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  1. 1. Git An intro to Git Source Control Management
  2. 2. Say what? Source Control Management like SVN, CVS,.. but better! Linus Throvalds (april 2005) Linux Kernel Junio Hamano (july 2005) a stupid person!
  3. 3. Ok, but why? Offline Distributed Branching Because it’s fucking fast, that’s why!
  4. 4. How git works Offline world local
  5. 5. How git works Distributed server local local local
  6. 6. How git works Branching feature commit master commit commit commit merge feature commit commit
  7. 7. Repository unstaged git add <files> local remote staged repository repository git commit git push
  8. 8. Our Workflow git checkout -b cool_feature do some fun code stuff, drink a mojito git fetch master git rebase origin/master git checkout master git merge cool_feature
  9. 9. Useful commands and files git init ‣ repository setup git add ‣ add files to queue for next commit git commit ‣ commit queued files git push ‣ push commit(s) to remote repository git pull ‣ fetch changes from remote repository git clone ‣ clone repository into a local directory .gitignore ‣ ignore specific files by adding them here
  10. 10. Cool features Uhm.. Okay...
  11. 11. Cool features stash do some cool stuff git stash fix an irritating bug git commit -a -m “Farewell, you bug!” git stash apply do some more cool stuff
  12. 12. Cool features rebase fetch changes from another branch feature commit 3 master commit 1 commit 2 commit 4
  13. 13. Cool features rebase fetch changes from another branch 1234 feature commit 3 master commit 1 commit 2 commit 4 124
  14. 14. Cool features bisect Find the code change that introduced a bug git bisect start ‣ start bisect session git bisect bad ‣ mark current revision as bad git log ‣ search a working revision git bisect good revision ‣ mark the working one as good git bisect good/bad ‣ bisect until you find the bug
  15. 15. Cool features cherry-pick Apply a change from another commit into current branch git log ‣ search the right commit git checkout branch ‣ checkout the branch you want git cherry-pick revision ‣ apply commit into branch
  16. 16. GitNub
  17. 17. Git vs SVN Git SVN Distributed Single Repository Branches partial checkout Performance Access Control Repository size Shorter revision numbers Powerful, more GUI tools little more complicated
  18. 18. git-svn using git local if you have a remote svn repository use git on your local machine staging seperate commits branches push your commits to your svn repository
  19. 19. Q&A
  20. 20. Useful resources http://www.kernel.org/pub/software/scm/git/docs/ http://peepcode.com/products/git https://github.com/ http://github.com/Caged/gitnub/tree/master http://git.or.cz/gitwiki/GitSvnComparsion
  21. 21. About us Jeroen Jacobs & Jan De Poorter @jeroen_j & @defv Openminds