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Clean Technology

The clean technology solutions are penetrating different areas and the research and studies are still continued to find out substitute energy resources that can be economical as well as eco-friendly.

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Clean Technology

  1. 1. .T.E., with a legacy of over 75 years, has Aevolved into a multifaceted engineering group, offering world-class products and solutions spanning several segments. Driven by a constant pursuit of excellence, and anchored by strong values and vision, A.T.E. is respected for its competence in all of its business areas. Global presence Based in India, A.T.E. has developed several cutting-edge technology products and solutions for the global market. One of A.T.E.'s business lines is precision components for textile spinning machinery. A.T.E. has also developed a number of innovative technologies for eco-friendly cooling, wastewater treatment and IoT based remote monitoring.A.T.E. also has several products for the print and packaging segment in its portfolio. A.T.E. has been successful in deploying its products in several parts of the world. This brochure gives an overview ofA.T.E.'s offerings for the global market.
  2. 2. Product portfolio Textile Engineering Precision spinning machinery components Cooling Unique, energy-efficient, and eco-friendly products for space and process cooling Wastewater Treatment Comprehensive range of wastewater treatment and recycling solutions for a wide range of industries Machine-to-Machine Solutions IoT based continuous remote monitoring for sustainable business practices Print and Packaging Equipment Equipment and accessories for gravure, flexographic, web offset, and sheet-fed offset printing machines Value Enhancing Systems Systems for enhancing quality, safety, productivity and saving energy Flow Technology Efficient pumping solutions for wide ranging applications
  3. 3. Complete spindles Spindle inserts Drafting systems and components T hese products are manufactured based on SKF technology at the state-of-the-art factory of TeraSpin (A.T.E. group) at Ahmedabad, India. TeraSpin's high speed spindles are known for their sturdy construction and energy efficiency. Over 10 million of our spindles are in service around the world. Our new spindle insert supports spindle speeds of upto 25,000 rpm. The PK1500 series top arm for speed frames and the PK2000 series top arms for ring frames are available for almost all makes of machines, for cotton as well as synthetic fibre and worsted spinning. Reputed manufacturers in Europe and Asia are our customers for TeraSpin drafting system on their latest generation machines – with the result that today millions of spindles around the world produce quality yarn with our drafting systems. Made-to-order drafting conversion and upgrade kits are also available to give a new lease of life to existing roving and ring frames. TeraSpin's newly developed Smart cradle (patent pending) for ring frame gives better yarn quality and longer working life of aprons. These products are available for OEMs as well as for replacement and for upgrading ring and roving frames by textile mills directly. They are used in all major textile and machinery producing countries like China, Germany, India, Indonesia, Japan, Spain,Turkey, and Vietnam. Precision spinning machinery components
  4. 4. Contributing to a lower carbon footprint with energy efficient spindles. www.teraspin.com
  5. 5. IDEC based comfort conditioning Pre-cooled fresh air Cooling with recovered energy T he indirect evaporative cooling products manufactured by HMX (A.T.E. group) have an innovative heat exchanger technology DAMA* (Dry Air Moist Air) at their core. (*US andAustralian patents received). HMX products minimise the use of refrigerants and energy intensive compressors to supply cool air, using different configurations to supply fresh, clean and cool air for different applications. The HMX products are broadly classified under the HMX-Ambiator family and the HMX-PCU family. HMX-Ambiator Family The HMX-Ambiator provides 100% fresh, clean, cool air to provide comfort, increased productivity and higher process efficiency with the help of the following independent configurations or combinations thereof:  IEC: Only Indirect Evaporative Cooling.  IDEC (two stage): Combination of Indirect and Direct Evaporative Cooling.  IDEC and cooling coil (three stage): Combination of Indirect and Direct Evaporative Cooling with cooling coil (DX or chilled water). These solutions provide comfortable conditions and improve indoor air quality inside factory sheds and office buildings. HMX has many installations covering the industrial and commercial segments and has a rapidly growing installation base – which has already exceeded 20 million CFM in India. HMX-Ambiator Unique, energy-efficient and eco-friendly products for space and process cooling Auto and Auto Ancillaries Pharmaceuticals Print & Packaging Engineering FMCG
  6. 6. Providing comfort to people and process in ways that are green and eco-friendly. HMX-PCU-F HMX-PCU-R Commercial Buildings Food & Beverages Footwear & Moulding HMX-PCU Family The HMX-PCUs (Pre-Cooling Units) supply pre-cooled 100% fresh air to air conditioned spaces to meet fresh air requirements with the help of different configurations.  HMX-PCU-F: Indirect evaporative cooling or a combination of indirect evaporative cooling and cooling coil (DX or chilled water).  HMX-PCU-R: Indirect evaporative cooling including energy recovery from the room return air to supply pre-cooled fresh air. Both the HMX-PCUF-F and HMX-PCU-R reduce the TR load on the existing air conditioning system, which results in significant savings in operational expenditure. www.hmx.co.in
  7. 7. Wastewater treatment and recycling Zero liquid discharge Consultancy and audit C omprehensive, state-of-the-art technologies in wastewater treatment and recycling, including zero liquid discharge – from A.T.E. Envirotech (A.T.E. group). With over 14 years of experience and the successful execution of 200+ projects in India and abroad across diverse industries, A.T.E. has gained widespread expertise in the field of wastewater treatment and recycling. The scope covers  Turnkey projects  Upgrading existing projects through value added products  Performance consultancy services: adequacy audits, treatment studies and effluent characterisation Advanced technologies cover  'AAA' (Air floatation, Anaerobic, and Aerobic) technology: a highly successful innovation for enhancing biological treatment efficiency and minimising sludge generation  'AVR' (Anaerobic Venturi Reactor) based bio- methanation plants that can handle difficult to treat effluents  ZLD (Zero Liquid Discharge) Effluent Treatment Plants (ETP) with, Ultra Filtration- Reverse Osmosis (UF-RO) and Multi-Effect Evaporator - Agitated Thin Film Dryer (MEE- ATFD), biological nitrification and denitrification Comprehensive and cutting-edge technology solutions
  8. 8. Saving water and preventing water pollution with innovative technology solutions. Pharma & Chemicals Dairy & Food Textiles DistilleryPetrochemicals www.ateenviro.com
  9. 9. Shopfloor to top floor Dashboards for CxOs Multi-plant management Remote access for experts Remote service T he IoT based system for continuous remote monitoring from EcoAxis (A.T.E. group) enables effective and efficient management of industrial plants and equipment. Already productised for various segments, EcoAxis provides seamless integration of data acquisition, M2M communications into a real or near real-time database, Big Data analytics, and industrial process knowhow. TM Our solution, called SUPERAxis , consists of electronic hardware & software connectors for logging data from machines, instruments and sensors. Using cloud-based computing, it delivers analytics and alerts in the form of reports, dashboards, emails and SMS – on any device anytime and anywhere. IoT based solutions for continuous remote monitoring of industrial plants and equipment FOR OEMs  Enhanced service effectiveness – including remote service  Big Data analytics as a market differentiator  Ensure high availability, reliability and efficiency of equipment  Complete asset visibility in terms of operations and performance  Keep “next-gen”ing in your technology – validate new designs in the field
  10. 10. FOR CONSULTANTS  Online pollution tracking for compliance  Continuous measurement and verification – for cost reduction projects  Meaningful data analysis for TPM, TQM programs  Effective asset management for equipment rentals, BOO/BOOT/O&M operators FOR PLANTS  Key Performance Indices (KPIs) tracking  Information for enhancing productivity and reducing Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)  Automated e-logbook with authentic data  Automated service and performance alerts  Role based analytics Optimising resource utilisation and enhancing performance through remote monitoring. www.ecoaxisindia.com
  11. 11. REGISTER CONTROL SYSTEMINSETTER REGISTER CONTROL SYSTEM S tate-of-the-art register control system ALYGN and insetter register control system SYNCO – both from EcoAxis (A.T.E. group). Built with several innovative features, ALYGN and SYNCO have set high performance benchmarks in meeting exacting registration requirements, thus being the preferred choice for OEMs and end users both in India and abroad. SYNCO ALYGN Register control systems Online and offline data analysis Accurate print registration Enhance effectiveness of gravure, flexography and offset printing presses Reducing wastage. Increasing effectiveness. www.ecoaxisindia.com
  12. 12. A range of solutions for enhancing quality, safety, productivity and energy efficiency for various industries from Valence (A.T.E. group) – with excellent return on investment.  Static charge eliminator  Ink circulating pumps and filters  Ink cooling system  Web cleaner  Antistatic air knife  Air-to-air heat exchanger Systems for enhancing quality, safety, productivity and saving energy Energy saving products for eco-friendly operations. Plastics & Rubber GlassPrint & Packaging Pharma & Chemicals Automobiles Textiles Wood MoudlingPaper Static electricity control Ink handling and conditioning Surface cleaning and dust removal Heat recovery www.valence.in
  13. 13. A .T.E. offers a range of high efficient TeraFlow pumps and BoostStar HyP systems. TeraFlow vertical multi-stage stainless steel centrifugal pumps are designed and engineered to deliver the best possible hydraulic efficiency in diverse applications such as water supply in industrial and commercial establishments, industrial washing plants, water treatment plants, etc. The in-line design of the TeraFlow pump makes it compact and easy for installation. TeraFlow pumps are equipped with mechanical shaft seals of detachable cartridge type for easy maintenance. The TFVI and TFVL series of TeraFlow pumps are standardized pumps made of all stainless steel 304/316 construction. A.T.E. BoostStar Hydropenumatic (HyP) systems are engineered using the most stringent quality and testing standards. At the heart of BoostStar HyP systems are A.T.E.'s TeraFlow centrifugal pumps and instrumentation & control systems made of the best components. The scalable design of the BoostStar HyP systems enable a variety of configurations, ranging from fixed speed systems to advanced and fully automated variable speed systems. The BoostStar HyP systems are available in a wide- range of configurations of pumps (vertical, horizontal, submersible), and with varying levels of automation and intelligence and are designed for the lowest total cost of ownership over the product life. Reliable solutions for industry and building services Energy efficient pumps Hydropneumatic systems Efficient pumping solutions for a wide range of applications Water management systems with energy efficient pumps. www.ateindia.com
  14. 14. A.T.E. Private Limited 43 Dr V B Gandhi Marg, Fort, Mumbai - 400 023, India E-mail: contactus@ateindia.com T : +91-22-2287 2245 W : www.ategroup.com March2015