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Wonder! How to replace your Laptop's Hard Drive?

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Are you in need to replace your laptop's hard drive??

Wondering how complex it would be?

Feel NO Worries...It's quite easy!!

Just read this infographic and Learn some important steps to do it..

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Wonder! How to replace your Laptop's Hard Drive?

  2. We’ll guide you step by step through how you can easily and gently replace it… ? Does it go same for you? Do you feel replacing your laptop’s hard drive difficult? DON’T WORRY!DON’T WORRY! ?
  3. Most people, who use computers and laptops, are not generally Technical (Hardware Geeks). They find it all difficult Upgrading Hardware Changing Components Replacing Parts
  4. Check dimensions carefully by Model mentioned on the drive, not all hard drives are the same!01 1.8” 2.5” 3.5”
  5. Check thickness of the drives too! Mostly Laptops are assembled with 2.5-inch Drives but even all 2.5-inch are not compatible02 For example 12.5mm or 9.5mm
  6. Check the interface carefully! New Models are manufactured with SATA interface but chances are your laptop might not support it.03 SATA HARD DRIVE ID HARD DRIVE
  7. It will be a good idea to back up your Data in an external Hard Drive first. 04Before removing drives from your laptop
  8. Laptops are meant to be handled with care that applies on its assembling too. 05
  9. Read a service manual if you still have that came with your new laptop 06 SERVICE MANUAL
  10. Try out these tips, they will be useful for you when you’re into replacing your laptop’s hard drive Infographic by: Memory4Less :1-800-821-3354 www.memory4less.com