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Lean Requirements Without Skimping on the Meat - WordCamp Minneapolis 2015

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In today’s website feature debates, you and your team hash out priorities based on budgets, timelines, and what one of the clients mentioned in passing, ignoring the larger context of the design problem. We focus on the current list of edits–and rallying for the user is lost in the shuffle. In this session, you’ll be introduced to a framework for approaching your WordPress project’s situational analysis from many perspectives, to create success goals that resonate with everyone on your team—including your client’s wallet-bearers.


- A method for breaking complex design problems into smaller problems without losing awareness of larger project needs

- A skeleton for assembling more effective, yet lightweight use-cases to audit against

- Ammunition to debate the validity of your decisions (and win)

This session is designed for web professionals of all levels and skillsets–including design, development, and content planning. It’s not required, but a writing utensil is recommended.

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Lean Requirements Without Skimping on the Meat - WordCamp Minneapolis 2015

  1. 1. Lean Requirements, Without Skimping on the Meat
  2. 2. Let’s start with an exercise
  3. 3. :D much excitement
  4. 4. CAESAR ● romaine ● parmesan ● black olives ● (optional) chicken ● caesar dressing ● croutons * extra credit for sardines
  5. 5. : meh.
  6. 6. GREEK ● iceberg ● feta ● kalamata olives ● tomato ● cucumber ● peppers ● red onion ● (any oil & vinegar will do)
  7. 7. :[ somewhat defeated
  8. 8. COBB ● iceberg ● boiled egg ● avocado (if we’re lucky) ● cheddar ● tomato ● bacon bits ● ranch dressing
  9. 9. :( negative brand attribution >
  10. 10. Ruh-roh Where’d we go wrong?
  11. 11. What to build rather than what to accomplish
  12. 12. Intake Form How many pages? _________ Stock photography? Yes / No Flash? Yes / No Internet Explorer? Yes / No Will you need a: ❏ Sign-up form ❏ Discussion board ❏ Shopping cart ❏ “Members only” area
  13. 13. Intake Form How many bins? _________ Do you like meat? Yes / No Do you like bacon? Yes / No Want a meaty bacon? Yes / No Will you need a: ❏ Bacon ❏ Meat ❏ Meat-Bacon ❏ Bacon-Meat
  14. 14. Yes, pls.
  15. 15. bacon bacon bacon bacon bacon bacon “MEAT” bacon bacon bacon bacon bacon bacon “I really like cheese” bacon bacon beets bacon bacon bacon-flavored dressing
  16. 16. Sounds great, but doesn’t solve user problems
  17. 17. CAESAR● romaine ● par GREEK ● iceberg ● feta ● kalamata olives ● tomato ● cucumber ● peppers COBB● iceberg ● boiled egg ● avocado ● cheddar ● tomato ● bacon bits ● ranch dressing
  18. 18. So how do we get to those requirements?
  19. 19. Anthony D Paul Sr. UX Designer
  20. 20. To start… If you make functional recommendations, you’re a UX designer
  21. 21. Sometimes we can't sell good UX, we have to sneak it in.” @brownorama #ias15 “
  22. 22. my perceived needs your actual needs client we
  23. 23. They’re not wrong One piece of a shared understanding puzzle
  24. 24. website (salad bar)
  25. 25. business website (salad bar)
  26. 26. business user type user type user type competition content admins website (salad bar)
  27. 27. website (salad bar) business user type user type user type competition content admins
  28. 28. reality hammer not enough budget not enough time
  29. 29. problem
  30. 30. problem What is the solution?
  31. 31. pr ob le m
  32. 32. pr ob le m Which parts of the problem are biggest? Should we know more about this part?
  33. 33. problem Does it become a different problem from another viewpoint?
  34. 34. problem philosophy toolsperspective(s) What and how much should we know? How do we get to the answers we need? What role does this site play in its ecosystem?
  35. 35. “lean” philosophy
  36. 36. There is always too much [website] to build.” @jeffpatton #sxsw2015 “
  37. 37. Lean Squeeze the most value out of limited resources. Use any means to arrive at good enough as quickly as possible—then show it to somebody and try again. ● Define success, solve that ● Only produce needed documentation ● Seek pains and joys
  38. 38. If you think of a product you love, you don’t love it because it was finished on time.” @jeffpatton #sxsw2015 “
  39. 39. situational analysis perspective(s)
  40. 40. Support “Minimum viable product” Improve “Not yet addressed / Opportunities Innovate “Beyond improvement, change industry? Ask research questions to…
  41. 41. Our job is to change the world…or ‘dent the universe’. Steve Jobs
  42. 42. CONTRIBUTORS only hearing decision-makers if they’re lucky enough to be in the room COMPANY
  44. 44. COMPANY Support What does my website need to do to maintain our existing success? Improve How can my website further our business, brand, and mission? Innovate Are there opportunities to support our business in ways not yet imagined? decision-makers • brand • finance
  45. 45. COMPETITORS Support What is the baseline for survival in our market? Improve How can my website differentiate us from our peers? Innovate Are there opportunities to rethink how our market operates? direct • aspirational • indirect (recruitment)
  46. 46. CONSUMERS Support What do our existing consumer groups need? Improve What consumer groups are we ignoring? (ex. media, bloggers) Innovate What can we give our consumers that doesn’t directly benefit our company? (ex. knowledge sharing) people • search engines • devices • APIs
  47. 47. CONTRIBUTORS Support Who feeds the website (admins and consumers) and what are their tasks? Improve Which tasks are most repetitive or cumbersome and can be optimized? Innovate How can we change the focus of a contributor’s work from assembly worker to expert strategist? internal • consumers • APIs
  48. 48. CLIMATE Support To be successful, what is critical for reception? Improve If we fail, what will cause it and how can we prevent it? Innovate What could we do to change this industry entirely? today’s market • trend forecast
  49. 49. tools surveys interviews internet research task analysis user journey maps IA docs (sitemaps, wires) prototypes (paper, code) usability tests …more
  50. 50. task analysis tools
  51. 51. credit: @alanklement http://is.gd/6RQRwO Tasks vs stories
  52. 52. Focus on roles (to get to tasks) Content writer Content editor Subscriber Job-seeker Tweeter Associate Co- Something or Other I edit and sometimes write. My kid knows the tweets.
  53. 53. ex. Content Writer Tasks they want to perform Write popular posts Accumulate quality points Tasks we want them to perform Promote advertiser products Promote recruitment via personal channels
  54. 54. ex. Content Writer Motivations Company has financial incentives for number of ad clicks per month Anxieties Product placement brands aren’t cool Influenced by Content Editor, brand, incentives Influences Job-seekers, peers, subscribers
  55. 55. ex. Content Writer What we learned: CW influenced by CE. We want CW to promote advertiser products. Recommendation: Create dashboard for CE to see number of placements by CW. Include in-editor tool to recommend spots for product placement based on keyword context.
  56. 56. Full circle
  57. 57. philosophy Lean Focus on the most important problems to solve. Define success and work toward that. tools (any) Employ any tool, but only when you need it. Treat tools as disposable decision- makers. perspective Five C’s Reframe the problem to ask the right questions. Focus on solving real problems from real stakeholders.
  58. 58. CAESAR● romaine ● par GREEK ● iceberg ● feta ● kalamata olives ● tomato ● cucumber ● peppers COBB● iceberg ● boiled egg ● avocado ● cheddar ● tomato ● bacon bits ● ranch dressing
  59. 59. romaine iceberg parmesan feta cheddar black olives kalamata olives chicken bacon boiled egg tomato red onion peppers cucumber avocado croutons La Choy sesame seeds dried cranberries dressings
  60. 60. Worksheet
  61. 61. Communicating Design: Developing Web Site Documentation for Design and Planning http://is.gd/Fz4PD1 (Amazon books), Dan Brown Situational Analysis: 5C Analysis http://is.gd/IXdYS4 Wikipedia Designing Features Using Job Stories http://is.gd/6RQRwO Smashing Magazine, Alan Klement Lean UX: Getting Out of the Deliverables Business http://is.gd/FN6b1v Smashing Magazine, Jeff Gothelf Thank you @anthonydpaul