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A Lean Design Process for Creating Awesome UX

Lean UX is a proven approach for lean startup environment. My lean UX process is based on a commonly 6 step cycle ux process. In my practice with a few startups, I found it worked better for me to split the first step “concept” into 2 steps: discovery and wireframe. Thus my process is 7 steps – discovery, Wireframe, prototype, validate internally, test externally, summarize, iterate.

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A Lean Design Process for Creating Awesome UX

  2. 2. CHALLENGES FOR UX-DERS IN STARTUP Note: Illustration by Claire Murray. Adapted by Annie Wang. Challenges & Situation §  Fewer resources §  Creative isolation §  Multiple directions §  Fast pace, tight schedule.
  3. 3. DESIGN CAN CHANGE BUSINESS h"p://www.linnnk.com/confiden2al-­‐apple-­‐diagram  Design Is A Marketing ToolThe best marketing tool you can have is a well-designedapplication.
  4. 4. UX DESIGNER AS A FACILITATOR Note: Left: Reproduction rights obtainable from www.cartoonstock.com; right: Rosenfeld Media.The role of UX designer is changing§  Less about the beautiful pictures, more about facilitation and collaboration§  Manages and plans team interaction in the design process§  Needs to have broad skills, more than design disciplines.
  5. 5. LEAN UX FOR START UPWHAT IS LEAN UXA proven approach for a Lean Startup.GUIDING PRINCIPLES OF LEAN UX§  Designer + Product Manager + developer = 1 Product Team§  Goal-Driven & Outcome-Focused§  Repeatable and routinized§  Rapid cycles: think/make/check§  Generate many options and decide quickly which to pursue§  Focus on solving the right problem§  Recognize hypotheses and validate with user feedback§  Externalize: Make your work and your process visible to the rest of your team.§  Research with users is the best source of information & inspirationNote: http://luxr.co/lean-ux/9-principles-for-lean-ux/
  6. 6. MY LEAN UX PROCESS1 2 3 4 5 6 7
  7. 7. CASE STUDY: PHOTOBOX!1 2 3 4 5 6 7
  8. 8. LEAN ≠ SKINNY Reduce  Cycle  Time   Not  Build  Time   MAKE  THINK   CHECK   Note: Left: Lean UX fundamentals, Kellogg Edition, 04/2011; Right: Original artist: Leigh Rubin.
  9. 9. USER FEEDBACK IS THE KEY Note: From “Design Criticism and the Creative Process” by Cassie MacDanielWhat sales promised   Pre-release version   General release version   What the customer actually wanted  
  10. 10. MY DESIGN PHILOSOPHY LESS IS MORE §  Simple and clear §  More details §  Less features §  More interactions §  Less pages §  More innovations §  Less buttons §  More on customer §  Less on “wow” feedback
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