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Necos keynote ii_mobislice

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The international keynote speech of Prof. Augusto Neto at the II MOBISLICE workshop, co-located in the IEEE MFV/SDN 2019: “NECOS Project: Vision Towards Deeper Cloud Network Slicing”.

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Necos keynote ii_mobislice

  1. 1. NECOS Project: Vision Towards Deeper Cloud Network Slicing http://www.h2020-necos.eu II MOBISLICE Workshop 12th November, Dallas, Texas, U.S.A. 1 Prof. Augusto Neto DIMAP/PPgSC - UFRN augusto@dimap.ufrn.br
  2. 2. 3 Connectivity for Everything Abundant Bandwidth everywhere Critical Communication Services Extreme and Stringent QoS / SLA Secured/ Trusted Network Services Industrial Internet Services New Media / Hologram as a Services New Telco Cloud as a Service Evolution `Tactile Network Services 2030 and Beyond Network Services
  3. 3. Networking Context & Trends 6 L1-L5SpecializedHardware L5-L7ClosedH/W withembeddedS/W L2 - L7 Software: Components and platforms on General purpose Hardware L1 Hardware Softwarization + Cloudification
  4. 4. 7 Academia ONF 3GPP MEF ETSI IETF What is a Slice? And what is Deeper Slicing?
  5. 5. Novel Enablers for Cloud Slicing NECOS 10
  6. 6. NECOS View on Cloud-Network Slicing 11 5G PPP Architecture Working Group View on 5G Architecture (Version 2.0) From network slicing to cloud network slicing LSDC a novel cloud network approach for Edge and Core that extends the virtualization to all the resources in the involved networks and data centers, providing a uniform management with advanced levels of orchestration.
  7. 7. NECOS Approach: Lightweight Slice Defined Cloud (LSDC) • LSDC usage in – abstracting, isolating, orchestrating and separating logical behaviors from the underlying physical network& cloud resources – creation of logically or physically isolated groups of network & service resources and (virtual) network functions configurations – helping adoption and integration of cloud computing in their large networks – supporting edge devices with low computation and storage capacity • LSDC cloud network - Differentiated Factors – The Slice as a Service –- a new deployment model. Grouping of resources managed as a whole, and that can accommodate service components, independent of other slices. – Embedded methods for an optimal allocation of resources to slices in the cloud and networking infrastructure, to respond to the dynamic changes of the various service demands. – A Management and Orchestration approach making use of methods and artificial intelligence techniques in order to tackle with the complexity of large-scale virtualized infrastructure environments – Making reality of the lightweight principle, in terms of small footprint components deployable on large number of small network and cloud devices at the edges of the network 12
  8. 8. Deeper Cloud-Network Slicing 13 Project addresses the limitations of current cloud computing infrastructures to respond to the demand of new services
  9. 9. Types of slices and control responsibilities 14
  10. 10. Resource Marketplace Tenant’s Domain Slice Activator Slice Domain Orchestrator Domain Mgm Domain Orchestrator Domain Mgm NECOS(LSDC) SliceProvider Net Central DC DCSlice Controller SliceAgent VIM 2 Mo n Mo n WIMVIM 1 Mo n WANSlice Controller SliceAgent VIM / WIM specific Control Interface Slice Marketplace Interface Slicing Orchestrator Slice Builder Infr. & Mon. Abstraction Slice Broker Domain Orchestrator DCSlice Controller SliceAgent Domain Mgm Edge DC Resource & VM Mgmt Resource & VM Monitoring Adapters Slice Resource Orchestrator Slices Database Slice Spec. Processor Slice Description Resource Domains Service Orchestrator Slice Request Interface Client to Cloud Interface Service Orchestrator Adaptor Slice Runtime Interface VIM / WIM specific Monitoring Interface Service Level Monitoring CloudtoCloudInterface Slice Instantiation Interface NECOS Modular Architecture and Interfaces 16
  11. 11. E2E Cloud-Network Slice Instances: NECOS Key Features ● YAML template driven slicing lifecycle control at running time: Creation, decommission and updating ● Slice as a service implementation ● Lightweight E2E Multidomain Cloud-Network Slicing Orchestration ● Marketplace ● Cloud and Network slicing multidomain auto-scaling (vertical and horizontal) ● Heterogeneous VIM/WIM on-demand deployment ● Elastic IMA (dynamic adaptors deployment through microservices) 17
  12. 12. NECOS Information Model 18 Revisited specification of an information model that takes into account the views of the different stakeholders. Used for designing Client-to-Cloud and Cloud-to-Cloud APIs NECOS Slice Specification ModelNECOS Information Model
  13. 13. Slice / Features Selection/ Elasticity workflow snapshots 20 slice elasticity slice creation slice decommission
  14. 14. Project Assessments • Multi-Access Edge Computing (MEC) & Telco Cloud Usecases • 5 Demos with Open solutions released – Multi-Slice/Tenant/Service (MUSTS): https://gitlab.com/necos/demos/MUSTS – Marketplace (MARK): https://gitlab.com/necos/demos/MARK. – Experiments with Large-scale Lightweight Service Slices (ELSA): https://gitlab.com/necos/demos/ELSA – Machine-learning based orchestration of slices (MLO): https://gitlab.com/necos/demos/MLO – Wireless Slicing Services (WISE): https://gitlab.com/necos/demos/WISE 21
  15. 15. Wireless Slicing Services (WISE) Demo 22 Cloud-Slice Deployment Net-Slice Deployment
  16. 16. 90 secs Video 23
  17. 17. Concluding Remarks • Full partners technical cooperation • 5 Demos with Open solutions released • NECOS Key Value Proposition: – Slice as a Service – From Concept to Realization in the context of Cloud Networks – Lightweight Slice Defined Cloud (LSDC) architecture and interfaces, – Unique ntegration of computing clouds with connectivity fabrics, Components design, MEC & Telco Cloud Ucs • Impact on SDOs (22) + Academic Publications (48) + Workshops (10) + Distinguished Expert Panels (8) + Keynotes (8) + Tutorials (4) + Presentations. 24
  18. 18. Q&A 26