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Don't Just Upgrade to PeopleSoft 9.2 - TRANSFORM - Presented at OHUG 2013

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Astute is going to participate at the OHUG conference in Dallas, TX from Jun 10-14, 2013. Information about the OHUG conference is available at http://ohug.org

Astute is a member of the OHUG (Oracle HCM Users Group) community and we will be presenting a topic at this year’s annual conference. The topic is:

Title: Don’t Just Upgrade to PeopleSoft 9.2 – TRANSFORM


Are you contemplating an upgrade to PeopleSoft 9.2?

The Astute approach to 9.2 is "Don't just Upgrade - Transform". Learn how to plan your upgrade to mitigate risks with a 9.2 Health Check that can help you de-customize and do more with OOTB features. Rather than doing a "lift-and-shift" to just get you to a new release with the same old features, our approaches focuses on delivering true business value and improvements in performance and user productivity. Learn how 9.2 delivers transformation in Talent Management, Absence Management, Core HR, Payroll and many other areas.

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Don't Just Upgrade to PeopleSoft 9.2 - TRANSFORM - Presented at OHUG 2013

  1. 1. h t t p : / / w w w . b e a s t u t e . c o mDon’t Just Upgrade toPeopleSoft 9.2 - TRANSFORMOHUG 2013Presented By: Arvind RajanPeoplesoft@beastute.com
  2. 2. Agenda2 Astute Business Solutions• PeopleSoft 9.2 – A significant new release• High Impact Features in 9.2 / Tools 8.53• Plan Your Upgrade with a Health Check• Don’t Just Upgrade – Transform• Q&A – Next Steps
  3. 3. Corporate Overview• Oracle Partner – Focused on PeopleSoft,Oracle EBS, OBIEE• Experts and Leaders - in PeopleSoft HCM,FSCM, CRM, EPM, Portals, CampusSolutions and ESA• Clients and Operations in USA, Canada,Middle East and India• Global Delivery ModelWho we are3 Astute Business SolutionsCompetency Overview• Upgrade – Experienced in 8.x and 9.xupgrades, Tools Upgrades• Implementation – New Implementations,Global Rollouts, Multi-currency, Consolidation• Support – 24x7 Application Support –Functional, Technical, Development• Assessments– Security, Upgrade ImpactAnalysis, Health Check, Architecture and Sizing• Process – Process Optimization andPerformance ImprovementAbout Astute Business Solutions
  4. 4. Speaker Bio4 Astute Business SolutionsArvind Rajan• Co-Founder and PeopleSoft Practice Lead atAstute Business Solutions• PeopleSoft Solution Architect with 15 years ofexperience in implementing, upgrading andmanaging PeopleSoft applications• Experienced in PeopleSoft HCM, FSCM, CRM,EPM, CS and Portals for Healthcare, HigherEducation, Financial Services, Distribution,Manufacturing, Professional Services and Non-Profit organizations• Recent speaking engagements include OracleOpen World, Quest Midwest, DMUG, NorCalRUG, Collaborate and many others.
  5. 5. PeopleSoft 9.2 – A significant new release5 Astute Business Solutions• IDC Report: PeopleSoft Leaps Forwardwith Impressive 9.2 Release• 10 major Innovations in PeopleSoft 9.2(Oracle PeopleSoft Apps Strategy Blog)like Actionable Analytics, WorkCentersand Dashboards, Navigation with Searchand Related Items• Simpler and Intuitive, Lower TCO• Mobile Solutions for HCM and FSCM 9.2
  6. 6. What should you expect from 9.2?6 Astute Business Solutions• Secure Enterprise Search with Related Content Actions,Reduced customizations, PeopleSoft Interaction Hub andmore• Delivered mobile solutions for Expenses, Requisitions,Approvals, Company Directory and a standards-basedplatform to extend other parts of PeopleSoft to mobile• Close knowledge and process gaps with activity guides,Higher compliance with US and International regulationslike GAAP, IFRS, SEPAImproved UserExperienceMobilized andIntegrated PlatformsMore business value• User productivity increases, from WorkCenters, Access totimely and faster information through ActionableOperational Analytics, improved PeopleSoft UpdateManager etc.Increasedcost savings
  7. 7. 9.2 HCM and ELM – High Impact Features7 Astute Business SolutionsFunctional Area High Impact Features and EnhancementsAbsence Management Outlook Integration - Logging into PeopleSoft HCM is no more necessary tomanage absence requests, thus can be managed on the go.Benefits 508 Compliance, Life Events Guided Process, Benefit Enrollment StatisticsTalent Managementand CGRedesigned Candidate Gateway with Guided Navigation, new homepage,Pivot Grid analysis, Flex Hiring and JO processes, JO 360 and Applicant360Core HR andCompensationEnhanced Smart HR, Head Count Pivot Grids, Enhanced ProfileManagement, Job change in Open Compensation cycle, Pivot Grids foranalysis and comparison of salaries, Compensation HistoryePerformance Configurable, standardized work center, reduced costs, mid-period review,Outlook integration, integration to career and succession planningNA and Global Payroll Faster administration with Global Payroll and Absence Monitor,Departmental Analysis using Pivot Grids, Flexible Monitor Configuration,Enhanced Integration with Financial Gateway, SEPA Compliance,Paycheck Modeling
  8. 8. HCM Example – Recruiting Dashboard8 Astute Business SolutionsMy Job Openings –Role based view forrecruiter in this exampleSearch – Quicksearch on JO’sand Applicants(configurable)My Alerts –Real-timealerts on myjobs andapplicants
  9. 9. Tools 8.53 – High Impact Features9 Astute Business SolutionsTechnical Area High Impact Features and EnhancementsPeopleSoft SearchFrameworkFaster and powerful keyword-based search results at Application level withpre-configured indices, facets and related actions, Component Level keywordsearchLifecycleManagementPeopleSoft Update Manager – Staying current was never so easyData Migration Workbench – manages migration of configuration data withnumerous checks and approvalsPeopleSoft Test Framework – Significantly enhancedSecurityAdministrationSecure by Default initiative – salt-enabled user passwords,Embedded Help Configurable page specific help (instructions) to speed up tasks, New OnlineHelp with embedded media and interactivity BPM’sReporting andAnalysisEnhancementsRedesigned Reporting Console and My Reports Pagelet, Chart and PivotGrid enhancementsUser Interface New look and feel, Related Actions/Content, WorkCenters, Dashboards,Activity Guides
  10. 10. Astute Business SolutionsDon’t just upgrade -TRANSFORM14
  11. 11. • “Help me cut costs and streamline operations.”• “I need to adapt to changing business conditions.”• “We need to timely access to business information to make better and informed decisions.”• “My business needs to be secure, available and protected.”• “We must achieve stated business results.”• “We need a single global instance to consolidate our international business units.”• “We need an agile system that helps us compete and be responsive to our customers,suppliers and employees”.”• “We must reduce our carbon footprint and move to more online automated processes fromcurrent paper-based ones.”11 Astute Business SolutionsWhat is your business telling you?Address your Business Needs with 9.2
  12. 12. 12 Astute Business SolutionsImprove Period Close with Real timeGL to sub-system reconciliation andCollaborative PortalsPeopleSoft 9.2can Transformyour BusinessControl Data Accuracy and ImproveData Entry Speed via CombinationEditing & SpeedChartsComply and Control – ImplementFinancials Audit FrameworkSecure your enterprise data withPeopleTools EncryptionCollaborate – With employees,suppliers, customers, partnersUse 9.2 to provide True Business Value
  13. 13. Strike a Balance (If you can)13 Astute Business Solutions• Balancing business prioritieswith existing projects andsupport:• A common theme acrossmost organizations• Tactical needs overtakestrategic priorities,• Business priorities supersedeoptimization efforts• Lack of resources orknowledge internally todiscover and take advantage ofnew release features that addbusiness value• Upgrade and Transform• Extend and Integrate• Optimize and Tune• Manage IT Spend• Support Existing Apps• Manage Change
  14. 14. • Make recruiting, hiring and onboarding seamless and reach out to right talent with the right message.• Reduce overheads and increase response times by rolling out PeopleSoft self-service and mobileapplications• Use 360 degree view to get full visibility into employee training14 Astute Business SolutionsHCM and ELM –Use 9.2 to Extend and Integrate• Use 9.2 to improve your Financial Control and Reporting Business Processes• Extend Financial Audit Framework to track changes to supplier core dataFinancials• Extend and integrate with suppliers through SRM• Leverage pre-built Operational Analytics/MetricsSupply ChainPortals – Push information to your employees and communities within your organizationin real time. Give them a platform to collaborate and share.
  15. 15. Astute Business SolutionsPeopleSoft 9.2Upgrade Planning andApproach19
  16. 16. Approaching your Transformation16 Astute Business Solutions• Maintenance/Support Fatigue?• Upgrade Nightmares from the past?• Budgetary Challenges?Business Readiness• Is your platform scalable?• Do you need to upgrade hardware/software?• Are you ready to support new tools and technologies?IT Readiness• Do you know what’s coming in 9.2?• Do you have a roadmap to get there?• How can you help business and IT cope with the change?Change Management
  17. 17. A brief guide to navigate the maze of options17 Astute Business Solutions• What are some of the new features in 9.2?• How can your organization benefit?• When should you upgrade?At a glance• 9.2 - What’s been added / deleted / changed?• Would you like to compare 9.2 with 9.1? 9.0? 8.9?• Will 9.2 solve your current problems? How can you find out?• What do you need to do to prep for this upgrade?• What are some dependencies that you should address?In-depth
  18. 18. The Road(map) to Transformation18 Astute Business Solutions• Review current implementation, configurations and code• Review pain points – what’s working and what’s not• Review wish lists – must have, nice to haveBusiness Needs Analysis:The Health Check for to 9.2 is a low-cost, actionable examination of thethree areas critical to any upgrade project:• What can we transform as part of this upgrade?• How do we enable Business and IT to manage this change?• Do we have executive sponsorship?Organizational Analysis:• Infrastructure Upgrade? What’s required?• Code retrofit and migration – what’s involved?• New toolset – Portals, Web Services, Social, Collaboration – what should we look at?Technology Analysis:For details, please visit http://beastute.com/services/strategic-consulting/health-check
  19. 19. Jump Start your Transformation with a 9.2 ReadinessAssessment19 Astute Business Solutions• High-level assessment of current state including technology,process and business needs• Broad-stroke view of upgrade plan, challenges, and risksWHAT?WHY?WHEN?• Jump-start your upgrade planning efforts• Get data points to support the “transform” approach• Do it now – get a head start• Get a summary upgrade roadmap tied to your business goalsand IT initiatives• Get clearly defined next steps to achieve stated goals
  20. 20. Jump right in! Get a 9.2 Sandbox20 Astute Business Solutions• Take it for a test drive and checkout new features• Consult with our experts - we can prototype new release features mappedto your business requirements and showcase them to you• See it in action – we can configure the Sandbox to mimic some of yourprocesses and showcase them to youWe have 9.2 up and running –get your own instance provisioned instantly by Astute today• For details, please visit http://beastute.com/solutions/astute-labs• Visualize your organization on 9.2 - We can design, prototype, test anddemonstrate new release features as part of your Lab Upgrade and give youaccess to test it onlineConsider a Lab Upgrade – Save time and money and let ourexperts do the heavy lifting for you
  21. 21. Astute Business SolutionsHCM 9.2 Featuresand Innovations thatcan TRANSFORM14
  22. 22. • What• A search experience that functions similarly to theinternet• Can span multiple apps• Enables users to transact on search results• Facets to narrow result sets,• How• Delivered as well as configurable search indexes• Driven by user security access• Enterprise wide Related Actions feature• Transformation Note/Analysis• Many enhancements feature in 9.2• Application level (in 9.1) to Enterprise Wide (in 9.2)• Initiate business processes from search results• Productivity increase#10 – Global Search HCMAstute Business Solutions
  23. 23. Transformation Note/Analysis• One stop access to Alerts, Applicants, Job Openings,Interview schedules – Better user experience• Quick Search Links within the Dashboard – Saves time andeffort#9 – Improved Recruiting SolutionAstute Business SolutionsWhat• Recruiting Dashboard brings together Candidateand Job Opening Data• Job Application using Train Stops, PasswordControls, Recruiting Pivot GridsHow• New Welcome screen for candidate with theoption to customize welcome message.• Enhanced Job Search functionality for applicant• Step by step navigation that guides the applicantthrough the application process when applying fora job• Embedded Analytics like Time-to-Fill right on thedashboard page – Actionable Information
  24. 24. Transformation Note/Analysis• Performance Management Workcenter lets the manager view performance document in a easyto use, flexible and configurable page• Define Goals/Objectives and Rate or Comment them• Create mid period check points on the performance documents to initiate Employee-Managerdiscussions#8 – ePerformanceAstute Business Solutions
  25. 25. Transformation Note/Analysis• Deployed with security, No end-user training necessary• Improved user satisfaction, increased application/toolsleverage#7 – Integrated Compensation ManagementAstute Business SolutionsWhat• Reporting and Analyticscapabilities of pivot gridsembedded with transactionalpages• Open Comp Cycle Changes• Improved usability for Ad HocSalary Change• Comp History with embeddedcharts
  26. 26. Transformation Note/Analysis• Empower users while maintaining data security• Interactive• No need to export data for further analysis#6 – HCM AnalyticsAstute Business SolutionsWhat• Delivered Pivot Grids• Easily configurable new grids• Access, view, analyze, drill down, takeaction• Standard Reports• OBI Analytics• Embedded Analytics• Includes transactional analytics
  27. 27. #5 – Learning DashboardAstute Business SolutionsTransformation Note/Analysis• ELM 360 degree view• Learning Pivot Grids• Enhanced ELM/HCM Integration• What• Learning Homepage• Intuitive Learning Search• Enhanced Self Service• Activity Guides
  28. 28. • What• PeopleTools 8.52 is certified on the Safaribrowser on an iPad running version 4.2 orlater• Ability to user dashboards and workcenterson your iPad• No need to wait for development of a nativeiPad App• How• Access almost any transaction that can beaccessed on a desktop• Transformation Note/Analysis• Portability enhances acceptance,productivity, user experience#4 – Mobile CapabilitiesAstute Business Solutions
  29. 29. • What• As simple as entering a self-service absence requestusing PeopleSoft• Enables you to manage personal and absence eventsall in one single calendar• Time reporting reconfigured• How• Request and view status of an Absence Requestfrom within Outlook• View current balance in Outlook• Delivered Dynamic Display definition – can beconfigured to meet business needs• Transformation Note/Analysis• Brand new in 9.2 – Much awaited feature• Request and view status of an Absence Requestfrom within Outlook#3 – Outlook IntegrationAstute Business Solutions
  30. 30. • What• Allows employees to calculate ‘what-if’scenarios related to their paycheckwithout updating Production tables• Configurable by paygroups, time allowsfor updates, and specific earningsdeductions etc.• How• With a highly intuitive user interface• System validations in place even whilemodeling• Pulls in real-time employee pay dataand brings our estimates with drill downcapability#2 – Paycheck ModelerAstute Business Solutions• Transformation Note/Analysis• Brand new in 9.2 – Much awaited feature• Empowers employees with ability to plug in scenarios beforemaking payroll changes• Reduces workload on Support Centers and Help Desks
  31. 31. • What• Based on Tools 8.53 feature, Activity Guides• Supports end-to-end HR and Benefits Businessprocesses• 4 delivered Activity Guides• How• Step-by-step action links guide user to implementbenefit life event to their profiles• Actions could allow for updates to PS pages, custompages or external website pages• Ensures uniform compliance, data integrity• Transformation Note/Analysis• Newly transformed feature in 9.2 – Much awaited• Empowers Self Service capability for betteremployee experience#1 – Benefit Life EventsAstute Business Solutions
  32. 32. Astute Business SolutionsCompany Profile25
  33. 33. 33 Astute Business Solutions• Implement• Upgrade• Maintain• TransformORACLE PartnerIT ServicesPEOPLESOFT Experts FUSION APP Leaders• GRC• Health Checks• Process Optimization• IT RoadmapStrategy Consulting• Healthcare• Higher Education• Professional Services• Financial ServicesIndustries• 90-Day Upgrade• Data Spii• Manager Dashboard• Fast TrackSolutionsEnterprise Solutions• Software Implementations -From Concept to Go-Live• Upgrades and Maintenance –Application Upgrades,Patches/Fixes, ToolsUpgrades, DB Upgrades• Application Outsourcing –Support and MaintenanceDomain Expertise• Human Capital, Financials,Supply Chain, CRM• Governance, Risk andCompliance (Data Privacy)• Business Intelligence –Analytics, Reporting, DataWarehouses• Content Management –Integration and AutomationProducts & Solutions• Fast Track – PeopleSoftUpgrade Impact Analyzer• Data SPII - Data PrivacySolutions for PeopleSoft andOracle• Health Check for Upgrade• Smart Watch ApplicationSupport ServicesI T S E R V I C E S
  34. 34. 34 Astute Business SolutionsHuman CapitalManagement PeopleSoft ExpertiseCRMCampusSolutionsCustomerRelationshipManagementImplement• Configure, Enhance• Extend, IntegrateMaintain• Upgrade• SupportTransform• Process• PerformanceConsult• Analyze• RecommendAugment• Temporary Staffing• Contract to HireFinancial andSupply ChainManagementPortals
  35. 35. Upcoming Webinars on PeopleSoft 9.235 Astute Business SolutionsTopic DatePeopleSoft 9.2 Upgrade – Roadmap andPlanningApril 19th 2013Business Transformation using HCM 9.2May 17th 2013Transformation using FSCM 9.2Jun 14th 20139.2 Accelerated Lab Upgrade and SandboxJun 7th 2013
  36. 36. Q&AAstute Business Solutions
  37. 37. Thank Youh t t p : / / w w w . b e a s t u t e . c o m
  38. 38. AppendixAstute Business Solutions
  39. 39. Astute Business SolutionsWant more?Additional Resources from Astute BusinessSolutions on PeopleSoft 9.2 New Release Featuresare available athttp://beastute.com/resources/guides-and-fact-sheetsAdditional information on PeopleSoft 9.2 is alsoavailable atOracle Blogs – PeopleSoft Technology Blog andPeopleSoft Apps Strategy Blog –https://blogs.oracle.comOracle PeopleSoft Channel on YouTube -http://www.youtube.com/channel/UCUhQ7fBYvSqlGVSNMxRNPfg13
  40. 40. Oracle’s Long Term View on PeopleSoft40 Astute Business SolutionsPeopleSoft 9.22013 2014 2015 2016 2017 2018 20199.2 Feature PacksPeopleSoft 9.3Ongoing Delivery ofOff-Cycle capabilitiesNOTE: Information shown here is subject to change by OraclePeopleTools Releases &Feature Packs 12-18 monthsMajor ReleasesEvery ~3 YearsPeopleTools 8.53PeopleSoft 9.49.3 Feature Packs 9.3 Feature PacksPeopleTools 8.54PeopleTools 8.55PeopleTools 8.56PeopleTools 8.57PeopleTools 8.58PeopleTools 8.59