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Positive Self Improvement

  1. Positive Self Improvement The Key to Changing your Life
  2. What is Positive Self Improvement?  Positive Self Improvement is striving for a Better Life based on what is most important to you.  Positive Self Improvement is personal, this means working towards a positive goal that would give you and you alone personal satisfaction and make your life a triumph.
  3. Why Should you be Positive?  The physical world as we know it is always changing. You are either moving towards a goal or if you don’t have any goals you are not.  If you don’t have any goals, life around you is changing but you are not. Without goals you are probably stagnant and living a mediocre life.  Having Positive Goals creates a positive, productive life. It gives you a sense of purpose.
  4. Maintaining a Positive Attitude.  It’s depressing, but the world around us is negative. We are bombarded by negativity and we are most certainly influenced by others.  The individual who can recognize that people around them are negative has a major advantage.  This individual if he can take hold of his own mind and maintain a positive attitude can achieve whatever he wants in life.
  5. Law of Attraction  Science now confirms that the Law of Attraction is probably real. It is in the simple belief that “like attracts like”.  If you believe positive thoughts, you will get positive results. If you believe negative results you will get negative results. There is tremendous power in what you believe.
  6. You Become What You Think About.  What you think about continuously effects your reality. This is your belief system that you have about yourself.  You will make choices in life based upon what you think or how you feel about yourself. If you think you can do something or if you can’t do something you are right.  This is your truth about yourself.
  7. Why You are Where You are Today?  We’ve been programmed to be like our parents, relatives and teachers. Who were taught to be like their parents, relatives, and teachers. We learned from them how to be, act and think. We conformed to be accepted and loved.  Where you are today is probably not your fault.  We were never taught about the Law of Attraction and why you should strive for positive self improvement.
  8. Love and Fear  There are basically two emotions that rule the universe, Love and fear. You are always acting on either one. Obviously Love is positive and fear is negative.  Whether you know it or not, given any circumstance in life, you will either react out of love or fear based on what you believe about yourself or the circumstance.
  9. Responsibility  People can only teach you what they are. Based on this knowledge you cannot blame your parents, relatives or teachers for the negativity they have taught you. Realize these truths. Forgive them; they only know what they know.  Take responsibility for your life! You are here now! The past is dead! Give yourself all the credit you deserve. True power is in the knowing that you can change.
  10. You are the Most Important Person You live with yourself everyday from birth to death. You carry yourself everywhere you go. Yes, you can love others, but the reality is there is no one else more important in your life.  Your Experience of your World is yours and yours alone. No one can think as you do, or feel as you do.  Ultimately, wherever you go you are always there with yourself. This means to you, you are the most important person.
  11. Making a Shift for a Better Life  Making a shift for a better life might not be easy to do based on your previous learning and the influence of people in your life. At the same time, you have taught others how you want them to treat you.  Once you realize the truth that you can control the circumstances in your life. Changing your attitude and living with responsibility on a daily basis makes a shift for a better life easy
  12. Developing a Purpose for your Life.  Having a purpose gives life meaning. It fuels your desires and gives you enthusiasm for living. You look forward for your start to the day. This is personal and defined according to what is important to you and you alone.  Once your life purpose is defined, opportunities open up. Life becomes more and more filled with possibilities.
  13. Goals  The problem with most people is that we’ve never taken the time to set goals. We are not taught the importance of setting goals. Parents, teachers and relatives are not taught to set goals. They can only teach us what they know.  It’s a proven fact, people that set goals usually achieve them. They give you a direction, a course of action. Study after study, have proven that the human mind strives for a goal once it is thought of continuously.
  14. Why it is Important to have Goals  Wandering around without direction leads to depression. Living a Life without goals gives you a sense of a meaningless life. It’s not important what others think of you. It’s most important what you think about yourself.  Everything, in your life is about how you feel about yourself and your life. If you have a purpose and set goals to achieve that purpose, you lead a meaningful life. You feel happy and fulfilled.
  15. Writing it Down, the Details.  Setting goals, takes time and effort. You have to put some thought into setting goals. We take the time to plan vacations, parties, and other important events in our lives. But never feel it is important to think about our goals for life.  Writing down your goals is the first step to their achievement. Adding details creates a sense of possibilities. Your vision becomes clearer and clearer when you add the details. It is no longer a wish or a distant dream.
  16. The Importance of Defining your Goals.  Thoughts are fleeting, writing down your goals creates a foundation to build upon. Details about your goals, gives your foundation strength. If you can see the details of your goal it becomes attainable.  Defining your goals gives you a sense of possibility. The more detail you add will create more enthusiasm.  This will motivate you to take action for their
  17. Reflect of your Goals Everyday.  Once you set your goals they must be nurtured. Like seeds that you plant, they need monitoring and watering. If you can think about your goals in the morning when you wake, you start the day with enthusiasm.  Goals need to be thought about and reflected upon everyday. The more focus and attention you put on your goals will bring them closer to there attainment.
  18. Taking Action Steps Towards your Goals  You will have to do some work to obtain your goals in life. Sitting around thinking about your goals is not enough.  We live in a physical world. To see tangible results you must do something to move you to your goals. Action steps produce results, either positive or negative.  Ultimately, taking action will get you the results you want. Even hard work becomes enjoyable.
  19. Belief and Faith  Faith is defined as a belief in something that you can not see, something intangible.  You have to have faith that you will eventually achieve your goals. Giving up on your dreams and goals is the only way to fail at achieving them.  Many have given up right before they would have become successful.
  20. Habits  We are all creatures of habit. We all have our comfort zones, daily habits that have become routine. We do these without much thought. We do these on auto-pilot.  These habits can either be good habits, or bad habits. Obviously, good habits will produce good results and bad habits will lead to bad results.  We all have bad habits that we would like to get rid of.
  21. Habits – Creating Good Habits  Recognize the bad habit and its benefit to you. There is a reason you do this. For example, some bad habits such as overeating, drinking, and smoking are all done because of some other underlying problem.  Take responsibility and address the problem and it’s affect on you. Owning the problem is true maturity. Take steps towards becoming the person you want to be, by replacing the bad habit with a good habit.  The only way to get rid of bad habits is to replace them with good habits.
  22. Taking Small Steps towards Success  Making a commitment and an all out effort to change can be good. But in reality making small changes over time will bring long term success.  For example, most diet plans do not work because they are short term quick fixes. Cold turkey stop smoking does not work because these types of actions do not address most people’s problems.  Small daily actions towards a specific goal if done consistently will produce greater results. Creating good habits, will produce long term lifestyle changes.
  23. Patience  We’ll all heard the saying “Patience is a virtue”. You must be patient to achieve your personal goals . It took you a lifetime to be where you are today.  We live in a world of immediate gratification. True overnight success is very rare. Most successes take years to accomplish with a lot of hard work.  Don’t be so hard on yourself. Make small permanent changes, It will take some time to achieve what you want, but know if you stay on course you will accomplish what you want for yourself.
  24. Roadblocks Along the Way.  Recognize that you will face adversity along the way to accomplishing your goals. Some roadblocks are necessary for your own learning. Some are there to place you on the correct course.  We all know Thomas Edison had 10,000 failures before he created the light bulb. He said he knew 10,000 ways how not to create a light bulb.  Take these failures in stride. Never Quit! The key is to keep striving and keep taking the steps towards your goal.
  25. Letting the Universe Work for You.  One of the keys is not to get in your own way and let the forces of the universe work in your favor. Demonstrating a burning desire and having faith in your goals opens doors and creates opportunities not available previously.  Be grateful for what you have now and also for the attainment of your goals. This is a state of being which brings you more of what you are. What you are is what you will have. Let the universe work it’s magic on you. Allow yourself to be its beneficiary.
  26. Enjoying the Journey  Life is a journey of discovery and pleasure. The hardships along the way are necessary for our learning and growing. They mold us into the persons we need to become in order for us to have what we want. Enjoy the process of becoming that person. It will strengthen you.  Knowing that your personal success is achievable and will be accomplished should make everyday a joy. The journey there is as important as the achievement of any goal.
  27. Living in the Present  Most of us keep replaying our past. These thoughts keep us in the past. Thinking about what may or may not happen in the future is worry.  Being aware of our thoughts, living in the present helps us to change. If we can become aware of our negative thoughts, we can replace them with positive thoughts. which will create our positive feelings and good habits  Being in the present is the only life you have and where life is created. The only thing that really matters is what you are doing and thinking at this moment.
  28. Living your Truth. No Regrets  Early on in life we are taught to be dependent. Many people even into adulthood live by other people rules and direction. They have never made the decision to live there own truth, there own lives.  It takes courage to chart your own course. Living your truth means being honest with yourself and taking responsibility for your own life. There are no regrets later on in life when you can honestly say you lived your life the way you wanted.
  29. Sharing and Serving Others  Being genuine, helping and sharing with others empowers us as human beings. The only way to reach this level is to truly have the other person’s best interests at heart.  The person who focuses entirely on other persons needs, will always have his own needs fulfilled. You can only become prosperous by serving others.  Treat people as you wish to be treated and you will be rewarded.
  30. Giving it all away. Being Selfless.  We are taught wrongly early on in life that the goal is to accumulate. Winning is all about the bigger houses, bigger cars. What hogwash. . .  In a life where you enter without possessions and leave without possessions, it’s all about the giving, not the getting. It’s about being selfless. . .  Once you’ve reached a level where you can give of yourself without fear. You are a real success!
  31. The Ultimate Goal, Being Happy!  We all want to be happy, that’s the ultimate goal. This can only be achieved by each individual’s concept of what happiness is to them.  Everyone is different and we are all unique. Some people are happy washing the dishes. Some people want to own the restaurant.  Take the time to know yourself. Happiness means living on your own terms and being honest with yourself. Live your life on purpose, Be Happy!