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Learning in Performance Ecosystems, AITD 2017

Keynote to AITD 2017 exploring how we learn and thrive with performance ecosystems. With references to mammoths, robots, and exploring a new role title for Learning & Development professionals along the way.

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Learning in Performance Ecosystems, AITD 2017

  1. 1. arunpradhan designing learning & performance ecosystems arunpradhan AITD2017
  2. 2. arunpradhan performance ecosystems why? what? how? what now?
  3. 3. arunpradhan why? what? how? what now? performance ecosystems
  4. 4. arunpradhan Somewhere, on the way to the 21st century, L&D took a wrong turn…
  5. 5. arunpradhan We focused on knowledge. Over know how & know who.
  6. 6. arunpradhan On separating learning and work. Over embracing work as learning. Infographic: Work is Learning, Burst the Training Bubble.
  7. 7. arunpradhan On learning. Over performance. Infographic: The Future of Corporate Learning.
  8. 8. arunpradhan Which culminated in L&D mistaking our ‘reason for being’…
  9. 9. arunpradhan As packaging and selling training. Over empowering performance.
  10. 10. arunpradhan It was always an issue but it’s become a major problem as we enter the ‘fourth industrial age’.
  11. 11. arunpradhan of existing jobs will be lost by 2020 * of Fortune 500 companies won’t exist in 10 years ** of core skills will change by 2020 * * The Future of Jobs, World Economic Forum ** John M. Olin School of Business, Washington University My father had one job in his lifetime, I will have six jobs in my lifetime, and my children will have six jobs at the same time. -- Robin Chase, Author of Peers Inc. “ “
  12. 12. arunpradhan There’s a lot of hype, fear and concern about the future and it’s important that we keep a level head. That’s why I like to pose a simple question that helps focus our attention.
  13. 13. arunpradhan How will people survive the ‘robot apocalypse’ ? * Yes, I know the ‘robot’s’ we’re talking about don’t look like this, but it’s so much cooler than a server. *
  14. 14. arunpradhan Four key capability areas to survive and thrive in our ever changing world. Learn and unlearn at will. Data and digital fluency. Be more human than ever. Creatively problem solve.
  15. 15. arunpradhan It’s a huge challenge, but it’s a mistake to approach it like we live and work in a vacuum.
  16. 16. arunpradhan why? what? how? what now? performance ecosystems
  17. 17. arunpradhan Let’s start with the obvious question.
  18. 18. arunpradhan how do you kill a mammoth? Q ) How did our ancestors hunt a mammoth?
  19. 19. arunpradhan A ) In teams, with tools, using systems.
  20. 20. arunpradhan We’ve been using performance ecosystems, we just called it ‘working smart’. That said, defining them helps to focus and develop them further.
  21. 21. arunpradhan What do you do when you start arguing with yourself? Arun Pradhan learning and performance ecosystems
  22. 22. arunpradhan Using my ecosystem to help design an ecosystem… so meta it hurts.
  23. 23. arunpradhan Farnam Street Blog Mental Models. Kolbs model. Learn through the interplay between collaborative experience and reflection. Focus on developing a latticework of mental models (a toolkit) rather than facts.
  24. 24. arunpradhan Learning in a High Performance Ecosystem.
  25. 25. arunpradhan Learning in a High Performance Ecosystem.
  26. 26. arunpradhan Learning in a High Performance Ecosystem. It’s about performance. Learning might be part of that picture (or might not). Reducing learning = reducing cognitive load and freeing up potential for higher order thought.
  27. 27. arunpradhan Killing compliance training with a sales tool
  28. 28. arunpradhan Shedding light on performance with xapi and guided conversations. Call out to Cameron Hodgkinson, the crazy xAPI genius behind Gauge.
  29. 29. arunpradhan
  30. 30. arunpradhan
  31. 31. arunpradhan
  32. 32. arunpradhan Integrating with and providing evidence for credentials to identify capabilities. DeakinDigital Credentials
  33. 33. arunpradhan Amazon, from 6 weeks to 2 days of training for holiday hires (with no classroom at all) How Amazon Gets Its Holiday Hires Up to Speed in Two Days.
  34. 34. arunpradhan why? what? how? what now? performance ecosystems
  35. 35. arunpradhan 8 key skills required to design for performance ecosystems. 8 Skills for Learning and Development Professionals to Future Proof Your Career.
  36. 36. arunpradhan 1. Empathise like a Poet. Design Thinking for Learning Innovation
  37. 37. arunpradhan 2. Reframe like a Child.
  38. 38. arunpradhan 3. Solve like a Hacker.
  39. 39. arunpradhan 4. Design like an Architect.
  40. 40. arunpradhan 5. Prototype like an Engineer.
  41. 41. arunpradhan 6. Campaign like a Marketer.
  42. 42. arunpradhan 7. Measure like a Scientist.
  43. 43. arunpradhan 8. Learn like a Gamer. • Bring awareness to your mindset • Use tools to reduce cognitive load • Learn & unlearn mental models • Create meaningful connections • Engage in stretch projects • Use tech to streamline learning • Frame up and investigate an area • Develop a reflection practice
  44. 44. arunpradhan why? what? how? what now? performance ecosystems
  45. 45. arunpradhan The mindset shift. You’re not ‘just’ a Learning and Development professional. You are a Performance Consultant/ Detective/ Architect. Possibly a Performance Hacker. What the hell, be the ‘Person that Helps Save Other People from the Robot Apocalypse!’
  46. 46. arunpradhan Your performance ecosystem checklist. • Empathise first to understand your audience, their workflow, and context. • Before you design training, consider: • encouraging challenging experiences and reflection • providing resources, job aids and performance support. • facilitating purposeful connections and collaborative networks. • leveraging systems and digital platforms • Still need training? Focus on campaigns, concepts or scenarios, in forms that can be pulled into the workflow.
  47. 47. arunpradhan www.learn2learnapp.com deakinco.com design4performance.com arunaway arunzpradhan connect with me engage us discover more ( No mammoths were harmed in the making of this presentation. )