been answered
    If not, ask and you’ll get a super quick response, likely from community leaders like the ones you see here on this leaderboard
  • There are also 1000s of Chatter groups about a ton of topics
    Anybody can start a group and make it public or private; and the collaboration is amazing
    This is Gemma Emmett - she’s passionate about building confidence for all aspiring Salesforce architects through Ladies Be Architects, the movement she founded whilst on her own Journey to Certified Technical Architect.

    And Salesforce runs 20+ Customer Success Chatter Groups too
    These are awesome resources for getting started, release readiness, and core products, and a great place to engage directly with the Customer Success team, product managers and of course peers
  • Salesforce MVPs are nominated by the community for their incredible above-and-beyond contributions
    Everyone should follow and connect with these awesome people -- they’ll help you learn so much and make amazing connections
    Salesforce really invests in helping them be great for our sake, and they’re
    also the voice of the community to executives and product leaders
  • We’re lucky to have X Community Groups here in <City/Area>
  • We have 900+ Community Groups around the world
    To help Trailblazers meet peers, learn together and build amazing networks
    They’re led by people like ME
    We volunteer our time to organize these groups because we love to see people succeed ←-THIS should be authentically YOU - think about it and make it yours :)
    And the amazing stories of people’s lives changing abound...one great one is Zac Otero - he was working in a rapidly declining manufacturing role, googled tech jobs and decided to learn Salesforce...he spent months learning on his own, but it was when he walked into his first Community Group Meeting that everything started to change. He’s the first to say hearing other people’s best practices and ideas is what made everything start to click. And he met his mentor there too...she then became his boss in his first admin role a few months later.
  • We’re lucky to have X Community Groups here in <City/Area>
  • Make the WHY and WIIFM (what’s in it for me) super clear here :)
    This is a great place to tell your own local Zac Otero story!!! You can even have someone join you for a couple minutes.
  • And because we just can’t get enough of the community group goodness, we have Community Conferences too!
    These are 1-2 day events planned and hosted with lots of love by Community Group Leaders
    It all started years ago when Eric Dreshfield was frustrated he couldn’t go to Dreamforce, so he decided to create his own - now known as MidWest Dreamin’
    They’re such awesome learning and networking experiences, lots of community members have even started to plan vacations around them
  • You don’t have to wait long or go too far to see this for yourself…
    Check out InspireEast - the next UK Community Conference