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6 weird tourist spots in the us

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Discover some weird tourist attractions in US that every traveller should visit!

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6 weird tourist spots in the us

  2. 2. GRAND CANYON SKYWALK • This horse-shoe shaped bridge with a glass bottom was built in 2007 and is maintained by the Hualapai Indian Tribe. • What’s amazing is its 4,770 ft elevation and U-shaped walkway. • Visitors across the world come here to celebrate rim-side weddings and do stunt jumps.
  3. 3. SALTON SEA, CALIFORNIA • A shallow and saline lake in the middle of the big Colorado Desert. • This lake’s surface is 234.0 ft below sea level. Dr. Milt Friend of the Salton Sea Science Office has termed it as the “crown jewel of avian biodiversity” since there are more than 400 species found here. • The salvation mountain, an artwork made from adobe, straw and lead-free paint that covers a hill in the Colorado desert is something you must visit.
  4. 4. BIGGEST BALL OF TWINE, MINNESOTA • Francis A. Johanson is known to be the first individual who alone made a ball of baler twine which is 12 feet in diameter and weighs about 17,400 pounds. • In the year 1950, Johanson begins rolling the twine for 4 hours every day. He continued this practice for as long as 29 years and made a record in the Guinness Book of World Records. • Today, this ball is inside an enclosed gazebo to prevent deterioration in Darwin, Minnesota.
  5. 5. WALL DRUG, SOUTH DAKOTA • Located in the town of Wall, South Dakota, it’s a shopping mall where you will find a drug store, restaurants, gift shops, etc. • But the twist is that wall drug is famous for its self-promoting billboards that offer ‘free ice water’ and can be seen for hundred of miles throughout South Dakota and the neighbouring states. • What makes this spot really worth a visit is their coffee for 5 cents. Give it a try!
  6. 6. METEOR CRATER, ARIZONA • In the northern Arizona desert of the United States lies the Meteor Crater which is also known as Barringer Crater. • It is an impressive hole with a diameter of 1.186 kilometers and a depth of 170 meters. • What’s most interesting is that it was formed by a fiery meteor impact as many as 50,000 years back. Got your Sci-fi spirits high?
  7. 7. UNCLAIMED BAGGAGE CENTER, ALABAMA • In the Jackson County, Alabama, The Unclaimed Baggage Center resells lost or unclaimed baggage received from the airlines. • More than a million customers visit this store every year as the items are sold at a discount of 20-80%. Sounds like worth a try!
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