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9 painless ways to decrease screen time for kids and make it valuable

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Planning to decrease the screen time for your child but clueless where to start? Well, it's all about taking one small step at a time! Check out our 9 practical tips for decreasing screen time and making it valuable!

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9 painless ways to decrease screen time for kids and make it valuable

  1. 1. KIDS ANI SCREEN TIME STATISTICS j j ADVICE The APP recommends no more than 2 hours of screen time for kids and teens daily THE REALITY The average American child ” I watches more than E ag nd Kids ed 2-10 spe Smartphones are less than half of their ‘he m°5t 23% Of surveyed kids screen time consuming freqlfefitly “Sad Said their Parents Set . educational media dfévlce among TV-watching rules hours of dafly children 8 years old and younger EASY TIPS Tl] IIEIIREASE SCREEN TIME FIIR KIDS Create screen- Unplug / turn-off the {moose media free zones device when you are with educational not using it content 0 Talk about what Be present in your Try to show the they learnt from kids‘ digital life knowledge from media the movie/ app in real life examples Don't allow Record interesting Choose content snacks during programmesl movies that requires screen time interaction RISIIS [IE IIVER-EXPIISIIRE Obesity Less time for play ¢. ;" 6 % J 0 (rs . o o ll- . I W 1 Insomnia _/ Violence problems with sleeping I 1"‘ " .9 _ Q 5255 £353 66 Lower academic Behavior performace problems / E "I5 we marry educational technology with qualitg, enriching content, that s a circle o5 win. LeVar BUFIIOI1 1 9 Resources: httpz/ /www. zero1ioth ree . o rg/ pa renli ng -resource s/ scre en -sen se/ scree n-sense_wp_fi na I3 . p df http J/ www. joa ng anzcooneycentenorg/ publ ication/ lea mi ng-at-ho mel http 1/www. mayocl in ic. orgIhea lthy-I ifestyle/ ch ildre ns-h ea lth/ in-de pth/ chi ldren-and-tv/ a rt-2 0047 952