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Appinions Information Technology Influence Study_August 2013

  1. Copyright © 2013 Appinions. All rights reserved. 1 Information Technology Influence Study August 2013
  2. Copyright © 2013 Appinions. All rights reserved. 2 This report explores the companies and executives who are shaping influential conversations in enterprise software. Methodology This report is based on 60 days of data taken between June 4 and August 2, 2013. The scope of this report is based on the most compelling issues around IT, exploring the most influential topics as defined by the upcoming Interop New York conference: Cloud Computing, Big Data, SaaS, Network Infrastructure, Information Security and BYOD. About Appinions Appinions is the only opinion-powered influence marketing platform designed to give companies the unmatched ability to identify, analyze, engage, monitor and measure influencers. Built on more than a decade of Cornell University research, Appinions extracts and aggregates opinions from more than six million sources including blogs, social networks, forums, newspapers and magazine articles, thus providing a more complete picture of influence. Appinions helps today’s businesses insert trust into the purchase journey by converting faceless touchpoints into influential trust points™ to optimize marketing efforts. For more information on the science of influence marketing, visit Introduction
  3. Copyright © 2013 Appinions. All rights reserved. 3 Who is an Influencer? Appinions defines an influencer as a person, brand or company that expresses a contextually relevant opinion that is meaningful enough to elicit action from others. How is Influence calculated? Appinions calculates individual influence scores based on an influencer’s opinions for a given topic. Scores are determined by the following criteria: •  Frequency of actions the opinions generate; •  Credibility of the publications in which the opinions appear; and •  Diversity of publications carrying the opinions. Appinions calculates influence at the topic level to understand the relative influence of different topics. What is the Net Influence Score (NIS)? Appinions calculates topic influence scores, or the Net Influence Scores, based on the following criteria: •  Influence scores of each individual within the topic; and •  Number of trust impressions created by each influencer on that topic. Trust impressions are driven and derived by what influencers are saying and the subsequent actions taken by the audience. What is the most “Actioned” opinion? The most “actioned” opinions are the influential opinions that resonate the most and thus travel the furthest. Influence scores in this report were obtained on August 2, 2013 and are based on data 60 days prior to that date. How Appinions Analyzes Influence
  4. Copyright © 2013 Appinions. All rights reserved. 482 330 305 222 188 71 0 50 100 150 200 250 300 350 400 450 500 4 Net Influence Score Cloud Computing Information Security Big Data SaaS BYODNetwork Infrastructure Net Influence Score of IT Related Topics In Information Technology discussions, Cloud computing takes center stage
  5. Copyright © 2013 Appinions. All rights reserved. 5 IBM today announced that Capitalonline Data Service Co., LTD (CDS), one of China's leading internet data center (IDC) service providers, has engaged IBM to develop a robust infrastructure for delivering enhanced cloud solutions. Influencer: IBM Source: Wall Street Journal Microsoft Corp launched its biggest internal overhaul in five years to streamline the development of products from Windows to tablets, hoping to catch nimbler rivals in mobile and cloud computing. Influencer: Microsoft Source: Reuters In May, SAP said it was revamping its management to sharpen its focus on cloud computing as demand for the service which saves clients money grows. Influencer: SAP Source: CNBC Intel has also highlighted the Intel Rack Scale Architecture (RSA) that aims to make data centers more scalable in order to cater to the varied requirements of cloud computing services. Influencer: Intel Source: Singapore Hardware Zone Oracle, today announced the latest 12c releases of its Cloud Application Foundation, which integrates application server and in-memory data grid capabilities into a foundation for Cloud computing. Influencer: Oracle Source: Street Insider Influence Rank Top 20 Companies in Cloud Computing 1 IBM 2 Microsoft 3 SAP 4 Intel 5 Oracle 6 Citrix 7 Google 8 Amazon 9 Akamai 10 Facebook 11 VMware 12 Dell 13 Apple 14 Nokia 15 Cisco 16 Scale Computing 17 CA Technologies 18 ClickSoftware 19 Sony 20 Rackspace Most “Actioned” Opinions by Top Companies The cloud computing trend is forcing the tech giants, such as Microsoft and SAP, to make significant internal changes.SaaS, BYOD, Security, Data Center Key Themes IBM leads the pack in Cloud Computing
  6. Copyright © 2013 Appinions. All rights reserved. 6 Company founder Michael Dell is seeking to take the company private to expand the business in tablets and cloud computing. Influencer: Michael Dell, CEO, Dell Source: Bloomberg Late last year, VMware CEO Pat Gelsinger said the company would divest non-core businesses to pursue its priority of massive enterprise-focused cloud infrastructure. Influencer: Pat Gelsinger, CEO, VMWare Source: GigaOM Influence Rank Top 20 Executives in Cloud Computing Description 1 Leyla Seka VP, AppExchange, Salesforce 2 Michael Dell CEO, Dell 3 Pat Gelsinger CEO, VMware 4 Krishna Subramanian VP, Product Marketing, Citrix 5 Rogier van der Wal VP, Cloud Services, Ipanema Technologies 6 Amy Hood CFO, Microsoft 7 David Linthicum VP, Cloud Technology Partners 8 Larry Ellison CEO, Oracle 9 Werner Brandt CFO, SAP 10 Paige Leidig SVP, CipherCloud 11 Osman Kent Founder, Numecent 12 Paramesh Gopi CEO, AppliedMicro 13 Louis Shipley CEO, VMTurbo 14 Sushil Kumar VP, Product Strategy, Oracle 15 Art Coviello EVP, EMC 16 Stacy Nethercoat VP, Product Marketing, Tech Data 17 Kevin Turner COO, Microsoft 18 George Reese Executive Director, Cloud Computing, Dell 19 Kelly Herrell VP, Software Networking, Brocade 20 Jeffrey Ubben CEO, ValueAct Most “Actioned” Opinions by Top Executives Start-up U.S. cloud service providers are subject to U.S. laws including the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA), which means the government can get access to cloud-stored information without the data's owner even knowing it. This underscores how critically important it is that businesses control and secure their own data in the cloud, and not rely solely on their cloud service provider. Influencer: Paige Leidig, SVP, CipherCloud Source: GigaOM As the wave of cloud computing continues to ripple through the technology world, many applications are being left behind because they don't translate well into being delivered as a software as a service (SaaS) in the cloud Influencer: Louis Shipley, CEO, VMTurbo Source: Network World Start-up executives emerge as thought leaders alongside existing industry veterans
  7. Copyright © 2013 Appinions. All rights reserved. 7 Cisco Systems agreed on Tuesday to buy Sourcefire, a provider of cybersecurity services, for about $2.7 billion in cash, in a reflection of the growing fervor for companies that can help guard against computer-based attacks. Influencer: Cisco Source: DealBook The CSIS suggests that we view cybercrime losses in the same way we view losses from other activities, as something tolerated to access the benefits. Influencer: Center for Strategic and International Studies Source: And in June, Microsoft said it had disrupted a widespread cybercrime operation that originated in Indonesia, among other countries. Influencer: Microsoft Source: Bloomberg Symantec Corp, the maker of Norton anti-virus software, reported higher quarterly revenue as more customers used its products for network security and data storage. Influencer: Symantec Source: Reuters The U.S. Senate Commerce Committee is circulating a bill that marks the upper chamber's first stab at cybersecurity legislation and seeks to formalize part of an executive order that sets up voluntary standards for critical industries. Influencer: Senate Commerce Committee Source: Reuters Influence Rank Top 20 Organizations in Information Security 1 Cisco Systems 2 Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS) 3 Microsoft 4 Symantec 5 Senate Commerce Committee 6 Fortinet 7 International Council of Electronic Commerce Consultant (EC Council) 8 Google 9 Sourcefire 10 KPMG 11 Check Point Software Technologies 12 European Commission 13 FDA 14 Sony 15 Department of Defense 16 French Data Protection Agency (CNIL) 17 Akamai Technologies 18 Department of Homeland Security 19 Spanish Data Protection Authority (AEPD) 20 Ponemon Institute Most “Actioned” Opinions by Top Organizations Cisco Systems accelerates the arms race with the acquisition of Sourcefire.China, Washington, North Korea, Federal Agencies, Hackers Key Themes Information Security bursts to the forefront as a top international political priority
  8. Copyright © 2013 Appinions. All rights reserved. Influence Rank Top 20 Individuals in Information Security Description 1 Keith Alexander Director, NSA 2 James Lewis Director, Center for Strategic and International Studies 3 Angela Merkel Chancellor, Germany 4 Hamadoun Toure Secretary General, ITU 5 Barack Obama President, U.S. 6 John Suffolk Global Cyber Security Officer, Huawei 7 Dmitry Rogozin Deputy Prime Minister, Russia 8 Ruslan Gattarov Senator, Russia 9 Daniel Ives Analyst, FBR Capital Markets 10 Ofir David Head of Cyber Intelligence, CyberHat 11 Anup Ghosh Founder, Invincea 12 Edward Snowden Former Employee, CIA 13 Sabine Leutheusser- Schnarrenberger Justice Minister, Germany 14 Jay Bavisi President, EC-Council 15 Jay Leek Chief Information Security Officer, Blackstone 16 Martin Jordan Head of Cyber Response, KPMG 17 Viviane Reding European Commissioner for Justice 18 Ken Baylor VP, Research, NSS Labs 19 David Shaw Chief Information Security Officer, Purdue University 20 Christopher Young SVP, Cisco 8 Alexander told an overflow audience of several thousand tech-savvy attendees of the Black Hat cybersecurity conference held annually at Caesars Places that the PRISM program has helped the FBI curtail stop 54 terrorists attacks in the U.S. and other nations. Influencer: Keith Alexander, Director, NSA Source: USA Today Merkel, who has said she first learned about the U.S. surveillance program from the media, pledged on Sunday to seek tougher European Union data protection rules and said she expected Washington to stick to German laws in the future. Influencer: Angela Merkel, Chancellor, Germany Source: Reuters Most “Actioned” Opinions by Top Executives Government Officials U.S. fugitive Edward Snowden's leaks regarding intelligence surveillance programs in the world showed Russia "nothing new,” but hastened its drive to ensure cyber-security, Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Rogozin said Monday. Influencer: Dmitry Rogozin, Deputy Prime Minister, Russia Source: Analyst confirms the security arms race Global leaders signal policy change in light of U.S. spying activities leaks by Snowden BM, Juniper and EMC are likely to follow Cisco’s lead and strike deals for cyber security operators, he said. Influencer: Daniel Ives, Analyst, FBR Capital Markets Source: Bloomberg
  9. Copyright © 2013 Appinions. All rights reserved. 9 IBM today announced the launch of Digital Delta, a breakthrough innovation program that will harness insights from Big Data to transform flood control and the management of the entire Dutch water system. Influencer: IBM Source: Morningstar See how big data can make life easier. @OgilvyOne. Influencer: OgilvyOne Source: Twitter The Google Cloud Platform offers a broad set of application development, cloud storage, large scale computing, and big data capabilities bringing SendGrid to more than 300,000 developers building on the Google Cloud Platform. Influencer: Google Source: Yahoo! Finance Verint helps them make Big Data Actionable™ through the ability to capture, analyze and act on large volumes of rich, complex and often underused information sources— such as voice, video and unstructured text—in order to make more informed and effective business decisions. Influencer: Verint Video Source: There are certainly businesses within all industry verticals still struggling to figure out how to use big data to their advantage, but a new survey from Oracle suggests utility companies are farther behind. Influencer: Oracle Source: ZDNet Influence Rank Top 20 Companies in Big Data 1 IBM 2 Amazon 3 OgilvyOne Worldwide 4 Google 5 Verint Video 6 Oracle 7 Pivotal 8 CA Technologies 9 Intel 10 MapR Technologies 11 SAP 12 Actian 13 Microsoft 14 Accel Partners 15 VMware 16 Deloitte 17 Cisco 18 Informatica 19 Cloudera 20 DataStax Most “Actioned” Opinions by Top Companies Just having a large amount of data is not enough. Companies are looking for ways to unleash the power of big data through applications and analytics. Analytics, Social Media, Hadoop, Marketing, Healthcare, Privacy Common Themes Big Data is significantly impacting the advertising sector; where are the agencies?
  10. Copyright © 2013 Appinions. All rights reserved. 10 Influence Rank Top 20 Executives in Big Data Description 1 Doug Balog General Manager, Power Systems, IBM 2 Maurice Lévy CEO, Publicis 3 Tom Reilly CEO, Cloudera 4 Steve Shine CEO, Actian 5 Abhishek Mehta CEO, Tresata 6 Chris Thomas Big Data Solution Architect, IBM 7 Shawn Rogers VP, Enterprise Management Associates 8 Varun Singh CEO, ScaleArc 9 Ron Bodkin CEO, Think Big Analytics 10 Ely Kahn CEO, Sqrrl 11 Fern Halper Director, The Data Warehousing Institute 12 Meg Whitman CEO, HP 13 Joe Tucci CEO, EMC 14 Michael Hummel CEO, ParStream 15 Graham Taylor SVP, Marketing, TW Telecom 16 Chad Mills President, FedResults 17 Sean Anderson Product Marketing Manager, Rackspace 18 John Schroeder CEO, MapR Technologies 19 David Goulden COO, EMC 20 David Jonker Director, Product Marketing, SAP Labs Most “Actioned” Opinions by Top Executives Start-ups Doug Balog, general manager for IBM Power Systems says that more customers are trying to handle mission critical and complex cloud and big data workloads -- and that they want to do so in an open Linux environment. Influencer: Doug Balog, GM, Power Systems, IBM Source: Open Source Insider Maurice Lévy, Chairman and CEO of Publicis Groupe, said: "The communication and marketing landscape has undergone dramatic changes in recent years including the exponential development of new media giants, the explosion of Big Data, blurring of the roles of all players and profound changes in consumer behavior. Influencer: Maurice Lévy, Chairman and CEO, Publicis Source: Yahoo! Finance With that heritage in mind, Reilly said, "Security is a top priority for large enterprises that are increasingly using Hadoop to manage Big Data.” Influencer: Tom Rilly, CEO, Cloudera Source: MarketWatch Start-up execs dominate the big data discussion, adding fuel to the fire of consolidation
  11. Copyright © 2013 Appinions. All rights reserved. 11 Influence Rank Top 10 Companies in SaaS 1 Microsoft 2 Oracle 3 Salesforce 4 Google 5 Matrix Solutions 6 Apple 7 Fujitsu 8 SAP 9 Nimble 10 Adobe Most “Actioned” Opinions by Top Companies Google and Apple are more influential than most other companies even though they don’t have a trending message. Their wide product offerings places them in many SaaS related conversations.Cloud, Small Medium Business, CRM Common Themes While Microsoft is not planning to announce the full details until next week, the company has "completely rethought" licensing and pricing for Dynamics, with changes to include "soft bundles with things like Yammer and Office 365. Influencer: Microsoft Source: After two quarters of falling sales, Oracle announced partnerships in June with former foes Microsoft and , a response in part to AWS's expansion. Influencer: Oracle Source: CNBC and are extra-cost services, but Salesforce says the Sales Performance Accelerator combo offers discounted pricing. Influencer: Salesforce Source: Information Week Fujitsu said it is equipping itself to support customers wherever they are on their cloud journey, by building the broadest portfolio in the industry of IaaS, PaaS, SaaS and Cloud Integration Services. Influencer: Fujitsu Source: Network World Asia Matrix Solutions, the leading provider of Media CRM and Sales Analytics Software, announces Matrix University, a new online training program that users of their system can access 24/7. The online program consists of video tutorials, product documentation, and the ability to test your knowledge of the system through online courses. Influencer: Matrix Solutions Source: Digital Journal Dynamics CRM revamp boosts Microsoft’s influence; Oracle benefits from new partnerships
  12. Copyright © 2013 Appinions. All rights reserved. Influence Rank Top 10 Executives in SaaS Description 1 Larry Ellison CEO, Oracle 2 Adam Seligman VP, Developer and Partner Marketing, Salesforce 3 Jon Ferrara CEO, Nimble 4 Guy Gilbert Senior Product Manager, Microsoft Office, Microsoft 5 Sara Varni Director, Marketing, Salesforce 6 Michael Lazerow CMO, Marketing Cloud, Salesforce 7 Kevin Turner COO, Microsoft 8 Leyla Seka VP, AppExchange and Partner Operations, Salesforce 9 Mark Hurd President, Oracle 10 Kevin Machayya Senior Marketing Manager, Microsoft 12 In the conference call, Ellison told reporters that " and Oracle have some overlapping products, but there are far more opportunities to work together than to compete." Influencer: Larry Ellison, CEO, Oracle Source: Computerworld The focus of the 20 open-source HTML5 and CSS-based templates is on exploiting "micro-moments," or the many brief periods of interaction people have with their mobile devices each day, said Adam Seligman, vice president of developer relations, platform. Influencer: Adam Seligman, VP, Salesforce Source: ITWorld After 10 years outside the business, Ferrara founded Nimble in 2009 to capitalize on his conclusion that CRM products for small businesses were either unsatisfying or too expensive and complex. Influencer: Jon Ferrarra, CEO, Nimble Source: Fortune Most “Actioned” Opinions by Top Executives Salesforce executives lead share of voice in the SaaS discussion
  13. Copyright © 2013 Appinions. All rights reserved. 13 Intel is expecting strong performance in its Data Center business fueled by cloud storage, networking and high performance. Influencer: Intel Source: ValueWalk Grid operators could offer price incentives to move computation to these good times or locations, based on the preferences of the customer or data center operator, Microsoft says. Influencer: Microsoft Source: SustainableBusiness The Netherlands banking regulator has approved Amazon Web Services (AWS) for use by financial organizations, Amazon said on Monday. Influencer: Amazon Source: PCWorld It said the sale completes the "divestitures associated with realignment actions" announced at the end of January to focus on its three strategic growth priorities: software-defined data center, hybrid cloud and end-user computing. Influencer: Vmware Source: Ulitzer Influence Rank Top 10 Companies in Network Infrastructure 1 Intel 2 Microsoft 3 Amazon 4 VMware 5 IBM 6 Apple 7 Google 8 Facebook 9 Cisco 10 CyrusOne Most “Actioned” Opinions by Top Companies Cloud Computing, Cloud Storage, Energy Consumption, Colocation Common Themes Apple, Google, and Facebook all exemplify this trend IBM said the move is also an attempt to capitalize on a growing trend among data center operators who design their own hardware rather than buy commodity hardware off the shelf. Influencer: IBM Source: CRN Amazon and Cisco display low influence relative to high market share
  14. Copyright © 2013 Appinions. All rights reserved. 14 Influence Rank Top 10 Executives in Network Infrastructure Description 1 Diane Bryant SVP and GM, Data Center and Connected Systems Group, Intel 2 Shannon Poulin VP and GM, Data Center and Connected Systems Group, Intel 3 Craig Labovitz Founder and CEO, Deepfield 4 Carl Eschenbach COO, VMware 5 Michael Dell CEO, Dell 6 Mike Rinken Director, IT, Mazzetti 7 Seamus Crehan President, Crehan Research 8 Herbert Merz CEO, Coriant 9 Rajeev Chawla CEO, CloudVelocity 10 Clemens Pfeiffer CTO, Power Assure Most “Actioned” Opinions by Top Executives "With this new product, we'll be delivering the best of both worlds: high performance and high density," said Diane Bryant, general manager of Intel's data center and connected systems group, at an Intel event in San Francisco. Influencer: Diane Bryant, SVP and GM, Intel Source: He said that Intel was seeking to provide products that would help data centers retool to handle the new demands placed on them. Influencer: Shannon Poulin, SVP and GM, Intel Source: The results, Labovitz said, speak to the growing trend of not just Google, but other major technology companies like Facebook, Netflix and Apple either building out their own networking infrastructure or relying on the hosting services of other companies like Amazon's S3 cloud hosting. Influencer: Craig Labovitz, Founder and CEO, Deepfield Source: PCWorld Intel pivots from PCs to data centers
  15. Copyright © 2013 Appinions. All rights reserved. 15 IBM says the software tools let line-of-business employees produce, share and distribute data-driven digital content on the fly to all mobile and social channels without help from the IT department. Influencer: IBM Source: Morningstar We have campaigns around the world where a Lumia phone is a companion device together with tablet selected by company X, Y or Z." As well as keeping an eye on large enterprises and BYOD, Nokia is hoping to win over SMEs to Windows Phone. Influencer: Nokia Source: ZDNet Bradford Networks announced strategic technology partnerships and integrations with industry leading security, mobility, and wired/wireless vendors to provide organizations with an integrated BYOD ecosystem. Influencer: Bradford Networks Source: Yahoo! UK and Ireland The benefits of letting employees bring their own devices to work are clear and well documented, about 60% of us do already and Intel recently reported that its BYOD programme has saved it around 57 minutes in productivity per employee every day Influencer: Intel Source: IDG Connect The security nightmare corporations face with the BYOD trend just got worse with the release of Google's new Moto X…Google is hoping to lure customers with a personal digital assistant that's easy to use… Influencer: Google Source: Influence Rank Top 10 Companies in BYOD 1 IBM 2 Nokia 3 Bradford Networks 4 Google 5 Intel 6 Cisco 7 Citrix 8 Apple 9 Samsung 10 T-Mobile Most “Actioned” Opinions by Top Companies Driven by “consumerization” and cloud computing, BYOD is here to stay.Mobile Device Management, Security, Cloud Computing, Company Data Common Themes Blackberry gone; Nokia, Google, and Apple weigh in on mobile devices in BYOD
  16. Copyright © 2013 Appinions. All rights reserved. BYOD: consumers’ demand for cool colliding with business’ need for security 16 Influence Rank Top 10 Executives in BYOD Description 1 Dermot Doherty CTO, iSpaces 2 Jack Gold Principal, J.Gold Associates 3 Kurt Bager CEO, Netop 4 Nasi Jazayeri EVP and GM, Chatter, Salesforce 5 Joel Bomgar CEO, Bomgar 6 Steve Martino VP, Information Security, Cisco 7 Ojas Rege VP, Strategy, MobileIron 8 Mitch Black President, MOBI 9 Stu Sjouwerman CEO, KnowBe4 10 Chris Patterson VP, Product Management, NaviSite Most “Actioned” Opinions by Top Companies "It also eases the burden from IT departments to find proper devices for their employees, manage service plans, and maintain the latest software and hardware upgrades," he said, while also providing "a safe and manageable storage place for company information that is not stored on any particular device, but merely accessible from it.” Influencer: Dermot Doherty, CTO, iSpaces Source: Forbes The app store is what made BYOD [bring your own device] possible,” said Jack Gold, principal analyst at J. Gold Associates. Influencer: Jack Gold, Principal, J.Gold Associates Source: ReadWrite With the dramatic increase in iPad classrooms and BYOD environments in schools today, we wanted to provide educators with more ways to incorporate these smart devices into teaching and learning. Influencer: Kurt Bager, CEO, Netop Source: 4-Traders
  17. Copyright © 2013 Appinions. All rights reserved. 17 Contact Us! To learn more about Appinions and our modular approach to influence marketing, contact us at or +1 646-532-3062. Web: Twitter: @appinions LinkedIn: