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Commercial & Spot Fire Extinguishers for Sale in New York (NY)

Chase Fire is the modern company supplies the fire products. We offer the commercial & spot fire extinguishers for sale in New York (NY). Our main goal is to offer simple and fast, professional services to our customers.

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Commercial & Spot Fire Extinguishers for Sale in New York (NY)

  1. 1. ovalfireproducts.com Oval Innovation Means… Unparalleled Design Flexibility • Fit a FULLY-RECESSED, fire-rated cabinet in a STANDARD-DEPTH wall • Never again build out a wall to 6 or 8 simply to accommodate a fire extinguisher • Fully-recessed cabinets can be installed in a 2-1/2 studded partition or a 6” masonry wall, saving construction costs valuable real estate • Slender profile allows for design flexibility and better aesthetics along hallways and corridors • Oval Brand fire extinguishers look great and complement any décor BEAUTY. BRAINS. BRAWN. The Oval Brand fire extinguisher is much more than a pretty face. Model 10JABC shown installed in a fire-rated cabinet in a 3-5/8 studded wall
  2. 2. Call 630.635.5000 or visit ovalfireproducts.com fb.com/ovalfireproducts linkedin.com/company/oval-fire-products-inc- @ovalfire Oval Innovation Means… More Secure Mounting • Our patented button hook is the most durable and safest design available • Our button hook design allows the extinguisher to rotate nearly 90° in either direction without falling, reducing risk • Oval Brand fire extinguishers are more likely to stay mounted to the wall or column when bumped • Attaches to a wall or column with a single fastener Oval Innovation Means… You’re Now in Compliance • The Oval Brand fire extinguisher complies with ADA, IFC, AODA, ICC/ANSI A117.1 and ISO 21542 protruding object limits when installed in accordance with NFPA 10 • Never protrudes more than 4 even when measured diagonally on a round building column • Complies with all state and local building codes Innovating Unparalleled Fire Protection Products Model 10HABC shown mounted to an 8 round column Made in the USA from 85%+ Domestic Materials Oval Innovation Means…Fire Protection Products at Their Best U.S. PATENT NOS. 9,364,696, D760,443, D760,444 AND D777,566