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Evaluation Question 3

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Evaluation Question 3

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Evaluation Question 3

  2. 2. FEEDBACK THAT I RECEIVED : MUSIC VIDEO The feedback I received on my music video was mainly very positive from both feedback groups. They found the video very entertaining. This relates to Blumler and Katz uses and gratifications theory. Entertain is one of the four from the basic model that they believe a media product has to include and I believe that my product does this. My feedback shows that my audience clearly received enjoyment from my video and produced some form of “escapism” enabling them to forget their worries temporarily while they were indulged in the narrative. The only suggested improvement from my focus group was to slow the pace of the editing down and to use some longer shots. From this feedback I decided not to change this aspect of my music video as I felt the pace of the clips matched the pace of the music, which I thought would visually look better and would keep the video up beat and happy like the song. My peer feedback (hot desking) didn’t pick up on this critique but a few suggested adding lip- syncing, again I did not change this aspect of my video as I wanted the music and the visuals to tell the narrative. Another peer mentioned about the repetition of some clips in the video. At the beginning there is a montage of the different locations to set the scene for the whole video. The reason I have reused some of the shots is because when each specific scene appears later on in the video it will already be familiar with the audience.
  3. 3. FEEDBACK THAT I RECEIVED- ANCILLARY PRODUCTS I only received feedback on my ancillary products from my focus group. The focus group said that they liked the beach theme and could tell the three products were related to each other, showing a clear house style. I was really pleased with this feedback. My main intention was for my target audience to pick up on this, I wanted to prove that by using the forms and conventions fit for my genre, I can appeal to my audience. My audience took to the preferred reading of my whole package and responded to the product the way I wanted/expected them to. Everyone understood the video and the relation between it and my ancillary products, stating that they could see a clear house style and theme throughout. The only improvement I responded to was to make the photo on the back of my digipak look more 'handy cam' and grainy to fit the same style as the video. Although this was only suggested for the back of my digipak, I altered my whole digipak and poster to keep with the house style and colouring.
  4. 4. CHANGES MADE TO ANCILLARY PRODUCTS As you can see, I have altered the tone of my digipak and my poster, to give it a warm summery feel, similar to the video. I have also added a slight grain to my digipak and poster to give it the ‘handy cam’ look that my audience suggested. Before After Before After
  5. 5. PEER FEEDBACK EVALUATION My peer feedback ‘hot desking’ was done anonymously so I think that people felt more comfortable giving their honest opinions, nobody felt pressured to say all nice things so I received some great constructive criticism. I found this feedback valuable because it was from my peers who are also producing music videos so they will recognize the typical forms and conventions that are used to make them I found the constructive feedback they gave me valuable, as it was a good insight into how my peers viewed my video, however, I didn’t find it effective as I didn’t feel that the points they made would improve my video in a large way.
  6. 6. FOCUS GROUP EVALUATION My focus group consisted of 5 people (2 boys 3 girls because my target audience is aimed at both male and females) who I had never met, so I had a clean slate of people who had never seen my video or ancillary products. I found this very effective and valuable as I managed to accumulate a group of people who were fans of the genre and matched my target audience criteria, so it was interesting and helpful to hear their opinions. To begin with they were quiet and reserved but then went on to create a discussion between themselves talking about what worked and what didn’t. I don’t think that this feedback method was bias in any way, because I had never met them before so I received their honest opinions on my whole advertisement package.