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ABC of Parenting Skills



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ABC of Parenting Skills

  1. 1. A Journey towards Effective Parenting Parenting from the Heart
  2. 2. Parenting is a gift of God
  3. 3. Parenting is Gardening The Universe blossoms in face of child. By bringing out the best in your child, you bring out the best in this universe.
  4. 4. Parenting is Trust The biggest trust is being entrusted with a life. The biggest responsibility is to live that trust through out your life.
  5. 5. Parenting is Labor of Love The sleepless nights, the career sacrifices, the postponing of your so many activities. The prize of parenting comes at a price.
  6. 6. Parenting is Enjoying Smiling together, singing songs, playing together with your child…..are most enjoyable moments of life.
  7. 7. Overview • Practical Meaning of Parenting • Myths and Facts related to Parenting • Different Parenting Styles and their outcomes • Effective Parenting Skills (A-Z of Effective Parenting)
  8. 8. Practically, Parenting is…… • Meeting the child’s needs to age of 18 or sometimes longer. • Guiding the child toward the goal of becoming a competent adult.
  9. 9. Parenting Myths and Realities
  10. 10. Myth #1: All parenting skills are instinctive
  11. 11. Facts: No one is born with all the preparation needed to be an effective parent Many parenting skills must be learned through gaining knowledge and experience
  12. 12. Myth# 2: A mature adult can be a perfect parentA mature adult can be a perfect parent adult can be a perfect parent A mature adult can be a perfect parentA mature adult can be a perfect parent
  13. 13. Facts: Humans are not perfect, so no one can be a perfect parent Mature adults should strive to become competent parents, not perfect parents
  14. 14. Myth 3#: Good parenting guarantees good children
  15. 15. Facts: Influences outside the family, such as peers, adults other than parents, and media affect children in healthy or unhealthy ways
  16. 16. Myth #4:Parenting is always fun
  17. 17. • Facts: – Like any other job, parenting can be fun, sad, exciting, boring, satisfying, and frustrating – Adults should have realistic expectations about parenting
  18. 18. Parenting Styles and Outcomes
  19. 19. Authoritarian: Limits without Freedom These parents are extremely strict and are often cold. They communicate through lectures, yelling, punishment, and one-sided discussions.
  20. 20. OUTCOME •Obedient •Distrustful •No expression of freedom •Withdrawn •Unhappy •Hostile •Not High Achievers
  21. 21. Permissive: Freedom without limits On the other extreme of the parenting spectrum is permissive parenting. As the name suggests, permissive parenting is more of an "anything goes" attitude. These parents do not attempt to exert any sort of control over their children.
  22. 22. OUTCOME •Aggressive •Least self—reliant •Least self- controlled •Least exploratory •Most unhappy
  23. 23. Democratic: Freedom within limits Democratic parenting is the middle ground approach and is often considered the parenting ideal. Democratic parenting is based on warmth, love, guidance, and positive discipline.
  24. 24. Outcome •Happy •Mostly self-reliant •Mostly self- controlled •Content, friendly, generous •Cooperative •High-achiever’
  25. 25. A-Z of Parenting
  26. 26. A-Accept your child for the wonderful person he or she is
  27. 27. B-Be a good role model in all you say and do.
  28. 28. C- Communicate respectfully and listen attentively to your child.
  29. 29. D- Discipline fairly, firmly and with love
  30. 30. E- Encourage good eating habits
  31. 31. F- Find ways to get and stay fit together
  32. 32. G- Give chores that built responsibility
  33. 33. H- Hug your child to build self- worth
  34. 34. I- Instill respect for other people
  35. 35. J- Join PTMs and other school activities to assess child’s progress
  36. 36. K- Keep your promise or do not make them
  37. 37. L- Laugh together and enjoy each other’s company
  38. 38. M- Make family rules and enforce them consistently
  39. 39. N- Never Use physical force on your child
  40. 40. O- Offer your help whenever it’s needed
  41. 41. P- Praise your child for achievements as well as for efforts
  42. 42. Q- Quickly stop your child from harmful activities.
  43. 43. R- Read together often and make reading fun
  44. 44. S- Show patience and remember nobody is perfect
  45. 45. T- Teach health and safety rules.
  46. 46. U- Use every opportunity to show your love
  47. 47. V- Value your child’s thoughts and opinion
  48. 48. W- Wait until you cool down before disciplining your child
  49. 49. X- Xerox and save records of your child’s achievements
  50. 50. Y- You can make a difference in your child’s life….so parent with pride.
  51. 51. Z- Zoom over this ABC again and again.
  52. 52. What are some appropriate solutions to the following situations? • Your daughter/son is throwing a ball in the living room and knocks over a lamp. • Your daughter/son leaves dirty clothes on the floor instead of putting them in the bucket where they are supposed to go. • Your child refuses to do homework and keeps on watching television. • Your son takes her brother’s money from his piggy bank and spends it.
  53. 53. Parent’s Pledge
  54. 54. I Promise…I will show my children I LOVE them.
  55. 55. I will listen and value what my children say.
  56. 56. I will praise my child’s efforts towards accomplishment.
  57. 57. I will respect my children as individuals.
  58. 58. And….. I will enjoy with my children everyday.