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  2. Between Brazil and which other South American country are the waterfalls of Iguaçu located? Argentina What’s the name of the continent where organ-utans are found in wild life? Asia Which country produces the most apples world-wide? China What kind of pet is a saluki? a dog What’s the name of the only golf tournament that’s always taking place at the same spot? US Masters (in Georgia)
  3. What did Nokia produce before getting started with mobile phones? wellies Who was the formula 1 driver who ended his career 2016 after becoming world champion? Nico Rosberg What spice can you get from a plant whose Latin name is ‘Laurus nobilis’? bayleaf Which two countries of Great Britain voted for the Brexit? England and Wales In which direction does the bird of the Twitter logo fly? right
  4. What did Singapore forbid in 1992 ? chewing gum Can you see the Chinese Wall from the moon? Yes or no? no In which children’s book can you find Wendy, John and Michael? Peter Pan What’s the highest mountain in Africa? Kilimanjaro In what sport do the contestants have to use a map and a compass? orienteering
  5. What’s the currency of Poland? zloty What colour is the hat of Papa Smurf? red What did the ancient Greek hide in a wooden horse in the Trojan war? soldiers Where does the sport sumo originate? Japan In which country do people eat guinea pigs? Peru
  6. Who was the first South American Pope? Pope Francis What’s the name of the musical where the actors where rollerskates? Starlight Express The Merlin Award is given to talented people who do what? do magic How many rings does the Olympic sign have? five Which artist painted the painting ‘the scream’? Edvard Munch
  7. Which European country has the shape of a boot? Italy What spice is traditionally the main ingredient for pesto? basil Which is the biggest island in Europe? Great Britain What’s the sum of the eyes on the opposite sides of a die? 7 Where can you find the Crown Jewels? in the Tower of London
  8. Which city in Germany has the most bridges? Hamburg What do the Latin words ‘mea culpa’ mean? my fault In what sport did the brothers Wladimir and Vitali compete against each other? boxing Where do IKEA and Volvo originate from? Sweden Which novel character is the strongest girl in the world? Pippi Longstocking