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Brand Identity Creation for ELAN Limited

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Brand Identity Creation for ELAN Limited through conceptualizing press ads, brochures and visual identity elements

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Brand Identity Creation for ELAN Limited

  1. 1. Move Advantage W’
  2. 2. ourVlSlOliyour * advantage '1 BUILDING YNE FUTURE RESIDENTIAL | COMMERCIAL I HOSPITALITY An inflexible focus on meticulous planning, attention towards architectural nuances and reliance on cutting edge technology are cornerstones of ELAN Group. ELAN, a name that stands for driving value to its customers, delivers The Real Advantage —- be it from a location, quality, lifestyle or even investment standpoint. With up»coming proiects, all developments by ELAN are going to be new additions in architectural vocabulary. ELAN is a collaborated venture of K 8. T Group and ATF Infrastructure, which have herald new chapters in real estate business.
  3. 3. .. _.PL‘g . -El. » ill: HBHIIIII i. t I . ’E . , . l3lPlI . IIII‘ _ LEAVING FO%l%$lR'sl§FOLLOW Inspired by the potential available in the real estate business, ELAN entered the space with substantial development across verticals. Be it residential townships, commercial landmarks or organised retail destinations, all aesthetic developments by ELAN , high street shopping centres and commercial areas to offer international are enviously located within the vicinity of 5 star hotels lifestyles. Enjoying great connectivity and location advantage get ready to witness exciting urban development by ELAN.
  4. 4. “W A “FE iaurcoma LIFESTYLES
  5. 5. “ www. elanlimited. com ’ new heights of s Realty Assiifed return with Flexi payment plan. 77Z52€2420l ELAN Group invites you to experience the latest in building sophistication with its upcoming project Mercado A High Street Retail project with Serviced Apartments. 7I($2e,4D0 adds a sparkle to Gurgaons skyline, using Neo—Modern architectural design Strategically located on NH 8. it htfers hard to believe benefits. ° Spaciously built in 3 acres area on NH8 - High Street Retail on ground and first floor for a great shopping experience - Salubrious Food Court Fine dining Restaurants 8. Cale on second lloor - Meticulously planned Serviced Apartments from third floor upwards ° Equipped with world class recreational facilities like Open Spaces Root top club and Swimming pool. ~ Attractive payment plan with fixed return scheme - Close proximity to Delhi and proposed Rapid Metro