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VMware vFabric - Webinar with CIO Magazine

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This presentation covers four things:
1. Why every business is a software business
2. The clear trends with VMware vFabric customers and prospects
3. Cloud Scale and Economics
4. Pricing Comparisons of vFabric to Competitors

Read an article summarizing the presentation and access the recording here: http://blogs.vmware.com/vfabric/2012/11/why-is-vfabric-on-the-cio-agenda-trends-and-economics.html

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VMware vFabric - Webinar with CIO Magazine

  1. 1. © VMware Inc. All rights reserved VMware vFabric Cloud Application Platform Al Sargent Group Manager, VMware Cloud and Application Services asargent@vmware.com @vfabric
  2. 2. VMware’s Three Strategic Focus Areas Flexible, Scalable, Efficient Infrastructure Faster Time-to-Market for Modern Applications Empowered, Secure Mobile Workforce
  3. 3. Today every business is a software business vfabric.co/wsj
  4. 4. New apps aren’t being built with legacy middleware… Not a single one of our startups uses Oracle. I think the clock is really ticking…. they've `cranked up the maintenance fees. - Marc Andreesen, 9/28/11 Source: San Francisco Chronicle vfabric.co/chronicle
  5. 5. … because customers are choosing open source “Java application servers have become commoditized.” vfabric.co/infoworld
  6. 6. Analysts recommend lean application infrastructure… Too many clients spend far too much time and effort trying to find the products with the most features. Lean shops look for just enough, no more.“ ”
  7. 7. … and open source embodies lean application infrastructure “Apache Tomcat will satisfy the deployment requirements of most Java web applications.” JULY15, 2011 Stop Wasting Money On WebLogic, WebSphere, And JBoss Application Servers BY MIKE GUALTIERI vfabric.co/forrester
  8. 8. Tomcat and other servlet containers are well within the "good enough" threshold. Through 2017, at least 70% of new enterprise Java applications will be deployed on an open-source Java application server. vfabric.co/gartner
  9. 9. 9 New applications tend to be built on Apache Tomcat Source: ZeroTurnaround Developer Productivity Report 2012 vfabric.co/zeroturnaround
  10. 10. Application Trends Driving Change in IT Cloud Delivery • Offered “as-a-Service” • Virtualization Developer Productivity New application frameworks driving increase in application development New Application Types • Mobile, SaaS, social • Apps released early and often Data Changes • Web orientation drives exponential data volumes • Reduced latency and new types of data
  11. 11. The Move to Modern Frameworks Assembly High-level/ Structured Object- oriented Design Patterns Time Abstraction Modern Frameworks Abstraction Increases Over Time Modern Frameworks • Productivity • Portability Enterprise Java Apps use Spring >50% Over half of enterprise Java apps running on WebSphere and WebLogic use Spring. Spring Developers >2.5M Source: Gartner, Evans Data
  12. 12. New Era Requires a Shift: Elasticity from Apps to Data Access data through in-memory data fabric maximize data scalability Store app state in elastic data cache maximize app scalability Develop using frameworks agile apps decoupled from middleware Use cloud-friendly messaging protocols enable flexible app integration Leverage runtimes optimized for vSphere provision in seconds
  13. 13. vFabric Suite: The best place for Spring Java apps on vSphere
  14. 14. vFabric Suite: A Modern Approach to Application Infrastructure  Lightweight, simplicity • Commercial Tomcat as core container • Optimized for vSphere and Spring  Licensed for virtual and cloud environments • Per VM pricing • Average use licensing • Fluid licensing Modernize Today’s Applications, Build for Tomorrow’s vfabric.co
  15. 15. 15 vFabric tc Server: Lightweight Java Application Server Efficient, lean, fit-to-purpose runtime platform Lower cost and complexity Enterprise capabilities on Apache Tomcat-compatible base vfabric.co/tcserver
  16. 16. 16 vFabric tc Server: Small Disk Footprint 0 500 1000 1500 2000 2500 tc Server 2.6 Standard Edition IBM WebSphere 8.0.1 Oracle WebLogic 12c Redhat Jboss EAP 5.1.2 Size on disk - one server instance (MB) vfabric.co/tcserver
  17. 17. 17 vFabric tc Server: Low Memory Footprint 0 50 100 150 200 250 300 tc Server 2.6 Standard Edition IBM WebSphere 8.0.1 Oracle WebLogic 12c Redhat Jboss EAP 5.1.2 Memory committed at startup (MB) vfabric.co/tcserver
  18. 18. vFabric SQLFire: Scalability at the Data Tier  Speed: In-memory, distributed SQL database.  Scale: More scalable design than traditional RDBMS.  SQL: Familiar SQL interface, accessible from Java and C#. vfabric.co/sqlfire
  19. 19. 19 vFabric RabbitMQ: Modern Messaging for the Cloud Cloud-scale Message Bus RabbitMQ Message Broker AMQP, HTTP, HTTPS, STOMP, SMTP, XMPP … Point -to-point and pub-sub Virtual hosts, dynamic configuration Cloud Services DevicesApplications vfabric.co/rabbitmq
  20. 20. 20 Application Blueprint Out of the box blueprints for vFabric Suite OS OS OS OS vFabric Application Director: Automated Application Deployment Application Services OS OS OS OS
  21. 21. APM monitors transactions from end-user perspective…
  22. 22. … then drill into code to find cause of slow transactions
  23. 23. 23 The Cloud Requires a Shift in Licensing Philosophy Cloud Requirement Legacy Licensing vFabric Suite Cloud Licensing 1 Apps deployed on virtual infrastructure • Per-core pricing with complex physical hardware “power factors” • Per-VM Pricing for hardware independence 2 Web orientation drives highly variable workloads • Peak-use licensing • Budget wasted on rarely- used licenses • Average-use licensing • No budget waste 3 “Deploy first, ask questions later” • Server-specific licenses • Cannot re-use across different server types • Fluid Licensing • Re-use licenses across different types of servers vfabric.co/pricing
  24. 24. 24 vFabric Suite Advanced Competitive Pricing: Typical Scenario VMs Cores (Estimated) Application Server 100 86 Data Cache 100 86 Database Server 25 22 Web Server 25 22 Message Broker 25 22 Monitoring (same at total) 275 228 Total 275 238
  25. 25. 25 vFabric Suite: Priced for Wide Adoption 15% Cost of VMware vFabric compared to Oracle WebLogic 55% Cost of VMware vFabric compared to IBM WebSphere &
  26. 26. 26 vFabric Suite: Priced for Wide Adoption Product Map & Costs IBM Oracle VMware Product Price Per Core Product Price Per Core Product Price Per VM Product Family IBM WebSphere $ - Oracle WebLogic Suite $ 22,500 VMware vFabric Suite Advanced $ 2,500 Application Server WebSphere Application Server $ 2,873 WebLogic Server $ - vFabric tc Server 1 $ - Data Cache WebSphere eXtreme Scale $ 8,633 Coherence Enterprise Edition $ - vFabric GemFire App Cache Node $ - Database DB2 Express Edition $ 3,165 MySQL Enterprise Edition $ 625 vFabric SQLFire Professional $ - Web Server WebSphere HTTP Server 2 $ - Web Tier $ - vFabric Web Server $ - Message Broker WebSphere MQ $ 4,273 WebLogic Server JMS $ - vFabric RabbitMQ $ - Monitoring Tivoli Monitoring $ 552 Enterprise Manager $ - vFabric Hyperic $ - Pricing Metric Cores Cores VMs Product Price - Subtotal $ 331,603 $ 1,288,750 $ 195,000
  27. 27. 27 “When we took to the sky, forty years ago, I don’t think anyone had the vision that we would be using the cloud to actually deliver our product, deliver information, and help us lower our cost.” Ginger Hardage, SVP Culture and Communications vFabric powers Southwest.com, support the majority of Southwest Airlines revenue Southwest Airlines – Application Modernization & Data Fabric Challenge Growth led to Southwest.com performance challenges during peaks like Super Bowl and fare sale ads. Needed a more elastic architecture to dynamically scale their environments and maintain their legendary customer service reputation.. Solution Using tc Server, Apache Web Server, GemFire, and vSphere, Southwest built an efficient, agile, and scalable architecture to handle peak performance requirements of their virtualized application and data services. Results Boosted performance on one of the travel industry’s largest websites. Enabled expansion with new mobile platform and creation of new employee tools. Agile architecture shortened time required to integrate newly acquired ATA into Southwest.com passenger reservations & bookings services. vfabric.co/southwest
  28. 28. 28 Product info vfabric.co Demos vFabric.co/YouTube 60 day trial vFabric.co/try