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  2. Agenda • Introduction/ How it works • Benefits • Applications • Success stories/ Conclusion 2
  3. What is 3D printing? • It’s one rapid prototyping technologies • It creates physical models from CAD and other digital data—layer by layer • It’s widely used, especially in product designing • It reduces a lot of time and cost • It’s a developing technology 3
  4. What is prototyping? Prototyping is a cycle that producers or designing teams make models for end users to test, evaluate, or debug, and get feedbacks then revise or redesign at the pre-production or mock- up period. 4
  5. Rapid prototyping • Stereolithography (1988) • Fused Deposition Modeling(1990) • Selective Laser Sintering(1992) • 3D Printing (1997) -Comparison table -why 3D printing has become the most popular one? Ans: faster and more inexpensive 5
  6. How does a 3D printer work? 6
  7. 7
  8. Developing Tech: Gadget printer 8
  9. What do you expect to create next? • A light bulb? A motherboard? or an iPod of the nth generation? -Go online, pay, and download the file then…produce yourself! -No packaging, no shipping, no assembly lines needed! 9
  10. 3D Printing Movie Clip a movie clip from InVision company 10
  11. Benefits of 3D Printing • Lower cost of prototyping • Allow more design iterations to choose from • Decreases length of the design process • 3D Printers are small and affordable 11
  12. Design Process Concept Proof Of Product Definition Development Production Development Concept • Costs of changing design or finding mistakes increase the further into the design process you go • 3D Printing helps you find mistakes early on to save costs 12
  13. Design Process • Most critical phases of design are early on • In the first 10% of the process nearly 80% of the products total costs are determined • More early designs mean better decision making 13
  14. Speed to Market • 3D Printing increases efficiency late in the design process • Capable of developing parts for use in functional prototypes – Some models can produce pieces that can withstand 60 psi pressure in field tests • Cost of late entry to market is enormous 14
  15. Small and Affordable • Previous rapid prototyping machines often required their own departments and operators • 3D Printers can fit neatly near a workstation 15
  16. Future Savings • A professor at USC has now created a technology to eliminate the need of a laser in 3D Printers – Selective Inhibition Sintering (SIS) • Potential cost savings of $10,000 to $20,000 on the 3D Printing machines 16
  17. Applications of 3D Printing • Uses – Marketing – Point of Purchase Signs – Packaging – Product Prototypes – Learning Resources • Industries – Models 17
  18. Industries • Architecture & Design – Models, Topographical Maps, Building Design • Food and Beverage – Posters, Vending Machines, Point of Sale 18
  19. Industries, Cont. • Consumer Products – Marketing Campaigns –R&D • Proof of Concept • Variations of Models • Inexpensive Modifications 19
  20. Industries, Cont. • Science – Medicine – Research • University of Illinois at Urbana – Champaign • Miniature Reproductions of complex parts • Spider-Web Design 20
  21. 3D Printing Success Story Xerox Limited produces new- generation printers, copiers, and document centers. The Xerox design team looked to a 3D printer to help improve their efficiency at producing prototype parts by moving away from the traditional ‘machining’ function and moving more cutting edge rapid prototyping equipment in house. 21
  22. 3D Printing Success Story Camera mounts for the M1 tank and Bradley fighting vehicle were built and tested directly from digital files using the Dimension 3D Printer. 22
  23. 3D Printing Success Story A 3D printer proved to be a valuable asset and played a key role in developing concepts for the AMP Research Alloy Fuel Door for General Motors' Hummer H2 sport utility vehicle. 23
  24. 3D Printing Success Story From furniture and lighting to cosmetic products and packaging, Karim Rashid is a high- profile industrial design firm with an esteemed reputation for communicating a contemporary view of the world through its unique designs. 24
  25. 3D Printing Success Story Altimate Medical Inc. manufactures standing frames and mobility aids for people with disabilities, such as spinal cord injuries, muscular dystrophy, multiple sclerosis and cerebral palsy. 25
  26. 3D Printing Success Story Bravilor Bonamat is Europe's leading manufacturer of coffee machines for commercial use. For more than 55 years, the family-owned company has placed a premium on innovative, user-friendly design concepts that have helped the company distinguish itself in the marketplace. 26
  27. 3D Printing Success Story TaylorMade wanted pro golfer Mark O’Meara to try out a new set of irons, O’Meara asked to use them at the 1998 Skins Game. “We had one week to produce two sets of irons—with club designs still in CAD and no tooling in place,” says Jeff Blasius, TaylorMade’s senior tooling engineer. “So we created 50 wax patterns on our 3-D printer, sent them to the foundry for casting and finishing, and delivered them to O’Meara on time. It was the initial prototype test and Mark won the Skins Game with them.” 27
  28. 3D Printing Success Story Guatemalan twins Maria Teresa and Maria de Jesus Quiej-Alvarez were born joined at the head. The veins draining the blood, were interwoven and fed into each others' circulatory system. The most complex part of the operation was to sort out the veins and reroute the twins' blood supply. Because the blood vessels were crisscrossed, tracking them using standard, two- dimensional x-rays was impossible. 28
  29. Conclusion Nothing communicates design ideas faster than a three-dimensional part or model. With a 3D printer you can bring CAD files and design ideas to life – right from your desktop. Test form, fit and function – and as many design iterations as you like – with functional parts. 29
  30. Sources Articles: • The object of 3D printing —from Advertising & Marketing Review • Printers produce copies in 3D —from BBC NEWS • 'Gadget printer' promises industrial revolution –from Major 3D printer companies: • Z Corporation • 3D System • Xpress3D 30

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  1. SL: Laser on solidified liquit FDM: liquified wax from extrusion nozzle SLS: use laser to fuse together small particles of plastic, metal, or ceramic power