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Smart cities as citizen labs

The future of smart cities are citizen labs

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Smart cities as citizen labs

  1. 1. Citizen laboratories:Smart cities of the future. Artur Serra Citilab Nov. 30th, 2011 Smart Cities Expo, Barcelona
  2. 2. “Les maisons font la ville,... les citoyens font la cité” (Rousseau) (Contrat social, I, vi, note *, OC III[1], p. 361)
  3. 3. Smart City,a necessary new infrastructure
  4. 4. Smart cities needsmart citizens... or not?
  5. 5. Smart cities will becomecitizens labs
  6. 6. Citilab: a Citizen lab
  7. 7. Citilab of Cornellà de Llobregat, an initial experimenton cities as citizens labs.
  8. 8. What a living lab is about?Living Labs are citizen-driven open innovation ecosystems in real-life settings in which innovation is fully integrated in the co- creative co-design processes for new technologies, products, services, and societal infrastructures.”.(EnoLL PPP Strategic Innovation Ecosystems and Enabling Actions for Addressing Societal Challenges and Improving European CompetitivenessPhase I: Towards the 2020 Horizon
  9. 9. st 1 step: Forming a PPPPAmb el suport
  10. 10. 2nd: Engaging a local community 5000 members, 50 workers
  11. 11. rd3 Learning by projects
  12. 12. Seniorlab
  13. 13. Digital Storytellingagainst school drop-out
  14. 14. MUSICLabFor youngmusicians
  15. 15. Edutec:Learning to innovate
  16. 16. Invent your job!From curriculum to “projectum”
  17. 17. Briefly1. Smart City can be the infrastructure of the new city.2. The Smart City, as any other city, needs citizens,smart citizens... although some people still dont believe it.3. As Citilab is showing, smart citizens are begining to organize its city as an open laboratory plenty of projects, activities, business, new cultural life, new opportunities...
  18. 18. Thanks a lot. Artur Serraartur.serra@i2cat.net