Career planning

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21 de Nov de 2014

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Career planning

  1. Career Planning
  2. Introduction What is career planning ? Career planning process How important is career planning Career planning done by : Individuals/Organizations Guidelines
  3. What is career ? • Job vs. Career – Job– “What can I do now to make money?” – Career – Chosen Profession for your life. Requires a willingness to get the training needed to build your skills for the future. • A career is the work a person does. It is the sequence of jobs that an individual has held throughout his or her working life E.g. occupation of nursing.
  4. Career planning what’s that? “Career planning consists of activities and actions that you take to achieve your individual career goals”
  5. Characteristics of Career Planning • It is the life- long process a person goes through to learn • Develop a self- concept, learn about careers, and work situations • Make a career choice, while developing and coping social skills • The major focus is matching personal goals and opportunities that are realistically available. • Career planning is building bridges from one’s current job/career to next job/career.
  6. Objective of career planning • Identifying and making clear opportunities available. • To reduce employee turnover. • To Increase productivity. • To identify the career stages and enhance the motivational level. • To achieve the organisation’s goal by providing the employees paths to reach higher order needs.
  7. Career planning process
  8. Whose responsible for planning ones career? Individual Organization
  9. Self Assessment Individual career planning process Academic/ Career options Relevant /Practical Experience Job Search
  10. Organizational career planning process Direction Career Time Transitions Career planning options Projected Outcome Direction Career Time Transitions Career planning options Projected Outcome
  11. How important is career planning? • People leave an organization due to lack of career growth • Deeper focus on an employee’s aims and aspirations • Degree of clarity • Helps in identifying handicaps & the blind spots to overcome • Key retention tool
  12. • High-level vision and goals of company are clearly made known to employees • Critical human resource strategy • Matching organization vision & employees aspirations is must • Growth of an organization is intrinsically linked with the growth of an individual • Significant motivator
  13. Some important guidelines • Employees –Discuss any concerns regarding career or professional development with supervisor– Its your career, take all necessary initiative • Supervisors/ Managers –Make career planning an ongoing process –Explain employees importance of growth, need for change –Personal commitment
  14. – Acquire skills to be a good developer – Give essential feedback to employees – Provide a work environment that is conducive – Supportive and motivational atmosphere • Organizational –Existence of supportive organizational structure suitable to employees needs– Provide resources dollars and time