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PeopleSoft 9.2 Upgrade Readiness Assessment and Health Check

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Don't Just Upgrade - TRANSFORM! Learn how to make the most of out OOTB PeopleSoft 9.2 features, Accelerate and Automate Testing using PTF, Automate via Workflow, Optimize Business Processes, Reduce Change Management Costs, Switch from Crystal to BI Publisher reports, Accelerate with a 4-week Lab Upgrade, Accelerate with a 90-day PeopleSoft 9.2 Upgrade, Use Astute's 9.2 Sandbox to accelerate Fit-Gap

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PeopleSoft 9.2 Upgrade Readiness Assessment and Health Check

  1. 1. h t t p : / / w w w . b e a s t u t e . c o m PeopleSoft 9.2 Upgrade Roadmap and Planning Part 1 of a multi-part PeopleSoft 9.2 Webinar Series Presented By: Arvind Rajan Peoplesoft@beastute.com
  2. 2. Agenda 2 Astute Business Solutions • Plan Your Upgrade with a Health Check • Don’t Just Upgrade – Transform • Conduct Impact Analysis with Fast Track • Use Upgrade Accelerators – Lab, Sandbox • Manage Change with PTF • 9.2 Upgrade Q&A
  3. 3. Arvind Rajan – Speaker Bio 3 Astute Business Solutions • Co-Founder and PeopleSoft Practice Lead at Astute Business Solutions • PeopleSoft Solution Architect with 15 years of experience in implementing, upgrading and managing PeopleSoft applications • Experienced in PeopleSoft HCM, FSCM, CRM, EPM, CS and Portals for Healthcare, Higher Education, Financial Services, Distribution, Manufacturing, Professional Services and Non- Profit organizations • Recent speaking engagements include Oracle Open World, Quest Midwest, DMUG, NorCal RUG, Collaborate and many others.
  4. 4. 4 Astute Business Solutions • Implement • Upgrade • Maintain • Transform ORACLE Partner IT Services PEOPLESOFT Experts FUSION APP Leaders • GRC • Health Checks • Process Optimization • IT Roadmap Strategy Consulting • Healthcare • Higher Education • Professional Services • Financial Services Industries • 90-Day Upgrade • Data Spii • Manager Dashboard • Fast Track Solutions Enterprise Solutions • Software Implementations - From Concept to Go-Live • Upgrades and Maintenance – Application Upgrades, Patches/Fixes, Tools Upgrades, DB Upgrades • Application Outsourcing – Support and Maintenance Domain Expertise • Human Capital, Financials, Supply Chain, CRM • Governance, Risk and Compliance (Data Privacy) • Business Intelligence – Analytics, Reporting, Data Warehouses • Content Management – Integration and Automation Products & Solutions • Fast Track – PeopleSoft Upgrade Impact Analyzer • Data SPII - Data Privacy Solutions for PeopleSoft and Oracle • Health Check for Upgrade • Smart Watch Application Support Services I T S E R V I C E S Astute Business Solutions - Overview
  5. 5. 5 Astute Business Solutions Human Capital Management PeopleSoft Expertise CRM Campus Solutions Customer Relationship Management Implement • Configure, Enhance • Extend, Integrate Maintain • Upgrade • Support Transform • Process • Performance Consult • Analyze • Recommend Augment • Temporary Staffing • Contract to Hire Financial and Supply Chain Management Portals Astute Business Solutions – PeopleSoft Expertise
  6. 6. Webinars on PeopleSoft 9.2 6 Astute Business Solutions Topic Date Business Transformation using HCM 9.2 May 17th 2013 (Archived on http://www.beastute.com) Transformation using FSCM 9.2 Jun 14th 2013 (Archived on http://www.beastute.com) Top 10 Reasons to Upgrade to HCM 9.2 (OHUG) July 10th 2013 (Archived on http://www.beastute.com) PeopleSoft 9.2 Upgrade Health Check and Accelerators Aug 7th 2013 Automate your 9.2/9.1 Testing with PeopleSoft Test Framework Aug 21st 2013
  7. 7. 7 Astute Business Solutions Upgrade Business Drivers VOLUNTARY IMPROVEMENT FORCED UPGRADE • Improved functionality • Reduce Customizations • Develop with Ease • Standards based tools • New BU’s/Companies • More Users • Instance Consolidation • Stay on supported release • Extend investment value • Postpone decision on Fusion/Other ERP • New Architecture • Platform Improvements • Streamlined Integration • Improved Reporting New Functionality Expansion & Consolidation Maintenance & Support Technology Upgrade Upgrade Business Drivers
  8. 8. Astute Business Solutions HEALTH CHECK FOR UPGRADE 14
  10. 10. Health Check for Upgrade - What are we offering • Analyze your current application configuration and customizations • Define an Upgrade Roadmap and Plan to mitigate risks and ensure success • Estimate project effort and costs for both vendor and client teams participating in the upgrade • Provide best practice recommendations for upgrade 10 Astute Business Solutions The Health Check for Upgrade service evaluates major functional and technical areas of your PeopleSoft Enterprise application and business processes, paying particular attention to customizations, gaps between your current/future needs, and how your applications are configured today. The assessment looks for ways to:
  11. 11. Health Check for Upgrade - Approach HEALTHCHECK FOR UPGRADE FUTURE STATE RECOMMENDA TION CURRENT STATE ASSESSMENT Application and Process Discovery Focused on Current Business Challenges and Gaps Cost-Effective Recommendations Focused on Helping YOU Succeed in Your Upgrade Initiative 11 Scope Definition Customer Discovery Detailed Assessment Health Check Report Astute Business Solutions
  12. 12. Health Check for Upgrade - Engagement Model • Evaluating existing software configuration • Closing software functionality gaps • Addressing modified business processes • Addressing evolving market pressure • Improving user skills & documentation • Enhancing support Define Health Check Scope & Plan Gather Current Application & Process State Detailed Assessment and interviews Define Opportunities & Solutions Targeted focus on understanding the current business environment and high- impact improvement opportunities 12 1 2 3 4 Astute Business Solutions
  13. 13. Engagement Detail – Scope and Discovery Scope Definition – 1 DAY • Tailor pre-built discovery questionnaires based on the defined scope of your applications and business processes WHO: Astute Consultant(s) • Initial call held with customer to set expectations, request various pieces of customer documentation, explain discovery questionnaires, and set schedule for on-site interviews WHO: Astute Consultant(s) and Customer PM Customer Discovery – 2 DAYS • Customer provides completed discovery questionnaires and requested documentation WHO: Key Users • Review documentation and prepare for on-site interview WHO: Astute Consultant(s) 13 Astute Business Solutions
  14. 14. Engagement Detail – Detailed Assessment and Report 14 Astute Business Solutions DETAILED ASSESSMENT – 2-3 DAYS Not part of 2-Day Health Check Kick-off Meeting • Provide an overview the process, set expectations, and confirm the scope of Health Assessment • WHO: Entire team Fact Finding Interviews • Meet with key users to obtain detailed information on applications and business processes • WHO: Key Users, Astute Consultant(s) HEALTH CHECK REPORT - 2-3 DAYS Prepare Report • Review data, benchmark against best practices, prepare report with findings and prioritized recommendations • WHO: Astute Consultant(s) Present Report • Discuss findings, recommendations and next steps • WHO: Entire team
  15. 15. Health Check for Upgrade – Key Deliverables 15 UPGRADE ROADMAP AND PLAN EFFORT AND COST ESTIMATES CUSTOMIZATION ANALYSIS BEST PRACTICE RECOMMENDATIONS An application roadmap taking into account your business calendar, dependencies, resources, risks, etc. Detailed Effort and Costs estimates broken down by phase, by milestone – based on your meta data analysis. In-depth analysis of Customizations, Recommendations to de-customize and do more with OOTB features Do’s and Don’ts, Tips and Techniques, Risk Mitigation Techniques Astute Business Solutions
  16. 16. Astute Business Solutions Don’t just upgrade - TRANSFORM 14
  17. 17. • “Help me cut costs and streamline operations.” • “I need to adapt to changing business conditions.” • “We need to timely access to business information to make better and informed decisions.” • “My business needs to be secure, available and protected.” • “We must achieve stated business results.” • “We need a single global instance to consolidate our international business units.” • “We need an agile system that helps us compete and be responsive to our customers, suppliers and employees”.” • “We must reduce our carbon footprint and move to more online automated processes from current paper-based ones.” 17 Astute Business Solutions What is your business telling you? Address your Business Needs with 9.2
  18. 18. 18 Astute Business Solutions Improve Period Close with Real time GL to sub-system reconciliation and Collaborative Portals PeopleSoft 9.2 can Transform your Business Control Data Accuracy and Improve Data Entry Speed via Combination Editing & SpeedCharts Comply and Control – Implement Financials Audit Framework Secure your enterprise data with PeopleTools Encryption Collaborate – With employees, suppliers, customers, partners Use 9.2 to provide True Business Value
  19. 19. Strike a Balance (If you can) 19 Astute Business Solutions • Balancing business priorities with existing projects and support: • A common theme across most organizations • Tactical needs overtake strategic priorities, • Business priorities supersede optimization efforts • Lack of resources or knowledge internally to discover and take advantage of new release features that add business value • Upgrade and Transform • Extend and Integrate • Optimize and Tune • Manage IT Spend • Support Existing Apps • Manage Change
  20. 20. • Make recruiting, hiring and onboarding seamless and reach out to right talent with the right message. • Reduce overheads and increase response times by rolling out PeopleSoft self-service and mobile applications • Use 360 degree view to get full visibility into employee training 20 Astute Business Solutions HCM and ELM – Use 9.2 to Extend and Integrate • Use 9.2 to improve your Financial Control and Reporting Business Processes • Extend Financial Audit Framework to track changes to supplier core data Financials • Extend and integrate with suppliers through SRM • Leverage pre-built Operational Analytics/Metrics Supply Chain Portals – Push information to your employees and communities within your organization in real time. Give them a platform to collaborate and share.
  21. 21. Approaching your Transformation 21 Astute Business Solutions • Maintenance/Support Fatigue? • Upgrade Nightmares from the past? • Budgetary Challenges? Business Readiness • Is your platform scalable? • Do you need to upgrade hardware/software? • Are you ready to support new tools and technologies? IT Readiness • Do you know what’s coming in 9.2? • Do you have a roadmap to get there? • How can you help business and IT cope with the change? Change Management
  22. 22. A brief guide to navigate the maze of options 22 Astute Business Solutions • What are some of the new features in 9.2? • How can your organization benefit? • When should you upgrade? At a glance • 9.2 - What’s been added / deleted / changed? • Would you like to compare 9.2 with 9.1? 9.0? 8.9? • Will 9.2 solve your current problems? How can you find out? • What do you need to do to prep for this upgrade? • What are some dependencies that you should address? In-depth
  23. 23. The Road(map) to Transformation 23 Astute Business Solutions • Review current implementation, configurations and code • Review pain points – what’s working and what’s not • Review wish lists – must have, nice to have Business Needs Analysis: The Health Check for Transformation via 9.2 is a low-cost, actionable examination of the three areas critical to any upgrade project: • What can we transform as part of this upgrade? • How do we enable Business and IT to manage this change? • Do we have executive sponsorship? Organizational Analysis: • Infrastructure Upgrade? What’s required? • Code retrofit and migration – what’s involved? • New toolset – Portals, Web Services, Social, Collaboration – what should we look at? Technology Analysis: For details, please visit http://beastute.com/services/strategic- consulting/health-check
  24. 24. Astute Business Solutions Fast Track Impact Analyzer for 9.2 Upgrade 25
  25. 25. Upgrade Challenges 25 Astute Business Solutions • Budget/ Resources • Dependencies • Contingencies • Tech. Upgrade • Func. Upgrade • Test and Deploy • Maintain • Enhance • Support ASSESS PLAN DEPLOY SUPPORT • Drivers & Goals • Impact & Change • Architecture • Manual approach • Eyeball method • Error and Bias • Variance Factor • Budget Overflows • Loose Estimates • Prolonged Dev • Multiple Tests • Unable to de-Customize • Patches/Fixes • Optimization and Tuning • Unable to de-Customize
  26. 26. 26 Astute Business Solutions • Speed – Critical Impact Analysis in less time over manual efforts • Reliability – Auto-discovery, algorithm-based analysis • Accuracy – No other product simulates a Tools Upgrade prior to the actual start of the upgrade to give you an accurate picture of your customizations • Predictability – Can run Fast Track before the upgrade to accurately plan and budget • Visibility - It does what PeopleSoft Tools do AND A LOT MORE over the traditional approach Benefits Traditional Subject to error and bias Fast Track Manual assessments In-depth analysis Intelligent reporting Automated discovery Fast Track is a pre-upgrade assessment tool and service that quickly details the upgrade effort
  27. 27. 27 Astute Business Solutions Typical PeopleSoft upgrade process misses details needed upfront to accurately estimate project effort Initial Pass: The Big Picture Copy of Production database Demo (current release) Database compare -to identify customizations 1 Copy PeopleTools tables 2 Update PeopleTools to new version 3 Perform Application Setup steps 7 Copy & Transform Application data Using DataStage jobs 9 New Release System database Back-up8 PRIMED TARGET Final Setup steps10 Compare custom project4 Apply customizations5 Copy PeopleTools tables Using DataStage jobs 6 Compare Reports and other tools don’t provide in-depth Impact Analysis vs. 9.0 which is critical in estimating complexity and effort of the upgrade. TOOLS TARGET
  28. 28. 28 Astute Business Solutions Compare Report does not provide Impact Analysis – Fast Track does. Drilldown to line of code Intuitive grouping by Component
  29. 29. 29 Astute Business Solutions Compare Reports don’t compare custom PeopleCode changes! Compare on the fly
  30. 30. 30 Astute Business Solutions Don’t Guess – Use detailed estimates by complexity ratings and change type Custom Custom Total Custom New Custom New Total Grand Total Row Labels High Low Medium Very High Low Medium Asset Management 54 425.6 4 483.6 3.5 33 36.5 520.1 Target Changed 12 71.5 4 87.5 87.5 Target Dropped 42 350.1 392.1 3.5 33 36.5 428.6 Target UnChange 4 4 4 Billing 24 262 286 29 29 58 344 Target Changed 6 154 160 160 Target Dropped 18 104.5 122.5 29 29 58 180.5 Target UnChange 3.5 3.5 3.5 Bills and Routings 6 88.4 2 96.4 30.5 136 166.5 262.9 Target Changed 6 42.6 2 50.6 50.6 Target Dropped 37.8 37.8 30.5 136 166.5 204.3 Target UnChange 8 8 8 Commitment Control 6 57.4 12 75.4 2.5 19 21.5 96.9 Target Changed 6 39.5 12 57.5 57.5 Target Dropped 16.9 16.9 2.5 19 21.5 38.4 Target UnChange 1 1 1 Contracts 2 2 4.25 19 23.25 25.25 Target Changed 1.5 1.5 1.5 Target Dropped 4.25 19 23.25 23.25 Target UnChange 0.5 0.5 0.5
  31. 31. 31 Astute Business Solutions PeopleCode Impact Analysis - Change Detail Sample Report
  32. 32. 32 Astute Business Solutions FastTrack Behind the Scenes
  33. 33. FastTrack Deliverables 33 Astute Business Solutions • Complete listing of online and batch custom code • Complexity Ratings by Object Type Discovery Phase Fast Track Deliverables Complete, Intelligent and Timely Information • Impact and Statistical Analysis • Code Parsing for Online and Batch • Side-by-Side Code Compare Analysis Phase • Fixed Price Proposal • Detailed Effort Estimates • Dashboard Reports Reporting Phase
  34. 34. Astute Business Solutions Fast Track Upgrade Accelerators 25
  35. 35. 35 Astute Business Solutions 9.2 Accelerator #1 – Astute Lab Upgrade • Expert 9.2 Upgrade Team Who Will Accelerate Your 9.2 Upgrade • Process Experts Who Will Analyze your Configuration and Setups • Technology Experts Who Will Analyze your Code and Customizations WHO • 4 Weeks for Initial App and Tools Upgrade • Includes Customization Analysis and Compare • Complete Documentation • Add-On Services – PTF, Retrofit, Fit-Gap WHAT • Zero Footprint Architecture • No IT or Business Overheads • Astute’s proven upgrade expertise and experience WHY
  36. 36. Traditional Upgrade Comparison of Traditional Upgrade vs. Lab Upgrade Astute Business Solutions Week 1 •Kickoff and Prep Weeks 1-3 •Procure/Rack Hardware •Install OS, Vm, DB, Storage Week 4 •Install/Configure 9.2 •Install/Configure Upgrade Tools Weeks 5-7 •Perform Initial Upgrade Weeks 8-10 •Generate Compare Reports •Analyze Compare Reports Week 1 •Kickoff and Prep •Restore Client DB into Lab •Pre-upgrade compare Week 2-3 •Perform Initial Upgrade Week 4 •Generate Compare Reports •Analyze Compare Reports Weeks 5-8 - Value Add •Make Keep/Drop Decisions •Start retrofit •Start fit-gap •Complete First Test Move AstuteLabs Upgrade
  37. 37. 37 Astute Business Solutions 9.2 Accelerator #2 – Accelerated Fit-Gap for Upgrade • 9.2 Experts with analyze your as-is and to-be processes, identify fit-gap • Incorporate new business needs into 9.2 • Use pre-built fit-gap templates (i.e. accelerators) to expedite WHO • 2 Week Engagement – Fixed Fee • First week – Workshops with Business and IT, Gather Requirements and Docs • Second week – Analyze and prepare fit-gap reports • Validate with Client and present final deliverable WHAT • Do this BEFORE your upgrade (we will provide our 9.2 sandbox for this) • Go straight into upgrade retrofit and testing after initial pass • Astute’s proven upgrade expertise and experience WHY
  38. 38. 9.2 Accelerator #3 – 9.2 Sandbox in the Cloud 38 Astute Business Solutions • Take it for a test drive and checkout new features • Consult with our experts - we can prototype new release features mapped to your business requirements and showcase them to you • See it in action – we can configure the Sandbox to mimic some of your processes and showcase them to you Astute Business Solutions has multiple instances of PeopleSoft HCM and FSCM version 9.2 up and running – get your own instance provisioned instantly by Astute today • For details, please visit http://beastute.com/solutions/astute-labs • Visualize your organization on 9.2 - We can design, prototype, test and demonstrate new release features as part of your Lab Upgrade and give you access to test it online Consider a Lab Upgrade – Save time and money and let our experts do the heavy lifting for you
  39. 39. Over 500 pre-built PTF scripts for HCM and FSCM 9.2 – PLUG and PLAY • Zero test script development time for you • Instant start for Vanilla Functionality Testing • Smaller incremental effort to include customizations • Use time saved on test automation and more testing • Savings on cost to buy a separate test automation software • Look for a demo from Astute in Aug 2013 on PTF and our PTF Accelerator pre-built script library 9.2 Accelerator #4 – FasTest PTF 9.2 Test Library
  40. 40. Overview - PTF Features and Benefits 40 Astute Business Solutions Replicates the actions of a single user executing functional tests against the PeopleSoft browser- based application. Automation of functional testing Regression Testing tool Execute the recorded test scripts (after an upgrade or a patch) against the application to verify whether the application still behaves as expected. Reduce testing time and effort Create reusable repository of test scripts. Conduct frequent test cycles. Greater accuracy and reduced testing efforts. Access to Test Maintenance and Test Coverage reports. Reporting Easy to Migrate Can be included in upgrade projects and moved to a new database as part of the upgrade process.
  41. 41. PTF Usage Scenarios Astute Business Solutions Unit Test System Integration Test User Acceptance Test Regression Test Test Automation When to use PTF: • Testing application after deploying patches and fixes • Limited functional resources to participate in testing • Limited availability of testing documentation • Highly customized environment • New Implementation projects • Upgrade projects
  42. 42. Astute Business Solutions Want more? Additional Resources from Astute Business Solutions on PeopleSoft 9.2 New Release Features are available at http://beastute.com/resources/guides-and-fact- sheets Astute Business Solutions is on Slideshare – checkout all our PeopleSoft 9.2 presentations 13
  43. 43. Thank You h t t p : / / w w w . b e a s t u t e . c o m