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Design Thinking @ Russian Universities. Journey

  1. design thinking lab Collaborative Innovation & Experience Design Design Thinking @ Russian Universities Journey Anna Ploskonos 20 - 22 September 2012 d.confestival  Hasso-Plattner-lnstitut Potsdam
  2. Our Story Stanford University, Software Design, 2007
  3. Our Work Prototyping Lomonosov Moscow State University Faculty of Economics • Needfinding course for master students of innovation management, master degree program • 1-month program of design thinking British Higher School of Art and Design • Summer intensive course “Design Thinking 2011” for designers and managers with a corporate partner – VTB 24 bank • Design thinking as a part of design-management program Higher School of Economics Business Incubator • 1-month program for young entrepreneurs (2011) • 1-month program for young entrepreneurs (2012)
  4. Problems that We Faced No sustainable ecosystem. Change in interests. Lack of experts with experience of NPD. Gap between the curriculum and real market needs.
  5. Russian Context Achieving ambitious goals vs. solving everyday problems. Fear of failure and saying wrong answers. “Measure seven times, cut once.”
  6. We Create an Environment At the beginning of the project, we create the rules of the game together with participants. Making experiments and mistakes. Questioning. Generating a lot of ideas. Building on ideas of others. Having fun. No hierarchy.
  7. Value to Participants Understanding of importance of HCD. Understanding of own creative process. Professional development. Creative hunger. As the result, we have a community of design thinkers, entrepreneurs and movers.
  8. Interest in Design Thinking Book “Change by Design” Tim Brown in Russian «Дизайн-мышление в бизнесе. От разработки новых продуктов до проектирования бизнес-моделей.»
  9. Design Thinking @ Universities Embedding design thinking into the curriculum Lomonosov Moscow State University Faculty of Economics British Higher School of Art and Design Design-Management Skolkovo Moscow School of Management MBA Moscow University for Industry and Finance “Synergy” Faculty of Design
  10. Our Next Challenge 2 semestersʼ program for engineering students: Development of studentsʼ design skills. Project-based program. Innovative solution. 1 Part – problem definition (needfinding) 2 Part – solution definition (prototyping) 3 Part – solution design (human, business, technology)
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