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Faith in Our Urban Forest

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Holmes, Chandler and Hactic

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Faith in Our Urban Forest

  2. 2. Landscape Audit for Faith Communities
  3. 3. Welcome! About our interfaith partners Specifics: Recruitment The story of Louisville Specifics: Methodology “Terms of Engagement” Go forth and [partner]! Presentation Pathway
  4. 4. Takeaway Points 5 Religions may be slow to change but here to stay. Religion: from problem to promise Be bold and break down the language barrier – share your story with others! Join the conversation Provide latent urban foresters with usable tools that teach, and provide support when needed. Usable tools and support Partnerships with faith communities require listening to the unique needs and visions of people of faith. Mutually beneficial partnerships
  5. 5. Religious and Moral Leaders Rev Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr Thich Nhat Hanh Dorothy Day Mahatma Gandhi Fr. Thomas Merton Pema Chödrön Pope Francis
  6. 6. Faith in Our Urban Forest Why Louisville?
  7. 7. 8 NDVI
  9. 9. GreenFaith Shield Program Stacey Kennealy
  10. 10. Devan King Specifics: Recruitment & Methodology
  11. 11. RECRUITMENT Center for Interfaith Relations (Interfaith Community) River Road Mosque/ Louisville Islamic Center Christ Cathedral Episcopal Church St. Xavier Catholic High School Faith Community Consultants
  12. 12. Landscape Audit Components 16 Grounds Management Worship/ Community Landscape Mapping Tree Canopy Assessment
  13. 13. I. Tree Assessment Type: Field assessment of tree health/ inventory Metrics: Species, location, size (DBH), crown size, USFS crown health protocol, pest/diseases, tree mapping Equipment: smart phone, Healthy Trees, Healthy Cities app, DBH tape (optional)
  14. 14. II. Landscape Mapping Type: Outdoor observation/ online exercise Metrics: Landscape features, focused on pollinators/wildlife Equipment: Computer/tablet, Habitat Network website
  15. 15. III. Grounds Management Type: Basic questionnaire Metrics: Assessment of current management practices, access to property, financial expenditures (optional) Equipment: paper/pen, questionnaire, financial records (optional)
  16. 16. IV. Worship/ Community Type: Basic questionnaire Metrics: Exploration of liturgical practices, perception of nature and related concepts within community activities Equipment: paper/pen, questionnaire, camera
  17. 17. Celine answering impromptu questions from youth 21 DATA ANALYSIS PLAN ACTION Putting Information to Work
  18. 18. Devan King Going deeper… asking why?
  19. 19. Common purpose. Diverse perspectives and more hands. Giving back.
  20. 20. Brother Sikhander Chowhan “As a Muslim, leaving places cleaner than when you arrived is one of the central themes the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) taught. He was a conservationist at heart… [makes] me want to be on the front lines for the Muslim people as far as promoting sustainability and conservation.” “The mosque for Muslims – this is the most sacred place that we have in our community. If you don’t care for your place of worship, my personal belief is that that’s in a way disrespectful to our Creator.”
  21. 21. “Faith has to be relevant for people – in their everyday lives. It’s especially difficult to reach young people. Opportunities like this appeal to people we aren’t as successful reaching through traditional faith community activities like worship and bible study. By doing this work together, we are able to live out our faith commitment to God and to each other in community.” Very Reverend Joan Pritcher
  22. 22. FAITH Redemption Restoration Forgiveness Mitigation Stewardship Ritual Best Prac Preaching Teaching Enlightenment UTC Praise Celebrate PRAYER FORESTRY Restoration Mitigation Stewardship Best Practices Teaching UTC Analysis Celebrate ? Joining the Discourse
  23. 23. Looking Forward… Halida Hatic halida@interfaithrelations.org Chris Chandler Christopher.chandler@tnc.org Rachel Holmes rholmes@tnc.org www.centerforinterfaithrelations.org www.nature.org www.healthytreeshealthycities.org www.greenfaith.org www.habitatnetwork.net www.fore.yale.edu