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Fashion Design Careers - Avantika University

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Want to know Fashion Design careers? Fashion Consultant, Fashion Merchandiser, Fashion Stylist are some of the popular career options for aspirant Fashion Designer. Pursue your fashion degree from reputed Avantika Universityu2019s Design College. Avantika University' Design College is the MIT Institue of Design in Ujjain, MP and is the part of reputed MIT Pune.

To know more details,visit us at: http://avantikauniversity.edu.in/design-colleges/fashion-design-careers.php

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Fashion Design Careers - Avantika University

  1. 1. Fashion Design Careers Design College In India | Avantika University
  2. 2. Gone are those days when the conventional fields like engineering & medical were only considered by students to have a secured career and a job. In this era, a plethora of career opportunities in diverse fields are available and fashion designing is one of them. If you are the one with the flair of creativity and you like to experiment with different fashion, then this field is definitely meant for you to showcase your talent. Career in The Field of fashion Design
  3. 3. What is Fashion Design Fashion design is something where art comes to life. This deals with the designing of the apparels and accessories. It is an art which absorbs the ideas from different cultures of the world and blends them into a high-on-fashion apparel/accessory. Fashion designing has evolved a lot since ages and always received applause from the audience.
  4. 4. Course in Fashion Designing Fashion designing is one of the most sought after, tempting, alluring and inspiring career options in the present world. If you are good in conceptualization and you yearn to create unique styles, then a career in fashion designing awaits you. This field not only assures fame, success, popularity and glam, but it also provides happiness to the people.
  5. 5. However, it is also an onerous career, as fashion designers need to see beyond the normal vision. You need to put your creativity at the best use and play with colors, tones, shapes, designs, etc to create a masterpiece. Hence, if you have this magic within you, then this is the course for you to explore and conquer.
  6. 6. Opportunities in Fashion Design There are arrays of fashion design careers opportunities that you can explore after a degree in fashion designing:
  7. 7. Fashion Designer The world moves very fast and so do people. They demand something new in everything be it clothes and accessories. This is where fashion designers come to the rescue. Designing apparel and accessories with exceptional ideas satisfies the people. If you are someone with the penchant of creating something new and eccentric to catch the attention of people, then you will undoubtedly earn a handsome amount and consequently leave a good impression
  8. 8. Fashion Illustrator A fashion Illustrator is a significant role in the fashion industry. A fashion illustrator acts as a link between the imagination of the designer and the final product, as he/she is the one who prepares the primary sketches of designer’s ideas and imagination
  9. 9. Fashion Stylist The fashion stylist is the one who works to ensure that the fashion show is a success and the models look the best in every aspect. They have to work on makeup, hairstyle, dress, footwear, accessories and other minute details. They are the one who carries the responsibility for making a celebrity or fashion show look full of glam and charm.
  10. 10. Fashion Coordinator A fashion coordinator is responsible for advertising the products in the industry, organizing the fashion shows, taking full care of the marketing policies and execution of best strategies.
  11. 11. Fashion Consultant A fashion consultant is a person who offers suggestions to brands and celebrities regarding fashion. He/she needs to be conscious of ongoing fashion trends. They should have a keen observation skill to assess the changes seen in the fashion world and should frequently provide with the schemes and proposals for the improvement and betterment of fashion products.
  12. 12. Fashion Merchandiser A fashion merchandiser has the sole responsibility of marketing the products. Studying past and latest trends in fashion and sales data is their key responsibility. He/she carry out a survey, gathers details from buyers and synchronize with the designers/production team for the evolution of fashion product.
  13. 13. If you want to enter the field of fashion designing then Avantika University is the best choice. Our design college is one of the best design colleges in India. So, apply for admission right away and enhance your employability!
  14. 14. • Kindly verify eligibility criteria before proceeding. • Please visit www.nata.in and www.coa.gov.in for details on the test - syllabus, question pattern, examination centres with proposed dates.
  15. 15. Conclusion Avantika University is the MIT institute of Design in Ujjain, MP. It follows a unique learning approach where the students are encouraged to think out of the box. Avantika University is the part of reputed MIT Pune.
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