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Long Live and Prosper To Monolith

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PResentationdone in GeeCon Prague about Monolith and microservices

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Long Live and Prosper To Monolith

  1. 1. Live Long and Prosper to Monolith Alex Soto @alexsotob Prague, 18-19 October 2018
  2. 2. @alexsotob2 Alex Soto Red Hat Engineer www.lordofthejars.com @alexsotob Who Am I?
  3. 3. @alexsotob3 https://www.manning.com/books/testing-java-microservices
  4. 4. @alexsotob4 Questions
  5. 5. @alexsotob5
  6. 6. @alexsotob6
  7. 7. @alexsotob7 … due to the given burdens of cost and organisational maturity, microservices will likely never reach the Adopt phase“ Rebecca Parsons - CTO at ThoughtWorks
  8. 8. @alexsotob8
  9. 9. @alexsotob9 Isolation of Code
  10. 10. @alexsotob10 Isolation of Code review api impl detail api impl game api impl public exposes only what is required favour low-coupling private highly cohesive reduces our memory footprint IMPL API Code Asset, Java 9 Modules
  11. 11. @alexsotob11 Isolation of Code Java 9 - Modules module-info.java
  12. 12. @alexsotob12 Isolation of Data
  13. 13. @alexsotob13 Isolation of Data game schema Game Detail detail schema Reviewreview schema Module == Schema Joins inside Schema Referential Integrity across Schemas Global transactions
  14. 14. @alexsotob14 Isolation of Data game schema Game Detail detail schema Reviewreview schema .sql .sql .sql .sql .sql ? ? ?
  15. 15. @alexsotob15 Isolation of Data
  16. 16. @alexsotob16 Isolation of Data DB V2__Update.sql V1__Initial.sql SCHEMA_VERSION
  17. 17. @alexsotob17 Isolation of Data Flyway f = new Flyway(); f.setDataSource(); f.migrate(); mvn flyway:migrate <configuration> <url>..</url> … </configuration> <flyway:migrate url=“” user=“”/> flyway migrate -url=… -user=… gradle flywayMigrate flyway { url=“..” user=“.. }
  18. 18. @alexsotob18 Reactive Extensions
  19. 19. @alexsotob19 Reactive Java Creates Stream Sends data Where to Run Combiner How to combine Final Run
  20. 20. @alexsotob20 Network
  21. 21. @alexsotob21 Circuit Breaker Pattern
  22. 22. @alexsotob22 Circuit Breaker Pattern Closed Open Half Open success error [under threshold] fail [threshold reached] success reset timeoutfail
  23. 23. @alexsotob23 Circuit Breaker Defines CB Wrapped function Recovery
  24. 24. @alexsotob24 DEMO
  25. 25. @alexsotob25
  26. 26. @alexsotob26
  27. 27. @alexsotob27 Your code has NO BUSINESS VALUE until it’s deployed
  28. 28. @alexsotob28
  29. 29. @alexsotob29 OPS PMO DBASECBIZ DEV QA
  30. 30. @alexsotob30
  31. 31. @alexsotob31 Your Stack Matters Server Hardware Operating System Application Server your.war Java Virtual Machine Custom Configuration Linux Kernel Version & Distribution Java 1.7.0_67 Tomcat, Wildfly, Jetty JDBC driver, users
  32. 32. @alexsotob32 DevOps Challenges for Multiple Containers ▪ How to scale? ▪ How to avoid port conflicts? ▪ How to manage them on multiple hosts? ▪ What happens if a host has trouble? ▪ How to keep them running? ▪ How to update them? ▪ Where are my containers? Node Node Node Node Node Logger Node
  33. 33. @alexsotob33 ssh docker run ssh docker run ssh docker run
  34. 34. @alexsotob34
  35. 35. @alexsotob35 ▪ Greek for “Helmsman,” also the root of the word “Governor” (from latin: gubernator) ▪ Container orchestrator ▪ Supports multiple cloud and bare-metal environments ▪ Inspired by Google’s experience with containers ▪ Open source, written in Go ▪ Manage applications, not machines Meet Kubernetes
  36. 36. @alexsotob36 Kubernetes Cluster Ops Dev Master api etcd scheduler controllers Node Node Node Node Node Logger Node
  37. 37. @alexsotob37 Infrastructure
  38. 38. @alexsotob38 Deploying in Cluster Always two instances of the image Docker image to run Port
  39. 39. @alexsotob39 Deploying in Cluster Reverse Proxy Router Number of instances LB
  40. 40. @alexsotob40 Cloud Native Application
  41. 41. @alexsotob41 Infrastructure sticky session Shopping Cart User A
  42. 42. @alexsotob42 In-Memory Data Grid In-Memory DataGrid Shopping Cart User A Shopping Cart User A
  43. 43. @alexsotob43 Release as Unicorns
  44. 44. @alexsotob44 Release as Unicorns Build Dockerfile DeployBuild Container Testing in Production Release s2i, OpenShift, Fabric8, Istio Teiid, Debezium (Test Prod)
  45. 45. @alexsotob45 Let’s Wind Down
  46. 46. @alexsotob46 Advantages of monolith > Local Calls > All parts always up > Easy to debug > Easy to test > Refactor without running surprises > You see the real world every time > Easy to deploy (coordination) > Polyglot Languages, DB
  47. 47. @alexsotob47 Digital Darwinism Self-Service, On-Demand, Elastic, Infrastructure as Code (Cloud) Re-Org to DevOps Automation Puppet, Chef, Ansible
 and/or Kubernetes CI & CD Deployment Pipeline Advanced Deployment Techniques Microservices
  48. 48. @alexsotob48 https://www.slideshare.net/dbryant_uk/oreilly-sacon-ny-2018-continuous-delivery-patterns-for-contemporary-architecture/2 You In The Near Future
  49. 49. @alexsotob49
  50. 50. @alexsotob50 Stats service User Service Awards Service Question Service Advertise Service Question Service
  51. 51. @alexsotob51 NO, it is a monolith https://www.infoq.com/news/2015/06/scaling-stack-overflow
  52. 52. @alexsotob52
  53. 53. @alexsotob53
  54. 54. @alexsotob asotobue@redhat.com