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How to (almost certainly) fail: Building vs. buying your API infrastructure

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Do you buy or build your own API layer? For some reason, this question never seems to go away, but the answer remains the same. Building a solution might appear to be a less expensive route, but most IT teams ignore the cost and resources it takes to maintain homegrown software.

Learn when to build and when to buy in this presentation.

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How to (almost certainly) fail: Building vs. buying your API infrastructure

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  3. 3. Build v Buy 4 ©2015 Apigee. All Rights Reserved. We’ll try to be fair, but the deck is stacked.! 17% fail so badly as to threaten the company (McKinsey)! 75% of ERP projects fail (Gartner)! 70-80% of BI projects fail (Gartner)! 68% of IT projects fail (ZDNet)!
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