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Tariff checkmate_Presentation

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Tariff checkmate_Presentation

  1. 1. Welcome to Tariff checkmate Version 2.0 Developed & created by: Arunav Ghosh(1018656)
  2. 2. What is tariff checkmate? It is a simple yet effective tool, to compare the four available tariffs on sale. What the tool does is once the tariff sheets in the background are updated manually by the user, the calculator pulls the unit rates, and standing charges from the data sheets; based on the GSP_ID we select from the drop down tab available on the user form. The consumption for electricity and gas (metric/imperial) is put from the input section provided in the web form. Then click on “calculate” button. The rest is done by the tool in seconds on the computer screen. It saves (AHT) and increases quality of solution provided by the agent in the process of query solution.
  3. 3. Why is it chess themed? The calculator plays with the tariffs in the same way, a player plays with the chess pieces. The piece with the best position wins. Same goes with the calculator.
  4. 4. A few screenshots from the tool
  5. 5. Page one This is the initial page which shows up when the user opens the excel macro sheet.
  6. 6. This is the web-form which pops up once the user clicks on “start calculate”. The top ones are input options to provide the calculator data to interpret into possible solutions. Page two
  7. 7. Page three This is the actual calculator sheet which works in the background. All parts of the calculator are filled up with specific formulas to support the estimation process, for a specific suggestion provided to the customers on real-time with valid data.
  8. 8. These are the data sheets which support the comparison of tariffs. These can be copied from the “Product matrix” and pasted right-off on the data sheets to save time. Page four
  9. 9. Customers Agent Website & gadgets with the end-user
  10. 10. Customers interact with us on a regular basis to handle their accounts via web chat as it is free.
  11. 11. Customer: Am I on the cheapest tariff? Agent: “Clueless”??? What do they ask most commonly regarding tariffs? Till now the answer is…..
  12. 12. Customer: Am I on the cheapest tariff? Agent: Yes/No, there is a better tariff as per your usage end- user. What do they ask most commonly regarding tariffs? Now the answer is…..
  13. 13. Possibilities The web form can be incorporated in the website, so that customers can compare the tariffs and their usage themselves right on their computer screen. Better self service provided to customers online.
  14. 14. Idea behind the tool… There is a very simple idea running behind the tool. There are instances on chat, when the customer comes on chat and ask the agent:- •“am I on the cheapest tariff?” •“How much do I save on your cheapest tariff?” •How can you say the tariff you are offering is the cheapest one on the list?” The tool is sort of an answer to the customers’ questions. Though the CRM shows the tariff best suited, but can you give a comparison to the customer?.......Now you can.
  15. 15. “Sometimes a pawn can kill the king on the other side, in a game of chess” Thanks for being a part of the audience.