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Dns hosting

  1. Cheap domains and website hosting for Australians DNS Hosting
  2. What is DNS? Root DNS Server Top Level DNS Server Local DNS Server Authoritative DNS Server
  3. What is DNS? • DNS stands for Domain Name System • DNS is a hierarchical naming system for domain services, or any resource connected with internet or private network. • The DNS translates Internet domain and host names to IP addresses.
  4. What is DNS? It converts the names we type in address bar to the IP addresses of hosted Web server. It is distributing the responsibility of assigning domain names and mapping those names with IP addresses.
  5. Why use Domain Names? .org .biz .info .de .net .com Domains
  6. Why use Domain Names? • Adds a level of trust and integrity to your site • Protects your Internet advertising investment from failure of your Internet Service Provider • Makes it easy for your customers to remember your address
  7. Why use Domain Names? • Protects your Internet advertising investment from failure of your Internet Service Provider • It is easy to remember domain name than IP address
  8. Client Server DNS Hosting
  9. DNS Hosting • DNS hosting is a service that runs Domain Name System servers • All domain name registrars do not include DNS hosting service with registration. • Many third-party DNS hosting services provide Dynamic DNS.
  10. DNS Hosting • DNS can also be self-hosted when DNS software runs on generic Internet hosting services. • Super Domains DNS Hosting allows you to use your domain name for more without needing to purchase full website hosting.
  11. Our DNS Hosting services • Domain Forwarding Forward your domain to a website you already own with advanced options for domain mirroring, cloaking, meta tags and unlimited sub-domains. Great for brand recognition and SEO purposes. • Email Forwarding Redirect unlimited email addresses to different email accounts. Receive your email in one or multiple location(s). Redirect secondary domain name emails to your primary with no email hosting costs.
  12. Our DNS Hosting services • IP Forwarding Redirect your domain name to a fixed IP address. Do you have your own company email server such as Microsoft Exchange. Forward your mail directly to your office.
  13. Why Super Domains? • We understand that you want your domain registered and your website launched—fast! • Super Domains boasts of high availability hosting, which promises 99.99 percent uptimes. • We also provide more chances of success when you want to transfer or renew your domain name. • Even though the affordability of our domain name renewal and registration service, you can be assured of getting nothing less than excellent service.
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