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OpenStack Australia Day 2016 - Peter Lees, SUSE: Planning an Enterprise OpenStack Deployment

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Audience: Beginner

About: OpenStack has moved from the developer’s laptop to become real enterprise infrastructure – but what is involved in designing, deploying and maintaining an OpenStack environment in the real world?

This session will look at the solution design & infrastructure architecture considerations for enterprise OpenStack, including discussions on high availability, upgrading, and appropriate systems sizing, along with a sprinkling of case studies from real world deployments at leading adopters.

Speaker Bio: Peter Lees – Chief Technologist, SUSE

Peter Lees is chief technologist for SUSE in Asia-Pacific, charged with developing awareness of SUSE technologies & capabilities throughout the region. He has extensive experience in the IT industry, especially in open systems, IT infrastructure, and network computing, including roles at NetApp and Sun Microsystems, together with early involvement in Australia’s Internet industry.

OpenStack Australia Day Sydney 2016

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OpenStack Australia Day 2016 - Peter Lees, SUSE: Planning an Enterprise OpenStack Deployment

  1. 1. Why OpenStack?
  2. 2. Why OpenStack?
  3. 3. Why OpenStack?
  4. 4. This is not a datacentre…
  5. 5. What “Enterprise” Means
  6. 6. What “Enterprise” Means
  7. 7. What “Enterprise” Means
  8. 8. Stuff That Can be Complicated
  9. 9. It Doesn’t Have to Be Complicated
  10. 10. When dealing with cattle…
  11. 11. Get some help…
  12. 12. An Integrated Toolkit Platform Package Deploy Maintain
  13. 13. A Growing Ecosystem